Me & My Stitches

Me & My Stitches
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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Can you handle some cuteness?

I wanted to start by introducing you to the newest member of our family...Bailey!

We've been thinking about getting a puppy friend for Boomer for quite awhile now, and this little cutie was taken to the pound recently.  We thought she looked like a perfect pal for Boomer!  She is doing really well - not too wild and crazy, but she's a puppy, for sure.  Boomer is warming up to the idea, but the outside kitties are still not impressed.  Hopefully they will come around and they will all live in harmony - lol!  I haven't been able to get many good pictures of her, because she is always wiggling!  She loves to go for walks, and keeps super close to my heels - it's so cute!  

Speaking of outside kitties - I don't like it when the animals play on the frozen pond in the winter - it just makes me nervous, but it had been really cold for a long time, so there was certainly no worries about any of them falling through the ice.  I just thought it was cute the way they were all out there playing - there were a few leaves blowing around, and of course, that made for lots of fun.
This is something that I should have posted months ago -  I won this giveaway from Kathy Schmitz!  I love the charm pack - lots of good fabrics in there, and almost as cute was the card that she sent with it!

As always, please ignore the quality of my pictures - I am in a rush, and decided not to take the time to edit these.  See my slipper below!?  I am still sporadically working on my Merry Christmas Quilt.  I'm just determined to have it done by Christmas this year.  This block was super easy to stitch, until it came to the face.  His eyes are not great - but they are as good as they are going to get!  I am working on block 5 now. 

We are crazy-busy getting ready for our next show it is in Stover, MO - here are the details...

Stover Community Center
Friday, April 10th, 9:00 - 5:00
Saturday, April 11th, 9:00 - 3:00

We will have some new items!  For you hand quilters - we will be selling beeswax!  We (the hubby...sure isn't me dealing with them) raised (do you really raise them?) bees for the first time last summer and were fortunate enough to end up with honey and some wax. I know that lots of people love beeswax for thread conditioner, but I had never tried it - instead I had used Thread Heaven.  I've been using the beeswax now, when hand quilting, and it works great.

We are also now carrying Kelmscott scissors.  I love them all and have a hard time not keeping one of each for myself!  Aren't they great?  LOVE!

 And, they are even better when you add a scissor fob!
 We will also be taking lots of socks!
 This is the new color for spring...
 And here are some fobs that we finished up last weekend...

I've been diligently working on a new quilt design and can't wait to show it to you.  I hope to have it sent off to the quilter in the next couple of days.  Then to finish up the pattern writing.  So many things to get done!

 And, you know that I always have to show you how my helpers are doing.  Callie - always willing to lend a paw...
 And Ozzie - just sitting around looking adorable!

That's all for now - have a great week!

Sunday, March 1, 2015

What I've been working on...

We have had several snowy days and some super cold times as well, so I've just been doing what I do best...HIBERNATING!!  I haven't left home since my birthday!  Some people think that sounds horrible, but I'm perfectly happy to stay here and work away.  I've had quite a few orders so I just work on those and also work to re-stock my jewelry inventory for the upcoming shows.

All of the pendants in the next 3 pictures went to Primitive Gatherings CA - I'm now out of pendants with bling, so that is on the agenda!

 This batch is now on it's way to a shop in New Zealand...
 A customer saw this pendant on Instagram and asked for matching heart earrings...I like the black with these bright fabrics...
And to replace all of those sent to Primitive Gatherings, here are some things we've finished....

It hasn't been ALL work around here - there have been a few fun mail days!  This was a nice surprise from my friend, Darlene.  It's a magnetic pin dish and boy is it handy!  I've never had one of these before, but it's nice to just fling a pin in the right direction and have it land in the dish! Thanks Darlene!
 I had a super fun box from my friend, Nancy and this was just one of the surprises inside...
Have you seen this book?  It is really awesome - I would love to make everything that's in it!  I seem to have lost the picture of the entire box of goodies, but trust me...I was spoiled!  And speaking of that Nancy (I have a lot of Nancy's in my life!)...this is our latest little Kim Diehl quilt that we made while Skype sewing together!  I'm telling you...if you haven't tried Skype - you should - it's so fun to be able to sew "together" while I'm in Iowa and she is in California.  Technology is (usually) a great thing!

I mentioned that we've had snow...this is what I saw out of my sewing room windows a few weeks ago.  It's snowing lightly this morning, but nothing like it was that day...

And what is a blog post without at least one cat picture?  Ozzie is 12 years old, but lately he has been wild and crazy!  He was all wound up one night and ended up under the rug - what a goof!

That's all for now!  Hope you have a fun Sunday!

Friday, February 13, 2015

We have a winner!

First, I want to say THANK YOU to everyone who left a comment.  I truly do appreciate it when people take the time to leave me a note.

We have a winner of my blog giveaway, but we also have a whole lot of people who were disqualified because they are "No reply commenters" and did not put their contact info in their comment!  I was unable to respond to about half of the comments because of this.  I always, always reply to everyone who takes the time to leaves me a comment, so if you did not receive a response from me, then you are no-reply.  Please, please go to your settings and change them.  If you don't know how, follow this link to Lori's blog and she walks you through it.  You do not have to have a blog of your own to have your e-mail address in there - it's all in the settings!  Please...go there now!  Ok...sorry about the back to the WINNER!!

Congrats to Barb of Fun with Barb blog!

BarbFebruary 8, 2015 at 6:44 AM
Happy Birthday Month Julie! How awesome to finally see Fleetwood Mac! sounds so fun. That band always reminds me of high school.
What a lovely giveaway~ I would pick a pineapple pin. they are stunning!

Thanks again to everyone!  And if you didn't can still go to my website and buy yourself a little Valentine's Day gift!

We had a blast at the Fleetwood Mac concert - they sounded better than I expected them to (you know, they are not spring chickens!).  It was a super fun night and I had a great birthday yesterday too.  I've been trying to get caught up on e-mails and orders - it's amazing how things stack up in just a day or two.

I don't want to have a boring post with no pictures, so here are some bright pendants that I made awhile back.

 And here are Ozzie and Callie - chewing on some cat nip that my DH brought in for them.  Silly cats!
Hope you have a great weekend and a Happy Valentine's Day!

Saturday, February 7, 2015

So many visits...must be time to give something away!

I recently noticed that my blog had reached 100,000 views - think about that...100,000.  My blog has been looked at 100,000 times!?  Crazy! honor of that, I'm going to have a giveaway.  To enter to win, here is what you have to do...go to my website and choose your favorite thing on there.  It can be jewelry or quilt patterns - anything that is on the website.  Come back here and in your comment, tell me what is your favorite...and if you are chosen...that will be your prize!  Also...if you are a "No Reply" commenter - I really wish you would change your settings!  I hate it when someone leaves me a comment and I can't respond to them - just seems rude to me - and I don't want to be rude!  So...if you are "No Reply" or "Anonymous", you have to leave your e-mail address in your comment, or you won't be eligible to win.  I would appreciate it if you sign up to be a "Follower" of my blog, but it's not required for the giveaway.  I will draw a name on Friday, February 13th.  (Eek...Friday, the 13th?!)

Hopefully some of you will read the rest of this post!  I will keep it short.  Here is the 3rd little charm for Charming 3.  Can't believe we are halfway done already!

Remember this blanket?  I bought this at my least favorite store in the world...Wal-Mart!  I may not love the store, but I do love this is soooo soft and I love the color and design.  It's funny because Callie lays on this all the time and just kneads, and kneads it.

 But Ozzie hates it!  Yes, he is laying on it here, but it doesn't happen often.  He likes to sit on my lap, but if that blanket is on me...he won't lay on it! Silly cat!

This coming week is my birthday week (you know...I claim the whole month) and a good friend and I are going to celebrate by going to a Fleetwood Mac concert!  When I was in high school, I was invited to go see Fleetwood Mac and I begged, and begged (it was on a school night!) until my Mom finally said I could go.  We were soooo excited, and could not wait for that concert.  And when the day came...Stevie Nicks lost her voice and they cancelled!  So when my friend called and asked if I wanted to go, I could not pass it up!  And even better, her birthday is the 10th, mine is the 12th, and the concert is the 11th. . Happy birthday to us!!

Hope you all have a great weekend!

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Ready for February

I was ready for February at the beginning of January!  February is my birthday month, and since my tree has been decorated, maybe I should have celebrated the entire month of January too!  Here is my adorable Valentine Annie, made by Nicole of Raggedy Old Annies.  Isn't she just the cutest thing ever?

 And here is the whole tree (sorry, it's hard to get a decent picture).  Hopefully you can enlarge it enough to see some of the ornaments and the garland that I made (with the help of Ozzie and Callie, of course).  My DH had the brilliant idea to put the tree in the bucket...I like it!

Even though my tree says Valentine's Day, my stitching still says Christmas!  I am still stitching on my Merry Christmas quilt from Heart to Hand.  This is block #4.  It didn't take too long, but I sure was tempted to add some red to it somewhere.  I still might - it just looks kind of blah. But the block next to it will be Santa with lots of red, so we will see how I like them together.  

I don't get to make nearly as many quilts as I would like (do any of us??) there just isn't enough time.  But...I am designing a new quilt!  I've just barely gotten started, and it will be awhile before it's finished - partly because I'm busy with jewelry and other things, and partly because I have so much help!!  Here is Ozzie, being his usual helpful self - he could easily lose a tail!  
 And Callie has decided that she would like to help in the fabric selection process...

One project that has been hiding in the closet for a long time are these bow tie blocks.  They were a leader/ender suggestion from Bonnie Hunter a few years back.  I have always done leaders/enders, but usually just use the blocks of the project that I'm working on.  But for some reason I decided to jump on the bow tie band wagon.  Not sure why, because I really don't love bow tie blocks!  But, I made a bazillion of them.  My friend, Yvette and I were Skype-sewing and I needed something to work on, and decided it was time to do something with these.  I sewed them all into fours...and then put them back in the closet!  

Have you ever Skype-sewed with a long distance friend?  It is so fun - almost as good as actually being together.  My friend, Nancy and I are working on Kim Diehl's What Nots 2 together, by Skype.  We make sure to have our cutting all done ahead of time, then we sew "together".  I paired my fabrics together before I started sewing (because I'm anal that way!).

 And here it is...all pieced...
 And it only takes a second, and this happens!
Ozzie approved!

And now it's time to get back to work!  I'm sending tons of jewelry to Lisa Bongean for her new shop (Primitive Gatherings) in California.  They open on Monday - sure would be fun to be there in person!  Here are some of the pieces I sent to them...
So now I have to get busy and re-stock!  

Have a great day!

Monday, January 12, 2015

The cutest Annies!

Well Christmas has come and gone - it happens faster every year for me!  If you read my previous posts, you know that I had to get a new Christmas tree this year, and my angel didn't look too great on the top!  One day it hit me....I needed an Annie angel!  Nicole, from Raggedy Old Annies makes the cutest Annie dolls ever and she also makes Annie tree toppers.  I remembered seeing a few of them that had adorable aprons made from handkerchiefs.   I just happen to have some vintage handkerchiefs that belonged to my Mother-in-law and my Grandma and I knew there were a couple of Christmas hankies that would be perfect for Annie's aprons.  What a great surprise these would be for my hubby, Mom and Aunt!  I was so excited that I could barely contain myself!  I also went through some sheet music that belonged to my grandparents that was still in the piano bench, and found a couple of my favorite Christmas songs, and sent those to Nicole with the hankies (she uses the sheet music for the angel wings).  Each hankie makes 2 Annie aprons, so I had Nicole make 4 tree toppers.  Aren't they just adorable?  The hankie with the poinsettias belonged to my MIL, and the one with the little Santas was Grandma's.  Oh...I just LOVE THEM!!!!  I had already decided that I wasn't going to give them to DH and Mom until Christmas day.  I wish I would have had a camera when DH opened his.  He looked at it, with a confused look on his face, then slowly said...A doll???  But when I explained the details to him, he was really happy with it, and said it was the best gift he received (awwwww!).  

 Here she is on top of the tree - she fits much better than the old one!
When the box came in the mail, I could not wait to open it, but it was the day that we had our family Christmas, and everyone was here - we were making cookies, etc.  I finally locked myself in my sewing room so I could open the box and take a peek! That's when I discovered that there was a surprise in the bottom! I had told my friend, Nancy (the one who got me started on these cute Annies), about the tree toppers and she called Nicole and had her add a Christmas Annie for me!  She has a little metal, cookie cutter in her hand.  How sweet and how thoughtful!  Isn't she just adorable?  I LOVE the fabric of her dress.  It came from JoAnn Fabrics, but evidently I was too late, because they didn't have any at our "local" store.  

I think Mom and Aunt Nancy were really surprised and happy with their Annies too.  If you want an Annie of your own, just contact Nicole, she makes lots of special orders.  There are a few on her website, but they sell out fast.  Now she is making Valentine Annies, so guess what I have coming?!  I decided to keep a tree up year around, in my sewing room.  And believe it or not, it's all decorated for Valentine's. So my new Annie will be a tree topper and she will be the perfect touch!  I don't decorate much at all, so having a tree year around means buying and making some ornaments.  I would like to keep some sewing-related things on it all of the time, then add other things for different holidays/seasons.  Here are a few little ornaments that I made...they finish at 2 1/4".
 Then I saw some really cute garland on Pinterest and decided to make some of that.  It's just pipe cleaners (I guess they are now called Chenille!).  They were too bright for my taste, so I decided to give them a little spray of Instant Antique to tone them down.  While they were drying, Ozzie decided to take a little nap on them!  And when I was trying to actually string them together...Callie was having a blast (me...not so much!).  She saw them as a table full of fun!
My new Annie should be here this week, so then I will take a picture of the whole tree to share with you.

Back to Christmas...It was really nice to have our family Christmas the weekend before the holiday.  Everyone was here, and we had a great time. Then on Christmas day, just Mom and Dad came over.  We made a turkey in the crock pot (it was really good!) and all of the trimmings.  It was just a nice, quiet day.  We did not have a white Christmas, but since then we have had several inches of snow.  This is the view out of my sewing room window - isn't it pretty?  The pond is all covered up and the sun is just peeking over the trees.  So peaceful...

 And what better to do when it's snowy and cold outside?  Stitch, of course!  Here is block 3 of the Merry Christmas quilt.
Here is what Callie likes to do on cold, snowy days (or any day)...
She tends to make wool prep work interesting!

And just so you know that I really do work - here is a batch of scissor fobs that we recently finished.  I will be adding some of these to my website...

And speaking of work...I need to get busy!  Hope you have a great week!

Friday, December 19, 2014

Ready for Christmas!

Thanks to everyone who shared links with me for the brown Cotton Club fabric - I did find what I needed - now to get that quilt off to the quilter!  One reminder - if you are a "no-reply commenter"  PLEASE CHANGE YOUR SETTINGS!!  I hate it when someone leaves me a comment and I am unable to reply - makes me feel like I'm being rude!  If you don't know how to change your settings, follow this link for the instructions...Lori has made it easy!

If you read my last post, you know that I've been itching to make a Christmas quilt - was hoping some of you would join me in a sew-a-long, but I didn't have a lot of interest in that.  So, I bit the bullet and started one on my own.  I decided to make The Merry Christmas Quilt from Heart to Hand.

I love this quilt and am super excited about making it.  I have cut out all of the black flannel for all of the blocks and have prepped the first 2 and part of the 3rd - just need to steam them onto the block.  Here is the first block...all stitched and everything!

 And here is block 2 - all prepped.  I have about half of the stitching done now.

I had to set those aside so I could work on these...
These stockings are made from my grandpa's neck ties.  I have been going to make these for years, and always forget about it until Christmas time, then there are too many other things to do and it just doesn't get done.  This year, I decided to take a day and just do it!  Well, the first day was slow going, but by the end of day 2 they were finished!  We also have all of my FIL's ties and I need to make a batch of stockings with those as well, but that is going to have to wait!

We are having our family Christmas here tomorrow. It's going to be a busy day - we are starting out with our annual cookie-bake, then having our Christmas dinner and gift exchange, then back to cookies (if we have any energy left by then!).  I've been busy wrapping gifts and need to finish cleaning (I hate cleaning!!) today.  My dad likes date cookies - they are a pain in the butt - you stuff a pecan inside of the date, then put them in batter and spoon them out, bake them, then frost them.  They are a lot of work, but he likes them, and this is the only time of year he gets them (if then!), so I'm going to try to get those done today.  But...I decided to try something a little easier - I'm just going to chop the dates (they were out of the already-chopped-dates at the!) and the pecans and just throw them in the batter.  Seems like it should work - so we will find out.

I've been decorating a little (I'm not a decorator, at all) and have our big tree up in the living room...

My angel has a bit of a problem - she's leaning a bit - but better than what she was at first!

(do you see those ears sticking up??? Callie always has to be in the middle of it all!)

 and a few close-ups of ornaments on my pencil tree in my sewing room...

Aunt Nancy made me this last year...isn't he cute?
She made this one too...

I also wanted to share this - I had a fun mail day yesterday!  These are from Janet O of Rogue Quilter blog...
She likes making small stuff almost as much as I do.  I already have a couple of her cute ornaments, but this time she sent me this basket - using my favorite red fabric (that she is also hoarding), and some of her wonderful hand made soaps.  They smell sooooo good, and look how cute - love the snowflakes!  Thanks again Janet!  Such a nice surprise!

And just as fun as a good mail day, my DH brought home this beautiful poinsettia the other day...

It's really big, and I would like to set it on the floor, but SOMEONE can't keep their teeth off of it!  Speaking of that little someone...what the heck is she doing??

This is a new one - now we walk on my sewing machine?!

Now I better go get that cleaning done!

I'm linking up with Bonnie at Quiltville - Go check out her blog and all of the links to see what everyone is working on!
Have a great day and a very Merry Christmas!