Me & My Stitches

Me & My Stitches
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Sunday, March 20, 2011

One FINISHED - can you believe it?

Since I started my jewelry business, it seems that I have finished very few quilts!  I still start them occasionally, but don't seem to get many completely done.  This week...ONE FINISHED!!!!!
I love this quilt.  It was designed by Jo Morton, and is in one of her books. I really, really wanted to make it, but I have not done much applique, and didn't think it was a good idea to start on this.  Then, all of a sudden, I had a brilliant idea!! (I'm sure you can hardly wait to hear this.)  It was almost 2 years ago, and everyone was coming to our house for Easter - including Aunt Nancy and Larry.  That shows how much they love me, they drove 4 hours for Easter dinner - and even hit a deer on the way home, but we don't want to remind Larry of that one.  Anyway - Aunt Nancy likes hand work and has done applique. Hmmmmmm....bribery?????  Why not ask (beg, plead, cry, kick, scream) her to make 2 centers and I would make all of the pieced blocks - one set for her and one for me.  I didn't know if she would go for it or not, but she did!  We went to my stash and each picked out the fabrics we liked - we both love the Civil War pink and brown repros, and of course, I have a few of them in my closet.  She quickly finished the centers, and I finished up all of the other blocks.  I knew that I was going to visit her in Minnesota that summer, so I was a nice niece and hand quilted hers and even got the binding put on it, and delivered it to her that August.  Not bad, huh?  Of course, mine didn't get done that fast!  I put it together, but the hand quilting went very slowly - that's what happens when you don't work on it!  I had just been busy (you know, drinking coffee and reading blogs) and hadn't been doing any hand quilting.  When Aunt Nancy decided to come and stay for a week, I decided that I better get this finished up - I didn't have hardly any quilting left to go - I think it took a whole half hour!  I made the binding and got it put on, and passed it off to good ol' binding woman (that also would be Aunt Nancy - she likes to do binding and is very fast at it!)  I'm so excited that it is finally finished!!

The other finish of the week are these cool scissor fobs...

I had sold almost all of my fobs, and thought I better get some more made up - these will be on the website later today or tomorrow.

Gotta go - we have Mom and Dad's 50th anniversary party today!  Lots of surprises (but don't tell Dad - he hates surprises)...


  1. I've always admired that quilt. I like that you and your aunt have the same one too. Bartering is always a great idea.
    Wow! 50 years! Happy anniversary to your parents.

  2. Your quilt is beautiful. Congratulations on the finish!! I would like more finishes myself. The scissor fobs are beautiful too.

  3. Fabulous quilt and what a great work! Love the scissor fobs.

  4. The quilt is beautiful! Way to work a deal! :) I love the 3 fobs on the right.