Me & My Stitches

Me & My Stitches
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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Lots and lots of pieces!

For the last few days I have been browsing the book "Quilting News of Yesteryear - 1000 Pieces and Counting" by Sue Reich.
I don't remember where I got this book, but it made it's way to the top of a stack of unread books.  It is kind of's blurbs from old newspapers regarding quilts with many pieces.  Some of the articles seem to look quite favorably on quilts with thousands, even tens of thousands of pieces, while others seem to regard quilting as a total time-waster.  I have noticed several articles from The Burlington (Iowa) Hawk-Eye, which made it even more interesting.  Anyway, reading through it got me thinking of a quilt that I designed awhile back called "Size Does Matter".

The cover picture really doesn't do this quilt justice (if I do say so myself!) - it is tiny 9 patches...

and looks much better in person!  If you live in the area, it is currently on display in Mt. Pleasant at Quilter's Paradise.  Ok, back to pieces...reading the book made me think of this quilt and how many pieces it has in it.  It is only 52" square, but it has a total of 6,301 pieces!  There are 625 nine patches that finish at 1 1/2".  Now I wish that I would have made it bigger, but I was at a point that I just wanted to finish it, and this is the size it ended up being!

I also wanted to show you a couple of pictures of the trouble maker from yesterday...

It's not a good picture because she was being a wild maniac and wouldn't hold still.  Here is another one of her ready to attack...

She is way too funny.  Right now she is actually napping in the chair.  Wonder how long that will last?

Have a fun day!

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  1. I am in total awe of your quilt. Fantastic!!!! Next time we're visitng my mom in Cedar Rapids maybe we can make it to Mt. Pleasant to see it, if it's still there.