Me & My Stitches

Me & My Stitches
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Sunday, February 7, 2016

Quilt a day challenge

My friend Nancy challenged me to post a quilt a day for seven days on Instagram.  Here is day #1...
 I know I've posted this on my blog before, but it's been awhile.  This is a section of one wall in my sewing room.  I made all of the quilts on the wall, except the pink one.  They are all hand quilted, except the star - I did a cross hatch by machine.  The corner chair came from my grandparent's house - it always sat inside their bedroom door.  I just love this chair.  The bear on the chair (haha) was made from one of my grandma's fur coats.  The lawyer's case also came from their house.  The quilts on the top shelf all came from family (though I'm not sure who made most of them) and the ones in the bottom are various quilts that I've bought at auctions.  My aunt gave me the crock on the floor - I have wanted a Red Wing crock forever.  It holds lots of scrap bags gifted from many different people.  There's just a mix of stuff on top of the cabinet - the jar holds bindings that are ready to sew on, the bowl is just scraps.  So that's day 1!

I skipped day 2 because I went to Hills, IA to pick up my pineapple quilt (which will soon be a pattern) from my quilter, Kym.  We met at Inspirations Quilt Shop in Hills, where I found these...

Then we went to Williamsburg to The Woolen Needle (yes...I'm lucky to be close to these 2 awesome shops!).  I've been thinking about starting the free BOM that Buttermilk Basin is offering. Have you seen it?  It's really cute - it will spell out Let It Snow and is all wool applique.  So far there is just one block released - the letter is red and it has a cute snowman on it.  I decided that I want to make my letters blue.  I had a nice blue in my wool stash that will be perfect, but I needed some "snow-like" colors, and also some backgrounds - something that will go with the blue and that you can still see the snow on.  Here is the wool that I found.  Love those grays - but that just looked boring, so I had to add the purple and blue to my pile!

I also ended up with a bunch of fat quarters that I didn't need, but I loved them, so I bought them anyway, but that picture isn't showing up on my computer yet.  DH gave me a new iphone for Christmas and sometimes the pictures load from my phone to my computer right away and other times they don't.  Maybe they will show up tomorrow and I will post it then.  

Stay tuned for the rest of my 7 days of quilts.  I love posting on Instagram (I know I tell you that almost every time I post!), but for this challenge, I wanted to give a little more detail on the quilts that I'm showing - so I will post them here as well.

Hope you are having a fun Superbowl Sunday!


  1. Love that photo of your quilts on the wall and all of your other yummy, quilty goodness! I want to sit in that corner and soak it all in!
    Sorry I drooled on your fabrics, I just loved them all! : )
    I am trying really hard to resist the BB BOM. It is awfully cute, though.

  2. I love your quilt wall Julie! And all your wonderful treasures! I think your sewing room would be my favorite room in your entire house. ;o), I haven't seen the BOM from BB.... I've never done anything like that, but I do enjoy some wool applique from time to time. Might go check it out. I love your yummy wools! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin