Me & My Stitches

Me & My Stitches
Click on the picture to go to my website. These are 1 1/4" pendants.

Sunday, December 17, 2017


I have been reminded (you know who you are!) that I haven't posted since Halloween!  Time sure does fly by - I can't believe it's almost Christmas.  It sneaks up on me faster every year.  So to get ready for Christmas, we made lots of trees and snowman pendants.  I love this 1 1/4" tree and the  little pine cone charm.  I made a ton of these and have just two left - you can see them on my website...

A few other trees - these are both 1" x 1 1/2"...

But we didn't skip Thanksgiving!  We had more people here than we've had for a long time.  You all know Aunt Nancy  (haha - you should - I talk about her on here a lot!) - well she and Larry came for Thanksgiving!  I was so excited - they live in northern Minnesota and don't get here very often. niece Emma, who lives in Florida, was also here - pretty much just for the day - she flew in Wednesday afternoon and left on Friday.  I took 2 pictures on Thanksgiving - here are my beautiful nieces take a nap together after having waaaay too much food.  They also have one of my step-daughter's dogs napping with them.

And the other picture is a loaf of garlic cheesy bread that my husband made.  It's too good!

Daisy was being a friendly little kitty until the dogs got here.  Evidently she was not around dogs in her short life before she got here (she was only about 6 weeks old when she showed up on our doorstep) because she even hisses when she sees Boomer through the sliding door.  Anyway...enjoy her cuteness...

 One of the reasons that I haven't posted forever is because we have just been swamped with orders for the last couple of months.  We've sold loads of jewelry and hundreds of ruler boxes - which takes a lot of time to package and ship.  Daisy thinks it's fun to help in the shipping department...

 She sleeps in the funniest positions.  And see her mouse on the right side of her?  I found that mouse under the covers of our bed the other night.  About gave me a heart attack.  Then there is the sparkle ball...she and Callie both love sparkle balls.

Callie and Daisy were getting along great - even snuggling up to sleep...

 But we took Daisy to be spayed this week, and Callie has been growling at her ever since!  I would have thought she would have gotten over it after a day, but she even woke us up in the middle of the night last night - Daisy was trying to snuggle up to her and she was growling, and finally got mad and left.  Geesh!  Get over it!

Ozzie still growls at her sometimes, but here they are sharing some breakfast.

My husband was not looking forward to setting up the Christmas tree, knowing that it would be interesting with a kitten in the house!  Here she is getting ready to pounce on it!

 And here she is after it was set up!

I waited a few days to decorate it, and didn't put any of the glass ornaments on it.  She's been climbing it and knocking off the ornaments and carrying them around the house.  It's been interesting!  She loves to lay under the tree and take a nap - that's when she looks so sweet and innocent.

If you are in my Surprise program, you've already seen this - part of the last Surprise was a hand painted wooden ornament from Theodora Cleave in Australia.  With each ornament, came a stitchery pattern with instructions to make a little stocking.  Instead of the stocking, I just made mine into a round tree ornament.  It's obviously not perfectly round...I'm calling it primitive, but it was fun and quick to stitch and I think it's really cute.

You've probably all seen this quilt before - I designed it a few years ago - it's called Gathering Scraps.  It has been at Primitive Gatherings ever since I made it, and I made a smaller version to hang in my booth when I vend at shows.  I'm happy to say that Gathering Scraps is back home with me now!  Out of all of the quilts that I've designed, this one was my favorite to make.  

And now I will end on a little more cuteness.  Here is Daisy being adorable - she's in a drawer under the sink in the bathroom!  PEEK!

She likes to sleep on my pillow - annoying, but adorable...

 And this is her new favorite place to lay in my sewing room.  I'm making lots of bee pendants for Deb Strain (she designed the bee fabric) and Daisy is helping.

Yesterday we had our annual cookie bake, and guess what?  I didn't take one single picture!  It was really fun though - kind of a small group this year - my mom was here - she's been really sick for almost 2 weeks, so I was really happy that she was able to come.  My SIL couldn't come because her mom was in the hospital, but Johnna was here, and also my step-son's GF.  She's the best - lots of fun to be around and she has 3 fun kids too!  Unfortunately the kids couldn't come, so it was just kind of quiet.  But we made a lot of stuff and had a good day.

So now you are all caught up!  I hope you all have a Merry Christmas!!