Me & My Stitches

Me & My Stitches
Click on the picture to go to my website. These are 1 1/4" pendants.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Hexagon crazy!

I know I've mentioned a few times how I love hexagon quilts and shared the few that I have made - they are so much fun!  It seems everywhere you look on blogs, people are posting tutorials and finished projects.  I love to see all of the different layouts - so inspirational.  Well....with my new found love of hexies what better than to make...Hexagon pendants!?  That is the new shape that we are now offering.  And, they are on my website now!!  Here is a peek for my blog readers...
They are 1 1/2" across the widest part of the hexagon. 

And also, as promised, some new BRIGHT pieces...
These are funky, fun colors.

Hope you like the new pieces - they are all on my website now!  Go check them out!

Have a great day!!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Remember the Civil War Love Letter blocks???

Happy Sunday!  Can you believe it is almost November already?  I just don't know where the time goes.  I sure haven't been good about posting lately, but I really don't have much to report.  I have been busy with jewelry orders ever since the current issue of Fons & Porter's Love of Quilting magazine hit the shelves.  If you haven't picked up a copy, make sure you get one! Here is the cover to look for (I love this quilt)-
 And of course, be sure to check out my jewelry on page 10!

A couple of the girls at F&P have been sending me their scraps and it's so much fun!  You all know how much I love to receive fun mail - and to play with scraps from other people.  Last week they sent some funky brights and more contemporary fabrics.  These are so far out of my box - but they really were a lot of fun to play with.  I made several new pieces with bright fabrics and will be posting them on my website later this week.  I also have a brand new shape that I've been wanting to share forever.  I've made several, then sold them to shops but I've not had a chance to get them on the website - so they will also be posted this week - hopefully tomorrow.  I'm excited for you to see the new shape - it has been a bit of a challenge to cut the glass for them - but I love to have something new and different to offer.

Remember my Civil War Love Letter blocks?  I haven't made any for quite awhile but I do still have a few in the archives that I haven't shared on my blog.  I thought today would be a good day to show you some of them...

I really want to get back to these blocks - they are so fun to make - but right now I have so many projects started that I just can't do it!

We had everyone here last night for a birthday party for my mom.  Of course, I didn't take any pictures!  Her birthday was actually a couple of weeks ago, but everyone has been busy and this is the first we could all get together.  We made soup and sandwiches and pumpkin bars (yum!).  It's always fun to get everyone together.  My dad and brother have been working so hard in the fields that they were both tired.  Dad took a nap in the chair - which he pretty much does every time they come over!  But, he looked really tired - hopefully he will get rested up soon.  Mom came over early and brought her latest knitting project.  The yarn is really neat - but came in skeins - so we sat and rolled 13 skeins into balls.  Of course with little Miss Callie around that was no easy feat!

I better go get to work so I can show you my new jewelry projects soon!!

Have a great day!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A small finish, a party and a cat or two

It seems I haven't been posting much - but I've been super-busy with orders ever since the newest issue of Love of Quilting hit the stands.  But, I did have a small finish from a couple of weeks ago that I thought I would share with you.
Looks like I should have done some editing - but you get the idea.  This was part of a Jo Morton club that I did a few years ago (yes...I said YEARS), but I didn't get around to quilting it until now.  What's even worse is that I started quilting it at least a year ago when my Mom and I went to Rocherster, MN.  Obviously I just didn't work on it very often.  I finally decided to take some time (only about 30 minutes, for heavens sakes!) and finish it up.  It didn't take long at all to finish the hand quilting and make a little binding for it - it's only about 12" square!  But, a finish is a finish, right?

Another thing that I've been meaning to blog about is a fun party that my friend, Crystal and I went to awhile back at our friend Starla's house.  Her sister is a Jordan Essentials representative.  Have you tried their products?  If not, you need to!  I LOVE THEM!   At the party we used the salt scrub for our feet (Starla's husband promised that he would rub our feet, but backed out when we showed up!) and the shea butter and the lotion bar.  They are all wonderful - I bought one of each.  Laura gave me some samples of other products and so far, I have liked them all.  Here is her table all set up with the products...

And here is our very gracious hostess Starla (she will not be happy about this pic!)...
She slaved over a hot stove and made us lots of yummy snacks - no pictures of that, we must have been too eager to dig in.

Here is Miss Laura - our consultant...look how hard she is working calculating all of those orders!
And here is my little friend, Alexis - she is soooo funny.  There were a whole bunch of samples that you could smell to decide which scent you wanted - Alexis, Crystal and I smelled them together.  There was one that was "For Kids" - here is Alexis modeling that one...
 And here she is giving it a whiff...can you tell she likes it?!
 And here she's just being cool...
She was so funny - it's nice to have entertainment at the party!  And this is what happened at the end, after Laura worked so hard presenting and completing the order forms...
A well-deserved nap!  These really are great products, so if you get the chance to go to a party - do it!  I have already ordered more for Christmas gifts.

And lastly...I know I haven't shown any kitty pictures for awhile.  I actually think that Callie has grown up - she is not the wild maniac that she used to be.  She still has her moments, but it's not all day long anymore. Here is Ozzie in a rare show of playfulness (usually he just sits around and begs for food!)...
 I really didn't think he could get his big butt in the box, but he did!
 And you know, that Callie couldn't let Ozzie be the star of the show...she had to be in on the action too.  "Hmmmm....what have we here...I think I shall bite this tail!"

Always entertaining! 

Now, back to work.  Hope you all have a great day!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Ok, by now you all know that I love presents and surprises, right?  Well, the day that I left for Florida, my blogging friend, Candace from Squash House Quilts blog, sent out a plea for a piece of Halloween fabric.  You have seen pictures of my stash, and you probably know that the likelihood of me having novelty or seasonal prints or really anything other than Civil War reproductions fabrics, for that matter, is pretty slim.  But...the one she was looking for was orange with black cobwebs, and I actually had it!  I used it one year to make those toilet paper pumpkins!  So - I was in a huge hurry - only a couple hours until we had to leave to catch our flight - so I just shoved all that I had in an envelope and left it for DH to mail when I was gone.  I told her that I didn't want paid for it - I was probably never going to use it anyway - it was a good way for me to lessen my stash by a yard or so.  Forgotten.  Until....I got a big ol' box o' stuff in the mail from one Candace!  Definitely not necessary, but appreciated - cuz it was just like Christmas!  Take a look at all these great things...
First...a very cute card!

A cute little bag of candy corn.  Candace said this was made by someone locally - which is cool - can't imagine making candy corn.

Very cute kitty basket.  I had to chase CC and Callie away from it several times.  I turned my back once and Callie was already chewing on it!  Grrrr!!!!  But, I think the "new" has worn off of it and they are leaving kitty alone now.

Two big bars of awesome soap - also made locally.  These smell soooo good and I am already using one of them - love it!

And last, but certainly not least...
An adorable mug rug, made by none other than Miss Candace herself!  Isn't it just too cute?  I love it and it is sitting right here beside my computer.  Such a fun box of goodies - thank you so much Candace - I really do love them all!!

I know that I promised pictures of the wedding, but Jessica has not sent them to me yet!  Here are a few of mine - they are not great, but better than nothing!
Here is my niece, Johnna - I can't believe how grown up she looks.  She is walking with the groom's brother.
 Here's the bride and groom (Emma and Andres)

 And Emma with her daddy (my big brother) - I think he's having more fun than she is!
 Again, not the best pictures, but all I have for now.

Now on the jewelry front...since the magazine hit the newsstands, I have had quite a few orders - which is awesome!  So, if there are specific items that you have had your eye on - you better order them now, before someone else does.  Some things will always be available, like the scrappy pineapples, pumpkins, scrappy log cabins, but understand that they may not be the identical fabrics that are pictured on the website .  I will always be happy to make special orders as well - if you like a certain pattern, but would prefer a different color.  We aim to please, you know!

Now I've got to get my nose to the grindstone!

Have a great day!!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011


I've been thinking for a long time now that I want to try hexagons, and as you will remember, I did make ONE hexagon flower after a little tutorial and sample pack while at the Galena Quilt Show.  Then, my friend Kim sent me some Paper Pieces of different sizes and I settled on making the 3/8" size.  I took them to Florida with me and actually did make a few one evening while we were all sitting around gabbing.  Then last Friday I attended the AQS show in Des Moines (and did not take ANY pictures!) and was inspired all over again.  On Sunday I decided to take the day off from jewelry making and worked on my hexies!  Here is the result...
It's only 6 1/2" long and it took me HOURS to sew it together (the hexies were already made)!  What the heck?  Any tips to speed things up would be appreciated!  But I do like it.  I'm thinking of making a small wall hanging and framing it like Yellow Creek Quilt Designs did - check out their website to see theirs - they have 2 different sizes and they are both wonderful.

I'm waiting for my daughter to send me some of her pictures from Florida before I post more about that (see how I took that weight off my shoulders and put it on hers!?).  I will share one thing - while in Florida we visited Quilt Lover's Hangout in North Ft. Myers.  What a great shop - they were recently in the Top 10.  I had been there a few years ago and it seemed like it was even better this time around.  They have everything - even wool - which surprised me since you would never need wool for warmth in Florida!  They purchased a bunch of my jewelry too, which is awesome.  They even put a blurb on their website under "New Arrivals".    If you ever have the chance to visit them, be sure to do it.

Have a great day!!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Exciting News!

You all know that I love Marty the Mail Lady, right?  She brings me the best packages and I LOVE to get presents in the mail!  Today she brought me a nice little envelope from Fons & Porter, which contained 2 complimentary copies of the November/December 2011 issue of their Love of Quilting magazine.  Why would I receive complimentary copies, you ask?  Because I'm special?  Nope - probably not! Could it be that I'm the new editor of the magazine.  Uh...I don't think so!  It's because they reviewed my jewelry in the Shop Hop section of this issue!  It should be hitting the newsstands in the next couple of sure to grab a copy of your own.  Here is the cover you need to look for...
And if you turn to page 10, you will see this...
I'm so excited! 

Have a great day!!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Fun in the Sun

I'm soooo behind on blogging -  I haven't read many nor updated my own. we go!  This is what was going on at my house the day I left for Florida (keep in mind it was a Sunday)...
Yes, that says Plumbing - never a good truck to have sitting in your driveway, but especially not on a Sunday.  Sure glad I was able to get a warm shower before it all went bad!  And being gone for a week, there was only one person taking chilly showers, and it was not me!  Poor DH!

We had a great time in Florida - but boy it was hot and humid.  I think I would rather visit there in February - but, my niece, Emma wanted to get  married in September.  She lives in Florida and my brother and his wife also have a house there - so we all got to stay at the Latty Hotel.  So much fun!  Here are some pics of their house - it is wonderful...

 I guess I didn't take pictures of the other 2 bedrooms or the bathrooms or even the living room (what was I thinking?)- but you get the idea - nice digs, huh?  Sure beats staying in a hotel!  And to make things even better...there were quilt blocks in the tile in several places.  This was in one of the bathrooms...

 Isn't it cool?!

 This was in the shower!
The down side is that there was no wi-fi - so Jessica and I spent a lot of time in McDonald's parking lot...sometimes in our jammies!  Nobody seemed to notice or care, but I seriously think I watched a drug deal going down one night.  Finally on the day before we left we sweet-talked the neighbor into sharing his wi-fi (and rewarded/bribed him with cookies).  Next time we will know to go visit Jack the first day with snacks.

I'm going to cut this short and will share wedding pictures next time!

Have a great day!