Me & My Stitches

Me & My Stitches
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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I'm not sure...did I mention that I LOVE presents?

I forgot to show you these presents from when I got together for lunch with my friends from forever (that is how I always describe Nancy - my friend from...forever!).  Nancy and I have known each other since kindergarten (that's been just a little while!).  The things above are from her - she works in a flower shop that sells cool gifty stuff.  The ball is actually lip gloss that smells really good.  Actually all of this stuff smells good.  The hand lotion is the best!  It's kind of funny that she gave me the sentimental little plaque about friends  -   a few years ago she gave me a candle that says "Best Friend.  You'll always be my know too much".  Boy there is some serious truth to that!  We have a long, interesting yet funny, history!  So many great memories.  I didn't take a picture of our lunch - but Sue treated us - and it was all good!

It's funny, I was just telling a blogging friend that we haven't had any ice storms this year (to which I am/was thankful!).  That same night, guess what happened?  My fault for talking about it! 

 Luckily there wasn't enough ice to cause any serious problems - no power outages, school cancellations, etc. - but it is pretty!  It is especially pretty because I can sit in my sewing room and look at it - don't have to go out in it!  That makes all the difference on my outlook of winter!

I am still working on a secret project - I will be able to share it in a few weeks.  I also worked on my Civil War Chronicles BOM yesterday.  I am working on Month 3, but I haven't done Month 2 yet - not sure how 3 got ahead of 2!  It is all cut out an partially sewn together - so I will share that when they are done - there are 4 blocks.

I have done a few other things - but nothing too exciting...

These will be pin cushions.  I have decided to make a bunch of different pin cushions to sell when I vend at shows this year - it will give people something to look at besides my jewelry and will help fill the booth - it takes a LOT of jewelry to fill a 10 x 10 booth!!   But, I do have a couple of quilts that I designed and sell the patterns for those - speaking of which what do you think of this little coaster?
These tiny nine patches are actually left overs from my Size Does Matter pattern.  I have a container of these and haven't decided for sure what to do with them.  I thought about making coaster sets to sell at shows, but I made the one above and decided they are a pain!  Putting the little coaster together is not the problem, it's dealing with the binding.  I made one without binding, but haven't stitched it closed yet - you know - it would take a whole 5 minutes to do it!  And of course, as I was trying to take the above picture, I had to deal with this...

Oh, I know...she looks innocent enough - but looks can be deceiving!  And, this is CC - not Callie!  I think that CC is a little bi-polar this morning.  She is all lovely, laying on my lap, purring...then the next thing I know...she bites me!  I think she is just playing, but she was kind of grumpy about the whole thing - she put her nose in the air and ran away!  Pretty soon she came back - carrying a toy, because she too, likes to play fetch.  Looks like it might be an interesting day with her today!

Hope you have a non-biting kind of day!!

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