Me & My Stitches

Me & My Stitches
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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Almost show time!

It is a busy time of year for us - getting ready for upcoming shows and also for Charming 3.  Fun times!  This weekend we will be at the Northland Needlers quilt show.  Here are the details...

Friends Bound By Stitches quilt show
Salvation Army Comm. Center
5306 North Oak Trafficway
Kansas City, MO 64118

Friday, September 19th - 9:30 - 6:00
Saturday, September 20th - 9:30 - 4:00

We are really looking forward to this - sure hope to see lots of you there. Please come and say hi!  We are in the quilt display area (so we have extra eye candy to look at all day!!).  We are trying a few new things this fall.  First off are these awesome SOCKS!!

I just love them!  Each sock is different, yet they still match! I have them in 2 different sizes - the Medium is up to a ladies size 10 and the large are ladies size 10-12.  They also come in an XL and I got one of those for my hubby!  You will see him modeling them at the show.  I do not have these on my website, so if you see a pair that you would like, just send me an e-mail.  They sell for $17.95 per pair.

Something else new for the shows this fall are stained glass windows in quilt block designs! My mom has made up a bunch of little windows - I think they are all around 8" that are the same designs that I use for my jewelry.  I haven't seen them yet - she is bringing them over today.  Can't wait to see what all she has come up with!

More items that we will bring along - we were about sold out of pins, so we finished a nice batch of them...

And a few pendants with some added bling...

And the fun mail days are not over yet - look what Lisa from Primitive Gatherings shared with me...

A layer cake of her newest fabric line with Moda that will be in shops soon (I think!).  I whipped up a bunch of jewelry with it - will show you that at a later date!  Love the anchors.  I think these fabrics would make great baby quilts - the yellow is a nice, soft yellow and there are a couple shades of gray (not  Really pretty!

And I did finish up my second "Gathering Scraps" sample.  If you remember - I sent the first one to Primitive Gatherings for use in their booth this fall.  It should be in the booth in Des Moines - so if you go to that show, be sure to go see it!  My original plan was to make a smaller version and just not have it quilted yet (no time).  Well, I did make it a little smaller - the original is 65" x 75" and the 2nd one is 35" x 45". Well, I decided that it would look bad to have a quilt hanging that was not quilted - so I made a call to my quilter, Kym Ward and she was able to do it for me!!  I was so excited and happy that she was able to sneak it in.  Good thing I made it smaller - she may not have had the time for a big one.  She does such a great job and really does take good care of me.   And...DARNIT!!!  I just realized that I forgot to sew a label in when I attached the binding.  GRRR!!!! Why do I always forget to do that?  It is so easy to just add a triangle to the corner when you sew on that binding. Ok...add that to the to-do list for today!  If you didn't see Gathering it is...
Now I have to go get busy!  I will leave you with a picture of Ozzie - he is modeling some of the pumpkin pins!

Hope to see you at the show!!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Fun mail and fun visitors!

I still have a lot of fun mail days to share with you!  Isn't this adorable?  It's from my friend Nancy...

 I just love it - looks familiar - cats getting in trouble!

Another day, another package - again from Nancy (she totally spoils me!!)
This is a cute little kit that she bought while they were shopping at Temecula one day.  I really love the variety of fabrics in it and need to set aside some time to make it - it will be a quick, fun little project.  And how cool that she sent it in the Temecula project bag!

Boy, did we have some fun visitors this summer!  We have 4 nieces from North Dakota. Brianna has been working in Iowa since January and has come to see us a few times, but the other 3 have never been here.  Michaela decided that she wanted to surprise DH this summer and come to visit!  We worked out the details and I was sooooo excited for them to come and knew that it would be the best surprise ever for DH.  He messed up our plans a little bit when he got home earlier than expected on the day that they were to arrive.  I had hoped to have them here and just sitting in the living room when he got home.  But instead, they managed to drive up and sneak into the garage.  I had told them to just come on in, but he walked into the garage just as they came in!  He just stood there with his mouth open for a long time!  Didn't even have any words!  So funny and so special to have them here for a few days.  This is Michaela...
 And this is Brianna...
 Aren't they beautiful?!  I just love them both.  Sure hope they can come back again some day (and bring their sisters!).

This is what I see out of one side of my sewing room - I just thought it looked pretty with the pond and the blue sky with the clouds peeking over the trees.

 I have no idea why there is cat hair on everything I own!  This is Ozzie making himself comfy on Gathering Scraps, when I was trying to sew on binding.

Speaking of Gathering Scraps - it is going on tour!  Lisa B from Primitive Gatherings called the other day and asked if she could borrow it for awhile to put in their booth at some shows this fall.  Well...of course!  I boxed it and a bunch of patterns up last week and sent it off. Then I decided to make a smaller (in size, not scale) version to take with me to my shows this fall.  I'm working on it now.  It really is a fun quilt to make.  I'm hoping to have the 2nd one finished today. Not sure what to do about the quilting.  I should probably attempt to do it myself, but I hate to ruin it.  Might have to make some phone calls and plead for someone to quilt it for me.  Do you think I will be able to keep Ozzie off of this one?  Probably not!

 Here is another one of my Summer Block of the Week blocks - prepped, but not stitched.  I am still keeping up on the prep work and am now stitching on block 4.  I really do love all of these blocks - yep...still no regrets for caving in!

One last thing - I have 5 spots left in Charming 3 - so if you have been on the fence about signing up, this is your last chance!

Hope you have a great Wednesday!

Thursday, August 21, 2014

More fun mail

I wanted to share more of the fun mail that I've had over the last couple of months.  I won a blog giveaway from Diane at Butterfly Threads.  The giveaway was for this magazine...

But look at all of these treasures that were in with the magazine!

The patterns are all designed by Diane (and available on her Etsy shop!).  And she also gifted me with some fabrics that she knew would be perfect for my jewelry.  Love those tiny flowers and stars!  Thanks so much Diane - it was a really great mail day!

And of course, you remember that I caved and signed up for Primitive Gatherings, Summer block of the week program - which means that Marty the Mail Lady delivers a fun package once a week!  I am still keeping up with the prep work, but am far behind on the stitching.  I love sunflowers and still have no regrets about caving in for this one!
I wish I was keeping up more on the stitching, but I'm just not always as productive as I would like to be.'s not always all my fault!  I've been working on the "bling" for Charming 3.  Now this involves lots of tiny beads and spacers and all kinds of fun stuff.  Oh...and surprise, surprise...look who wants to help...
Little Miss Callie!  She is so grabby!  She actually did steal one of the little bead sets that I had just finished.  I had to chase her through the house and pry it away from her!  

And speaking of non-productivity - I haven't hand quilted forever!  And I'm going to blame this one on Ozzie!
Do you think that hoop makes his butt look big? 

Another thing that I'm not keeping up with is the garden!  We had a lot of green beans
and I just can't keep up with them!  I really only want enough to eat - don't really want to take the time to can them.  But - there's too many to eat!  So, they are going to waste right now.  

Yes...there are a ton of things that are not getting done around here - but we are accomplishing something!  Here's some jewelry that we recently finished...

Now that you have seen all of the things that aren't getting done, guess I better get off of this computer and get busy!

Hope you have a great day!

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Lots of fun mail

I have had tons of fun mail days that I haven't shared with you!  This is what I found waiting in my mailbox for me one day...

Isn't Valdani just like candy?  So pretty!  All of this came from The Wooden Acorn's Etsy shop.  I had a weak moment - I was ordering the floss for a couple of projects that I'm working on, then I saw that she was having a sale on patterns.  Well, how could I resist?  I've wanted Flower Garden Crazy Tablemat (from Primitive Gatherings) forever, and just kept talking myself out of it...but...a sale!?!  Yep...had to have it.  Then I saw May Baskets and decided that I should have it too!

And not only have I had fun mail, but I went and took a fun class too!  My friend Missie belongs to the Des Moines, IA guild, where Lisa Bongean from Primitive Gatherings was doing a trunk show and teaching some classes, and she invited me to come along.  It was so fun!  I stayed with Missie for a few days, and we just had the best time.  We did some shopping (usually not something I like, but we had a blast) and stitching.  It was so relaxing and fun to just hang out and stitch and have fun.  We took this class from Lisa...

And then Lisa and Amy came over and stitched with us one night and I worked on my summer block of the week blocks. We also hit several bead shops where I found some more beads to make "bling" with for Charming 3 (yes...another reference to C3...have you signed up yet?!).

And you know...a post from me is not a post without some fur involved - this is 2 out of our 4 adorable babies...(I linked up to Sarah's Feline Friday  - check it out when you are finished here!)

And last, but not least...I FINALLY have my newest pattern "Gathering Scraps" on my website for sale - so go check that out while you are signing up for Charming 3 - haha!

I also posted a bunch of new scissor fobs - we were almost sold out (thanks to all of you for that!).

I have a lot more fun mail to share - but that's going to be it for now...back to work for me!

Have a great day!

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

My customer, Linda B, just sent me this picture. It is her version of my "Size Does Matter" pattern - isn't it awesome?  I think of my mom when I see this - these are "her" colors and she would want me to make her one if she saw it!  And, Linda's kitty, Cheyenne seems to approve - isn't she beautiful?!

See the penny in the center of the 9 patch below?  
If you've made any quilts from my patterns, send me some pictures - I would love to see them!

I'm sending out yet another reminder today for everyone to get signed up for Charming 3.  I hope you aren't tired of hearing about it, but last year, after sign up time was over, I had more than fifty people want to get in. We can only make so many - so when it's full, that's it until next year.  So, with that said - go sign up if you're interested!!  Here is a picture of the final charm in Charming 2 - it looks kind of like MY house!

Hope you have a great day!

Sunday, August 3, 2014

I still have a few pictures from Florida to show you - geesh - it's been months, you would think I could finish it up!  These are actually when we were on the way home.  We went through Daytona, so we decided to take a little detour to the beach.

We didn't stay long - just long enough to take a short walk, get my feet wet and enjoy the view!  Then, it was back on the road.

Amazingly enough, my brother asked if there were any quilt shops in Daytona!  Well...let me just see...thank goodness for my smart phone - I found one just a few blocks away.  It's always good to have a little break at a quilt shop...maybe even better than a beach!?

We had already planned to stop at Cinnamon's Quilt Shop in Jacksonville.  My brother took a little nap, while I went inside. They spent some time picking out jewelry for the shop, and in the meantime, I found these...
For those of you who know me...these are WAAAAYYYY outside of my norm.  I don't do brights!  I guess now I have to say - I DIDN'T do brights...guess now I do!  I have had some requests for brighter jewelry and thought these fabrics would do the trick.  Luckily, they have sold about as fast as I can make them.

So...that is why I decided to offer Charming 3 in brights and/or darks!  All because of a little trip to Florida.  Speaking of Charming 3 - don't forget to sign up - it's starting to fill up.

Back to our trip home...(hang in there, I'm almost finished!).  Just a couple of pictures from the road...
 We stopped at "The Plantation" gas station and store where I picked up these - something for DH, Mom and me!
 Now we are getting close to home!
For the most part, the 2 day drive home was not bad, but by the time we hit St. Louis, I was ready to be at my house!  A couple more hours and boy did it feel good to get out of that truck and be home!

Are you on Instagram?  I am posting more and more on there - it's much faster than writing a blog, and honestly - I just don't know how many people are still reading this.  I seem to get fewer and fewer comments, which makes me think I'm wasting my time with all these words!  Lol!  So - if you are on Instagram - please follow me there.  If you're not on IG - go sign up - it's simple and quick!  I like it because I can take a picture from my smart phone, and immediately post it to IG.  For my blog, I have to take the pic, send it to my e-mail, save it, usually edit it, write a blog post...  See why IG is faster!?  My IG is current - my blog posts are old news!  Lol!

Now, I'm off to the garden - hope you have a great day!

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Hello Kitty!

What's cuter than a kittien?  FOUR kittens, that's what!  These little cuties were born July 5th.

There are two tigers who look exactly the same, one is all black except one little white spot on the chest, and that cute little black and white.  What a face!!

Here they are 2 weeks later...

Love them all!  Their mommy is Dottie - do you remember her?  She tried to be an inside kitty, but she prefers the great outdoors. She is such a good mommy - always very aware of what is going on around her.  The kittens are getting big enough now that they are wanting to explore a little bit, which is making Dottie very nervous.

I've been doing more than just admiring kittens (even though it's tempting to just watch them play all day!).  This pendant and earrings was a special order for a customer.  I'm glad that some of you are liking the added bling.
I sold the ones on my website, so I made a few more hearts...

I have been working like crazy on the blings for Charming 3, and after a few days of it, I am getting faster!  If you haven't signed up for Charming 3, go do it now!  We've had a great response so far, but there are still spaces left, so now is the time!  Quantities are limited, and when it's full, sign ups will close and that will be it until next year.

I am keeping up on the prep work for Primitive Gatherings Summer block of the week.  But, I'm not even close to being caught up on the stitching - I'm only on block 2!  Here's one that is all prepped and ready to go!

Now I'm off to pet those adorable babies!