Me & My Stitches

Me & My Stitches
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Monday, August 29, 2011

Rug Hooking

Just a quick post - if you have ever wanted to learn how to be a hooker (ha-ha) check out this great tutorial.  It is by Hungry Hook Primitives and is just starting.  This is something I've always wanted to try - but you know how long THAT list is! I guess maybe step #1 is collecting the wool!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Shop #3 on quilty day

The third shop that we went to on quilty day was in Bemidji.  Here's a quick look at the outside...
Ok, so it's a picture of the sign...I didn't get a picture of the building!  This shop doesn't look that  big from the outside, but inside, it goes on and on.  New things in each room, and in the basement!

 Love the Crazy Eight quilt hanging in the center
 Isn't this corner inviting?
This quilt is hanging in the open stairway to the basement - very striking!

I guess I got sidetracked and didn't take pictures of the other rooms.  There was one that just had wool, wool samples, patterns, etc.  On the porch there were lots of 1930's prints.  Flannels and soft things were downstairs.  There was also a holiday room - sure wish I would have taken more pictures!

Of course there were plenty of things here that I couldn't live without...(as always...forgive the poor picture quality - aside from being a rotten photographer, I took them in poor light in the loft at Aunt Nancy's house.

 I did not NEED any of these!  The Crazy Eight Strip Teaser was so unique that I thought I had to have it.  The finished size is 44" x 44".  I did show restraint by only purchasing the pattern and not the kit!  Mexican Stars is another pattern that is very unique, although now that I look at the pattern, one of the requirements is a seam ripper.  I'm thinking that is a very bad sign!  This quilt is 34" square and would make a nice table topper or a wall hanging.  Again I showed restraint - the kit was really nice!  The only kit I bought was for the little wool pin cushion - they were so cute - Linda (my SIL) and I each bought one.  Now we need to get together and make them.  I just made 30 pin cushions to take to Galena - do you really think I NEEDED this kit to make another one???
 Also picked up these pieces of wool.
 And for some reason I had yet another weak moment and bought more 30's prints.  I certainly don't NEED them either!  I don't like pastels, but I do like to make baby quilts using 30's - so these will be added to that stash.  And, I did break down and made a batch of jewelry using 30's prints - there are a few on the website.
I loved these little prints - the blue is kind of a teal color that is hard to find, but I like to use it with brown in my jewelry.

After we left Ann's - we found the local Goodwill.  Linda and Johnna love to shop GW and find a lot of treasures there.  Ever since I decided that I NEED to add wool to my stash, I thought GW and thrift shops would be a great place to find cheap wool - in men's suit jackets.  I was not disappointed!  Wool jackpot!!  I bought 6 suit jackets for a total of $24!  I thought that was a pretty good deal.  Of course I will have to find the time to tear them all apart, but that is on the to-do list.  If nothing else, these will make good backs for pin cushions.  Johnna found a couple of cute shirts while we were there.  Linda was busy helping me!

After GW, it was time to head back to Hackensack for a quick bite to eat and to get to the guild meeting!

More on that later...

Have a great day!!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Shop #2 on quilty day

It might be Christmas by the time I get around to posting all of the fun stuff we did in Minnesota, and about the Galena show!

Our second stop on quilty day was in Walker, MN at a shop called "Front Porch Quilts".  It's hard to get past the porch - they have those baskets that I am in love with.  Must. Have. Restraint.

There are all kinds of tempting things inside...
 More tempting...
 Aunt Nancy couldn't resist - she bought the Halloween kit shown above...
 And look at those pretty wools!  And that little basket - I can't control myself with all of this!
And look at these cute miniatures!!  Oh so tempting!
I could not resist these 2 pieces of wool.  The top one is for pumpkins and you know I love red - had to have it!  I actually had some of the miniature patterns and a little stand in my hand - but I for once, showed restraint, and put them back!

The owner, Jana was not in the shop that day, but Merrily was working - it was nice to meet her - and she was also at the guild meeting that night.  As a matter of fact, I made 2 pair of earrings for her this week!  Merrily....if you are reading this...they will be in the mail on Monday!

Thanks for visiting...more to come about "quilty day" later.

Have a great day!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Our own little shop hop

I am finally getting caught up enough to post more about our trip to Minnesota.  Monday was our quilty day.  First we went to Piecemakers in Hackensack.  They really have a nice shop - here is a little tour...

 This is Ollie - he is the shop mascot - such a good little dog.
 Love this patriotic sample.
 Enlarge the above picture - I love the little stocking, and the flowers in the old window frame.

 Lots of wool and wool felt projects to drool over.
 They have lots of cute displays.
Yummy wool.
I was proud of myself - I used much restraint during the whole trip, but I did have to have a few things...
Fabric that I could not live without!

Sorry about the sideways pictures - and these are not the best quality, but I don't have time (or patience) to make them better!  This is a calendar that Piecemakers put together - Aunt Nancy and I both made the calendar - I forgot to take a picture of hers (see how selfish I am!).  You can see that I am September.  If you would like to purchase a calendar, send them an e-mail - I thought they were on the website but I didn't see them this morning (I could be missing it!). 

That's all for today, I have to get busy - more of our shop-hop on the next post!!

Have a great day!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Galena Quilt Show

I have so much to show (and tell) you about the rest of my Minnesota trip, BUT...I have no time!  Today I am unpacking, doing laundry, repacking, finishing up some last minute jewelry, taking down my booth (I've had it set up in my basement since the show was canceled a few weeks ago) and packing it all up to go to Galena in the morning.  So....the quilt show is still on - they are unable to have it at the DeSoto House as planned due to the water damage that they received a few weeks ago.  The show will be held at the Middle School - 1230 Franklin - Galena, IL 61036.  I really hope you can come and visit!!

Have a great day!!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

The rest of the pictures...

I am having a heck of a time, and I know I am jumping all over the place, but please bear with me.  The above is Sue who was working at the Quilter's Parlour in Jenkins.

We thought that we needed our pictures taken with Paul Bunyon - Johnna and Linda are on the right.  I am on the left.  We have no idea who the little kid is...he ran up and wanted to be in the picture with us - that just makes me laugh!  Maybe he thought we looked like more fun than his own family.  See how he is missing he is missing his two front teeth?  So cute!

 Here's Johnna and I posing with Paul...
Now going back to our trip up - when we stopped at Country Threads, we decided that we wanted to buy Aunt Nancy and Larry a barn quilt for their 24th anniversary, which is today.  I couldn't wait for Aunt Nancy to see it, so as soon as we got home from brunch we had them open it.  Imagine my surprise when she opened it up and the one on top was the one that I wanted (not the one we got for Aunt Nancy and Larry!).  Well, DH and I will be celebrating an anniversary next weekend - I will actually be in Galena and will celebrate with Mom and he will celebrate with the fluffies.  Anyway...Mom secretly got a barn quilt for us too!  I am so excited - I love it.

This afternoon we took a boat ride with the neighbors, Carolyn and Ron, in their pontoon boat.  It was a beautiful afternoon - the weather was just perfect. 

These ducks have decided to make themselves at home on the dock - I think we were annoying them!

Ok...that's it for now...sorry about the double postings!

Have a great week!

First days in Minnesota

We made it to Minnesota - Mapquest says it should take less than 9 hours, but it took us TWELVE!!  We stopped at Country Threads for a little over an hour, and the rest of the extra time was just stops for bathroom breaks, gas for the car or a bite to eat.  We were glad to get here - and of course, Aunt Nancy had supper waiting for us.  We weren't there too long before we went to bed.  I don't understand how sitting and doing nothing in the car can make you so tired!  Here are some pictures of Aunt Nancy and Larry's house.  We sleep upstairs in the loft.

 This is the back of the house...

 Love it!!

 This is the view from the back porch...
 And back to the Koi pond

On Saturday we took a quick trip to a couple of quilt shops.  The first one we visited is in Jenkins, called The Quilter's Parlour...
The flowers are all so pretty - see Johnna in the above picture?
Below are some pictures of the inside of the shop.  Shirley, the owner, was out of town this weekend, but I talked Sue into being in a picture.
  (ok...blogger is not liking me...I think I tried to upload too many pics and now I can't find the one with Sue in it - will try again tomorrow!)

 The second shop we went to on Saturday is in Pequot Lakes called Mother Originals.  I took this picture of their sign outside, then forgot to take more once I got inside!  I was not meant to wield a camera.

This morning we had brunch at Bar Harbor in Nisswa.  On the way home, Johnna felt the need to pose with this sign...
We were quite entertained (doesn't take much!).  I have a bunch of other pictures to show you - hopefully I will be able to upload them later!

Tomorrow is our big quilt shop day.  We will be headed to Bemidji, Walker and Hackensack.  I bet I will find some treasures!!  I hear there will be Civil War repros and wool - sounds right up my alley!

More later!

Have a great night...