Me & My Stitches

Me & My Stitches
Click on the picture to go to my website. These are 1' x 1 1/2" pendants.

Saturday, March 23, 2019

See us at our local quilt show!

We don't vend at many shows in Iowa and have never been to our "local" show in Mt. Pleasant, so for all of you who live somewhere near southeast Iowa, I sure hope you can come and visit.  Here are the details...

Saturday, March 30, 2019 - 9 to 5
Sunday, March 31, 2019 - 1 to 4

Located at...
Iowa Wesleyan University
601 N. Main
Mt. Pleasant, IA

The show includes vendors, boutique, door prizes, demos and lunch will be served.  Admission is $5

Our last show was in Dallas, Texas, and it was fun, as always.  My friends Jill & Vicki from Yellow Creek Quilt Designs came along and we caravanned (not a word!) our way to Texas.  It sure was nice to have someone to go with so I didn't have to be by myself for that long drive.  We went to Moda/United Notions before we left for home, which was also lots of fun and I came home with some good stuff! 

Here is a picture of our booth in Dallas (before we put the jewelry on the stands)

The theme of the show was animals, and they had some really cute balloon animals.  Aunt Nancy is posing with one...

Since I've been home, I've just been working on paperwork and trying to catch up on some things.  Of course, there is always lots of help from the kitties...

Party in the shower!

Ozzie is such a sleeping beauty

 This is Daisy's favorite toy in the whole world and it's broken!  Might have to take her to kitty therapy to deal with the devastation.

Here is a new pendant - I think I like this pattern (it's 1 1/4")!

And this is something new that we're working on...

That's all for now!  Hope to see lots of you at the quilt show!!

Tuesday, March 5, 2019

First show of 2019

I'm busy finishing up a few things and packing up the van because tomorrow we hit the road to Dallas, Texas.  This is my favorite show of the year because I get to stay with my cousin, Phillip, and his family.  You remember him...he was in charge of spray bottles last year...

My niece has always gone to this show with me, but she just started a new job and can't go this year.  Boo!  I'm really going to miss her.  Luckily my friends from Yellow Creek Quilt Designs are coming over tonight and we will drive to Dallas together tomorrow.  My aunt (you all know Aunt Nancy - also Phillip's mom!) is flying to Dallas today and she will be helping out as well.  I also have a great customer (Sandy), turned helper, turned friend, who will be there as well.  Hope you can come and see us!  I have some cool new items and also my new quilt design called Bundles of Stars...

Come and see us at Dallas Market Hall!  The show is Friday, Saturday and Sunday (March 8, 9, 10).  Here is a link to the show so you can see all of the vendors, times, etc.  You will find us in Booth 210-212.  Come visit!!

Saturday, January 5, 2019

An overview - long on pics, short on words!

Wanted to show you what has been going on here...

Still making tons of jewelry

These were in our last Surprise program made from our yardsticks and wood from my family farm - LOVE THEM!

Sold lots of these before Christmas...

We were busy, busy, busy (my excuse for not blogging!)

FINALLY finished this T-shirt quilt for my mom - all shirts from the Snake Alley Art Fair, which she has been a part of for about a million years.

 The back...

This happened in November - about 9 inches of snow. But we did NOT have a white Christmas.

And speaking of Christmas...these 2 (Callie and Daisy) trashed the Christmas tree...

I know she looks innocent here...

And how can you stay mad at Daisy when she has all of this cute toe fluff?

And Ozzie is a perfect, innocent little angel (not really, I caught him chewing on the tree too!).  But look at him...I love him!

I'm designing a new quilt with these Kim Diehl fabrics...

I started cross stitching again...

Callie likes cross stitching...

My step-daughter made these for me for Christmas!  I really love them - what do you think- should we make some to sell?  Don't miss the little photo bomber!!!

I hope you all had a Merry Christmas!

Thursday, November 1, 2018

2018 Christmas Ornament

I just realized that I've posted all about our new Christmas ornaments everywhere, except here on my blog.  So...even though I said we would not be making any more, we will leave the sign up open for another day or two so that my blog readers who don't use other social media can take advantage of this special new product.  The response to our new Christmas ornament has been overwhelming - thank you! Be sure to see all of the details below!   You can order now at 

We've been making tree ornaments for family members for several years, and when I posted a picture of them last year, many of you wanted in on the fun.  So, this is your chance to get in on the beginning of this collector series.  Each year we will come out with a new and different ornament, which will be dated on the back and on the box.  That's right...the cute handmade box is included!  The lid slides on and off and is perfect for storing your ornament. 

Quantities are very limited, so if you don't want to miss out on this exciting new series, be sure to order now.  Ornaments will be shipped late November to mid December - in plenty of time to decorate your tree or to give as gifts.  This would be the perfect gift for your quilting friends, and you won't have to come up with a new idea next year - just sign up each year to continue receiving this unique and exclusive collection.

As with our jewelry, this ornament is paper pieced and is 1 3/4" - a little bigger than our pendants so that you will be able to see it on your tree.  The box is made from our yardsticks, but is unlike any of the others that we sell.  The lid slides on and off to protect your goodies inside.

Hope you love our new ornament!


Saturday, September 22, 2018

Ozark Piecemaker's Quilt Show

I hope you can come and see us at the Ozark Piecemakers Quilt Show in Springfield, MO!!  Here are the details:

When:    September 27, 28 & 29, 2018
Where:   Ozark Empire Fairgrounds
               3001 North Grant
               Springfield, MO
Hours:    Thursday & Friday - 9:00 to 5:00
               Saturday - 9:00 to 4:00

You will find us in Booth #43

There are over 80 vendors and hundreds of beautiful quilts!  Don't miss it!!

As for us - we will have all of our usual products and some new ones too!  Tiles!  We won't have many of these, so if you want one...come early!  We will have a couple of different designs and colors.

Of course, we will have tons of spray bottles.  The pumpkins are my favorite - I love that scary cat on the lid!

New sheep scissors with a few scissor fobs to go with them!

I have lots of new colors of socks - so fun!  Here are just a few...

And if you don't come for any other reason - come to see this quilt!  Remember my Patriotic Pineapple design? 

When I made this little quilt, I really, really wanted to make it big - I thought it would be so eye-catching in a larger size, but I just didn't have time to do it.  So I settled for a 32" x 40" wall hanging, these are 4" blocks and each has 37 pieces in it. customer, Jenny, bought this pattern at the Ozark Piecemakers show 2 years ago and she made it more than big!  Here are the stats - mine vs. Jenny.

Size:              32" x 40"             108" x 140" !!!!!!!!
# of blocks:   80                         945
Total pieces:  2,960                   34,965!!!!!

And the most exciting part of all?  Jenny is bringing her quilt to the show where it will be on display in my booth!!  I'm so excited - I just can not wait to see it!  Make sure you come to my booth to see it - it's going to be stunning! 

Hope to see you at the show!

Friday, September 7, 2018

Always catching up!

I said in my last post ( was a long time ago!) that I felt like each of my posts should be titled "Catching up" and this is no different!  I have the best of intentions to post regularly, but there just is not enough time in the day. pick up from where I left off...we went to the Shipshewana show in June - and it was awesome!  My friend Kym went along to help and we made a few fun stops at cross stitch shops along the way.  I know that I have mentioned that I had a crazy (stupid?) moment and started cross stitching again.  We don't have any shops near us so everything I had gotten up to that point had been online.  Being surrounded by tons of patterns and threads and linen was fun and maybe a little expensive!  I now have many projects kitted up and ready to stitch.  Clearly I had forgotten just how long it takes to finish a cross stitch project!  I have been plugging away on the Farmhouse Christmas series - they are fun and easy to stitch.  I am almost finished with month 7, and have received month 8 and that just leaves month 9 and we will be finished!  You can see that Daisy likes to stitch as well.  Or she likes to chase the thread and make things difficult. One of those things.
 This one is called Quaker Diamonds and I really love it! I haven't worked on it forever, but I hope to get back to it soon. 
When in Shipshewana, we spent some time with my friends Jill and Vicki from Yellow Creek Quilt Designs.  I met Vicki at the very first show that I vended at - in Galena, IL, but have always admired their designs.  They invited me to a retreat in July and I went!  It was so much fun, very productive, and in a beautiful setting in Browntown, WI.  Here is what I worked on there...
It's a free pattern by Kim Diehl, and the fabric was also her design.  The center is supposed to have cotton applique, but I've decided to do wool applique instead.  That decision was easy because Carla and Annette from The Woolen Needle were also at the retreat and they have a whole shop full of beautiful wool - so they were happy to help me out!  I haven't touched it since retreat, and who might not happen until the next one (in February - I can not wait!!).  But it was nice to actually work on something other than work!

Next - my friend Nancy, from California came for a visit.  We met in Osage, IA for the sole reason to go to the cross stitch shop there.  Well...I wasn't thinking...they are CLOSED on Monday!  AAAACCCCKKK!!!!  Here are Nancy & Kym peering in the windows (we did this about 4 times, and also went to the back door...just in case someone was back there that might take pity and let us in!)
Nancy and I went to a reunion retreat in Oelwein at LouAnn's Quilt Shop (I don't think she has a website) & Retreat.  This was set up for everyone who went to the Bonnie Hunter retreat hosted by Jo & Kelli last year (you know...where I started 3 projects and finished none).  It was a lot of fun and so nice to catch up with some friends that we met last year.  LouAnn has a very nice shop and a really wonderful retreat space.  It's a beautiful old building and she has really done a lot of work and made it amazing.  If you ever want a nice place to retreat - consider calling LouAnn.  I did work on one of my quilts that I started last year, but didn't get it finished and I guess I didn't take any pictures either!

I know that I've mentioned before that Nancy is a good friend and also a very generous friend.  She brought my Christmas gift with her.  I absolutely love it!!!!

One thing that has been keeping us extremely busy are those crazy spray bottles!  We sold just shy of 500 of them in Shipshewana!!  They were featured in American Patchwork and Quilting recently, and we had tons of orders.  We are also making them for other shops with their name and logo on them.  And then I thought it would be cute to make a few Halloween bottles - I love the pumpkin, but I really love the black cat on the lids!

 We aren't going to make very many of these, but I thought they were fun!  We will be taking a limited quantity to our next show, which is Ozark Piecemakers, in Springfield, MO, at the end of this month.  More on that later!

I've added some new items to my website - these cute little sheep scissors are one thing, and we recently found tiny little machine cleaning brushes that are great to get in the nooks and crannies of your machine...

I had a special order for a little churn dash pendant...
Hopefully some year I will have more time and be able to make more of these - I thought this one was cute - the little flag in the center makes me happy!  That was from some fabric that was gifted to me at retreat from Kim & Becky of Plays with Wool.  Kim was making a patriotic quilt and I came home with all of her leftovers.

For some reason I keep selling out of scissor fobs, so here are a few that I made recently...

And now I have to get to work!  I will post again (really...I will!) before the show in Springfield so I can give you all of the details on that - but mark it on your calender...September 27-29!

Have a great weekend!!