Me & My Stitches

Me & My Stitches
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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Fun in the Sun

I'm soooo behind on blogging -  I haven't read many nor updated my own. we go!  This is what was going on at my house the day I left for Florida (keep in mind it was a Sunday)...
Yes, that says Plumbing - never a good truck to have sitting in your driveway, but especially not on a Sunday.  Sure glad I was able to get a warm shower before it all went bad!  And being gone for a week, there was only one person taking chilly showers, and it was not me!  Poor DH!

We had a great time in Florida - but boy it was hot and humid.  I think I would rather visit there in February - but, my niece, Emma wanted to get  married in September.  She lives in Florida and my brother and his wife also have a house there - so we all got to stay at the Latty Hotel.  So much fun!  Here are some pics of their house - it is wonderful...

 I guess I didn't take pictures of the other 2 bedrooms or the bathrooms or even the living room (what was I thinking?)- but you get the idea - nice digs, huh?  Sure beats staying in a hotel!  And to make things even better...there were quilt blocks in the tile in several places.  This was in one of the bathrooms...

 Isn't it cool?!

 This was in the shower!
The down side is that there was no wi-fi - so Jessica and I spent a lot of time in McDonald's parking lot...sometimes in our jammies!  Nobody seemed to notice or care, but I seriously think I watched a drug deal going down one night.  Finally on the day before we left we sweet-talked the neighbor into sharing his wi-fi (and rewarded/bribed him with cookies).  Next time we will know to go visit Jack the first day with snacks.

I'm going to cut this short and will share wedding pictures next time!

Have a great day!


  1. What a beautiful house! I'm glad you had a great time... looking forward to the wedding photos!

  2. Gorgeous home....I wanna visit your brother!! (Let's say, mid-January??) So glad he appreciates quilting so much that he incorporated it in his tile work....must be a family thing, huh? ;o) Glad you're back safely - hope the water issues are resolved at home. Happy October! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  3. How much do they charge per night? : ) Looks like a nice place for a retreat. Very cool to have quilt blocks inlaid in your floor and shower! Love the part about sitting in McDonald's parking lot to use their wi-fi, in your jammies (I did assume you were in your car). LOL!

  4. 5-star~beautiful home and that pool does look inviting! I hope you got to try it out. ;) Cool artwork and such pretty quilt tiles everywhere! Glad you had a nice time~I can picture you two sitting in your jammies at Mc D's parking lot...:) are you sure you want to miss out on all that excitement the next trip down by using the neighbor wi-fi? You may have to reconsider! Glad you have hot showers again!

  5. I sure hope the water was hot upon your return, Julie! Lovely house where you stayed! That screened in porch is gorgeous - and the tiles - oh, my! Mr. Squash and I got a good laugh out of your wi-fi adventure! We sort of went through that here at the Squash House before we officially moved over! It was a great way to meet and know the new neighbors!