Me & My Stitches

Me & My Stitches
Click on the picture to go to my website. These are 1 1/4" pendants.

Sunday, September 30, 2012

One more block and a silly cat

I haven't been working on much except for jewelry, but I did piece one more of my NFW blocks...

I think the moment that I finished this one, Randy sent out instructions for one more, and a note saying that there will be three more this Wednesday!  How can it be time for more already?!  So I guess I better get busy and make the next two - one is cut out and ready to sew, so that shouldn't take too long.

While I was busy with the above block, Callie was being her silly self...Hiding behind my design wall...

Still hiding, but wanting to play...
I don't know what it is, but she loves to be behind doors!  She usually wants you to play through the crack, but then she gets lazy and lays down and wants you to play under the door.  What a goof!

Have a great Sunday!!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Still Winning!

I was really on a winning streak for awhile (me and Charlie Sheen) - I won this awesome book from Dawn Heese from Linen Closet Quilts...

Doesn't the cover just make you want to look closer?  I can't believe that I won this!  The projects are really inspiring, and I was already a big fan of Dawn's designs.  Be sure to check out her blog and get a copy of her latest book - it really is a good one!

We have finally finished up the first month of charms for "Charming" - our brand new charm bracelet program. They are all shipped, and if you haven't received yours yet, you should be getting it very soon.  Below is a picture of some of the charms - I think it was about 3/4 of the total orders.  Each of these are 3/4" in size...

 I've got some of the next release done - I probably better get back on track for those.  Also, thanks to some of you, I sold out of pumpkin pendants and scissor fobs last week!  I am working on more today.

And speaking of pumpkins - Simple Quilts magazine is now on the newsstands, I saw it at Wal-Mart over the weekend -

And a picture of my Lil' Punky pin cushion that is in this issue...
I've sold several of the magazines and kits (thanks to all of you!), and still have some in stock on my website, if you are interested.  And, be sure to check out Kindred Quilts blog...(we have an over-achiever on our hands!).  She bought the magazine and kit and has already whipped up Punky, and is working on four more! While you are there, sign up to be a Follower so you can see just how much she gets accomplished!

I also wanted to share my latest Non Farmer's Wife blocks...

Three down and just 2 to go - and they are all cut out and ready to sew - hopefully that will happen some time this week.

I had a great time at the Twilight Stitchers quilt show in Blue Springs, MO last weekend!  I didn't have time to take any pictures (you know I am sooo bad about that!) - but actually we barely had time to run through and look at the quilts.  The show went well, and I met lots of great people.  Now I have about a month to re-group before the next show in Lee's Summit. Really looking forward to that as well.  Now...I better get some pumpkins made!

Hope you all have a great day!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Poor Lil' Punky

Good Morning!  Here in Iowa we are headed into Fall – my favorite season.  I love the cooler temperatures and to see the leaves changing color.  Then there are some of the foods that I associate with the change of seasons - I made pumpkin bars last week, and have been thinking about different soups to make during the cooler days.  And, we can’t have Fall without having pumpkins!  A few months ago, “Simple Quilts and Sewing” magazine asked me to design a pin cushion for their fall issue - the first thing I thought of was a pumpkin.    My design is Poor Lil’ Punky” – isn’t he cute? So cute that you might hate to poke him with pins!

The magazine will not be out in the stores until the last week of September, but I was lucky enough to get some in advance.

There are lots and lots of fun projects in here – see those cute owls on the cover?  Adorable!  So many items to choose from – several bags, hot pads, a casserole carrier, stitcher’s caddy, quilts (of course!) and even some costumes for kids. 

The good news for all of you is…you can purchase this magazine NOW on my website!  AND…you can also buy a kit for Poor Lil’ Punky!  The kit includes everything you need (including the fabric for the  back and the muslin liner) to make the pin cushion, then you can choose your favorite filler when you finish.  A couple of the fabrics may vary from the picture above, but they will be very similar.  Remember, when ordering – the magazine and the kit are sold separately.  The pattern is in the magazine and is not sold alone or with the kit.

Of course, if you love fall like I do – you may want to buy yourself a little fall gift – maybe a little pumpkin pin, pendant, or scissor fob!

 They are also available online.  So…time to do your shopping!  Go to and see what you can find!

Have a great week!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Continued progress, a little bird watching and some fluffies

We are busy, busy with jewelry trying to get ready for the next show - it is in Blue Springs, MO - September 14th and 15th.  If you are in the area come and visit!

But, besides that, I have tried so hard to keep up on my Non Farmer's Wife blocks.  Finally I got caught up. And guess what?  There will be 3 new ones tomorrow.  So, yes, as usual, I'm caught up for about 2 days!  Here's my work - don't look too closely and don't judge me!  Lol

It does feel great to be caught up, even if it is only for a little while!

I also finished two more of my Primitive Gatherings SBOW - and yes...I can't help myself...I still love them!

I am now working on the 12th and final block, and can honestly say that I'm sorry it's almost over!  I haven't received the finishing kit yet but there will be plenty of stitching on it (so it's not really over yet!).

Another thing I've been working on...

Any guesses on what these are?  If you buy Simple Quilts Magazine, you will find out!  Actually I don't think it is supposed to be on newsstands until September 24th or 25th.  They have promised that I will have my copies before the show on the 14th - so they will be on sale in my booth with this kit available as well.  They will also be on my website if there are any left after the show.

We have also been doing a little (literally!) bird watching.  Every summer we normally have a couple of hummingbirds and always put out feeders for them. I think I remember at most having 4-6.  This year?  WOW!!!  Whole different story!  We have had between 30 and 40 hummingbirds!  It is insane.  I don't know where in the heck they are all coming from.  DH makes their food super sweet, so I assume that is the attraction.  They are so much fun to watch and every time we look out we are amazed at how many of them there are.  They just swarm around the feeders.  There are a few bullies in the bunch that choose a feeder and sit above it, then chase off anyone who comes there to feed.  Here are a couple of pictures - I wish we had some that showed more of them, but they are so hard to capture on camera.

 I think there are at least 10 in the picture below.  Amazing!
The kitties are quite interested in them as well - I think Callie has dreams of catching one!

As always while we work away, this is what the fluffies are up to (besides dreaming of birds)...
 Above is Callie - I was digging through my batting remnants in this crock and she didn't hesitate to jump in.  I think she looks like a chicken sitting on her eggs!
And then there's CC.  Doesn't she just look...indifferent to it all!?  She has taken over the ironing board, that pile of fabric AND the remote control!  Geesh!  I think it's easy to see who rules this roost!  Oh, and not to forget Ozzie - he is off sleeping in the closet!  Be sure to hop on over to Sarah's Feline Friday post to see what some other furry friends are up to!

Have a great week!