Me & My Stitches

Me & My Stitches
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Sunday, August 14, 2011

First days in Minnesota

We made it to Minnesota - Mapquest says it should take less than 9 hours, but it took us TWELVE!!  We stopped at Country Threads for a little over an hour, and the rest of the extra time was just stops for bathroom breaks, gas for the car or a bite to eat.  We were glad to get here - and of course, Aunt Nancy had supper waiting for us.  We weren't there too long before we went to bed.  I don't understand how sitting and doing nothing in the car can make you so tired!  Here are some pictures of Aunt Nancy and Larry's house.  We sleep upstairs in the loft.

 This is the back of the house...

 Love it!!

 This is the view from the back porch...
 And back to the Koi pond

On Saturday we took a quick trip to a couple of quilt shops.  The first one we visited is in Jenkins, called The Quilter's Parlour...
The flowers are all so pretty - see Johnna in the above picture?
Below are some pictures of the inside of the shop.  Shirley, the owner, was out of town this weekend, but I talked Sue into being in a picture.
  (ok...blogger is not liking me...I think I tried to upload too many pics and now I can't find the one with Sue in it - will try again tomorrow!)

 The second shop we went to on Saturday is in Pequot Lakes called Mother Originals.  I took this picture of their sign outside, then forgot to take more once I got inside!  I was not meant to wield a camera.

This morning we had brunch at Bar Harbor in Nisswa.  On the way home, Johnna felt the need to pose with this sign...
We were quite entertained (doesn't take much!).  I have a bunch of other pictures to show you - hopefully I will be able to upload them later!

Tomorrow is our big quilt shop day.  We will be headed to Bemidji, Walker and Hackensack.  I bet I will find some treasures!!  I hear there will be Civil War repros and wool - sounds right up my alley!

More later!

Have a great night...


  1. Julie--what a cool house your Aunt and Uncle have! Can I be a relative, too? I want to sleep in that loft. : ) Beautiful yard--I love it all.
    Fun quilt shops, too. Forgetting to take pictures just means you are wrapped up in the adventure (and that you want to kick yourself afterward!). Have fun on your BIG quilt shop day--and try to remember to take some photos to share!

  2. Cool cabin! Have fun shop hopping.

  3. What a fun trip! The log cabin is beautiful!!

  4. Boy would I love to live in that log cabin!