Me & My Stitches

Me & My Stitches
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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Can anyone make just one??

Yesterday I posted information about Moda's new Just One Star quilts for soldiers.  I am excited about this project and couldn't wait to make a star myself.  But...I have about 27 projects started, so I made myself finish my Civil War Chronicles blocks first!  Once I got them done, I drug a pile of "patriotic" fabrics out of my stash and got started!  I made one block, then I decided to make another, and then 2 more...
They are easy to make - and what's even better is you don't have to trim them.  Moda wants to take care of that, to be sure that all of the blocks are the same size.  If you make some, don't forget to sign them with your brown pigma pen.  I think I will make some more! 

I also wanted to show you my CW Chronicles blocks that I finished yesterday.  These are Month 3 - still have to do Month 2!
 They aren't really laid out like I show them above, but I thought they looked ok that way.
This is an individual block - there are 4 total for the month.

And now for a Callie story.  She was really good all day yesterday - napped in the chair most of the day - napped on the ironing board for quite awhile.  Even this morning, she was being her cute, little, playful self...

Just being cute, playing in the chair.  Then all of a sudden, she turned into DEVIL CAT!!!!  Stealing pins from the pin cushion, knocking all of my little jewelry patterns on the floor, batting a pile of scraps off the table to the floor, etc.  Now she is busy running from one end of the house to the other!  I don't know what in the heck gets in to her!

And yes, I know you can see that my Lori Smith quilt is still on my design wall with no borders - which is why I had to take the pictures of the above blocks on the floor!  One thing at a time...


  1. I haven't heard about that Moda program with the blocks. I will have to look into it. And congrats on finishing up month 3 of the CWC. I haven't even looked at mine yet nor sewn Month 2. I guess I better get going.

    I'm cracking up at Devil Cat. I used to have one like that. You would think that they were possessed sometimes.

  2. Your blocks look great. I made a couple of stars and put them in the mail already. Its a great project and they do sew up very fast.

    Have a lovely weekend!

  3. Your quilting projects look great! Goog for you for making yourself finish one project before starting another - I need WILLPOWER! I keep telling myself that. Miss Callie is funny - I have 2 of those cats that turn into devils quite frequently. Running around as if their tails are on fire. Our house would be pretty dull if it weren't for those two cats. (mind you we have 3 kids - dull?)~Ann