Me & My Stitches

Me & My Stitches
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Saturday, February 20, 2016

Fun mail and a visitor

I had another super fun mail day last week - this was all from my friend, Nancy.  See that awesome big basket?  Love it!  I've always wanted a basket from 1803 Ohio Farm Baskets, and now I have one!  As you can see from the picture, Nancy also gave me a cool coloring book and markers, and an adorable little quilt that she made.  The box of candy was from her kitties!  Such a fun day!

 And look who came to visit!  In the 20+ years we have lived here, I have never seen a bald eagle, but yesterday this guy went flying right by the window in my sewing room! He flew up into a tree and stayed there for awhile, then I looked out and he was on the pond, having a little lunch (eww).  Pretty cool - and he was back this morning too.
 We've been looking for an antique buffet for my sewing room - I want to get rid of my ironing board and replace it with a buffet, then put my big board (for ironing) on top of that.  It will look a lot nicer and will also be nice to have some extra storage.  The hubby stopped at an antique shop in IL the other day and sent me some pictures of buffets, which I vetoed, but he did come home with these cute little spools.  They are about 4 inches tall, and make a nice addition to my sewing room.
This is what happened when I was trying to sew a backing together!  First Ozzie wanted to help...
 Then Callie decided to pitch in...

It's no wonder it takes me forever to get anything done around here!

Hope you are having a productive weekend!


  1. It's National Love Your Pet Day and they were just making sure you knew it!!

  2. What a fun package from Nancy. She must really like you. : )
    Cool shot of the eagle.
    I don't think my hubby would have even thought of spools for me. I think your buffet idea is wonderful.
    Oh, your kitties are so anxious to help you. They must really like you, too!

  3. Glad your assistants are doing their jobs! LOL