Me & My Stitches

Me & My Stitches
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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Family Fun Day

Yesterday Mom and Aunt Nancy came over and spent the day.  We all had our projects that we were working on.  Mom is not a quilter - she has a stained glass studio - but road tripping has made her a quilting wanna be.  In the day (before she found stained glass!) she was an excellent seamstress, but never a  quilter.  When we were in the shop in Macomb, IL this week, some braided bookmarks and bags caught her eye and she gave in to the pressure and bought the rulers:
They are called Double Diamond rulers.  They did a demo at the shop, and it's really easy to do. Mom got on a roll yesterday and made about a dozen bookmarks:

Aren't they cool?  She used some fabric I had left over from their quilt that I made a few years ago, and also some Red Hat Society fabrics that I used to make her a bag.

I think they are pretty neat, and after she made the first one, she really whipped them out in a hurry.  At the quilt shop, they had made a bag that had a row of these double diamonds across the front of the it.  The pattern also shows using it in a border.  So...that was Mom's project of the day.

Aunt Nancy's project was the Itty Bitty Pinwheel by Primitive Gatherings that I talked about the other day. Since this was my pattern, she wanted to make it before she went home.  She picked fabrics out of my scrap bowl and this is the almost-finished project:

She didn't quite get it finished, but far enough that she could easily pick it up and take it home to sew the rows together.  Isn't it awesome?  I love it.  I still want to make one of my own.  Too bad she didn't accidentally leave it here - I told her that I would finish it for her, but she knows me well enough to know that she would never get it back!

They hubby even had a project (not quilt-related!)
See the fancy "down spout"?  Isn't it cool?  Even Boomer thinks so, he had to check it out.  When Jessica got married at Honey Creek Resort last year, they had these for their downspouts and the Hub was checking them out.  He put this one outside of my sewing room so I can see it - isn't he nice?  I get to see the fancy stuff!

My project for the day was making more jewelry!  No pictures of that this time.  Oh, and we can't forget Callie's project of the day...
She was napping.  Looks like she woke up on the wrong side of the bed in this picture - she's got those ears laid back like she is annoyed!  Don't you just love the trim in my house?!?!?!  NOT!  Gotta love contractors - it was supposed to be done before Christmas.  Guess we didn't specify WHICH Christmas!

 Better get busy - Happy Quilting Day to everyone!


  1. I love that kat when she has kittens I want one and if my Beautiful Calico stub tail kat has kittens I will save one 4 U. I know Kat is really Cat but it's not right cat having kittens in my dictionary a kat has kittens. right.

  2. Mom's double diamond bookmarks are very neat! I saw that demonstration at the Des Moines AQS show last fall. Love Nancy's pinwheel quilt too. It's very pretty made with scraps. Must ask... what IS that stuff along the downspout?