Me & My Stitches

Me & My Stitches
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Monday, June 8, 2020

The new website is ready for you!

What's New??

(But please read the rest of this post first!!)

Well, it's official - all of the shows that we had lined up for this year have been cancelled!  It's really depressing, but at the same time, probably for the best. If we can't come to see you at shows, we decided to bring the shows to you by adding a whole bunch of items to our website!  Our entire website has been completely re-vamped and we have almost tripled the amount of items on there!  You have to grab a cup of coffee (or whatever else strikes your fancy) and go check it out! 

There are so many new things that I really don't even know where to start!  So this may all be a little random, but here we go! 
I love this metal sewing machine!  It includes the ball of twine and the scissors, and is also perfect for a spool of thread!

And clipboards...we now have THREE different sizes!!!

Are you familiar with Deb Strain?  She designs fabric for Moda and also designed these note cards.  They are all adorable and are blank inside so that you can add your own message.  The sad thing is that these have been discontinued, so once they are gone, I won't be able to get any more.  I bought a bunch when Deb told me they were discontinued, but don't wait too long to get yours.  Only $6 for five adorable note cards!

SCISSORS!  We have tons of them and they are all cute!

We took so many new boxes to the show in Dallas,and then brought them all back home when the show was cancelled.  We've added several new shapes and sizes - take a look!

We have the cutest little animal pin cushions, and some really cool patriotic ones as well!

And be sure to check out these great rulers.  The first one would be a pefect little gift for a quilting buddy who has been quarantined for too long!  Mail them to your friends - we all love a fun mail day!
The others are all Bloc Loc rulers.  If you haven't tried them, you really should.  I hate to trim, but if I need to, I will always use the Bloc Loc.  For flying geese blocks, they fit right up into the V of your block, nice and slipping.  They make trimming easy.

We have added a huge amount of new jewelry, scissor fobs and needle minders.  I included almost all new pins, and a bunch of earrings.  Really lots of everything, you just have to browse for yourself.

And lastly (for now anyway) is super exciting...we are now offering all of our patterns as downloads!  Now you don't have to pay shipping and wait for them to show up in the mail!  

So, what are you waiting for???  Since the quilt shows are cancelled, shop from home now! GO CHECK IT OUT!!

Happy shopping - hope you have a great week!!