Me & My Stitches

Me & My Stitches
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Monday, February 15, 2016

Day 6 of 7 and a win (or two)

I fell behind on posting my quilts from the Instagram 7 days of quilts, hubby gave me a new computer for my birthday!  He's been working to get everything set up and transferred over, so I haven't been online much for the last few days.  Somehow my computer and my phone are not working well together, so he has more work to do.  And EQ won't let him re-install - says we've used up all of our re-installs - so we are waiting to hear back from them.  It will be great to have a new and faster computer, but it sure is a pain (for DH - lol!) to get it all set up and running properly.  So anyway - here is my Day 6 quilt...
I have always loved this quilt!  This pattern was in a Fons & Porter magazine and I believe it was featured on the cover.  It's called Red Sky at Night and I made this in 2007.  I hand quilted it as well - there are feathers in the red area and I stitched 1/4" in on each triangle.  I took down my Trees Up! Lights on! quilt and replaced it with this one in my sewing room, so I will get to see it every day for awhile.  I used many different reds, greens, golds and shirting/background fabrics for this one.

Recently I shared my purchases from my trip to The Woolen Needle but I don't think that I mentioned what really FORCED (haha) me to go there.  I did want to look for some wool and wovens to use for the Buttermilk Basin mystery sew-a-long, but then...I won an awesome giveaway from Thelma at Cupcakes & Daisies blog!  She was giving away a gift certificate for $50 (now that is seriously generous!) at basically any place of your choice!  It could be anywhere at all - how cool is that?  So, since I had been thinking of making the trip to Woolen Needle, that is what I chose.  So, it's all Thelma's fault that I bought too much at WN!  Thanks bunches Thelma - such a generous giveaway and I was just thrilled to win!

And if that wasn't enough, then Jess from Primitive Gatherings called and said that I won their drawing from their Valdani coupon event!  I always order during their Christmas open house so that I can get the coupon book (because you know, there is ALWAYS something you NEED from PG!) and when they sent out the reminder for the Valdani special, I placed an order. There were a few colors that I needed and they have a couple of new ones, so I got those too.  The prize was a $20 gift certificate, so now I'm going to have to order again!  Isn't that just a shame?!

After all that luck, I'm thinking I need to go buy a lottery ticket!

Ok, hubby needs to work on my computer.  I will post my last quilt soon!

Happy President's Day!


  1. I really like this one, Julie. A simple enough looking block can be manipulated into some very pleasing designs, and this is a classic example of that. The scrappiness is a wonderful effect. Hand quilted feathers? Wow, what did you do with that woman? *LOL*
    You are definitely on a roll. Strike while the iron is hot (and other mixed metaphors). : )

  2. Congratulations on all your good luck!! Yes buy that ticket, and enjoy your beautiful quilt! Love it!!

  3. As another lover of red quilts, I thoroughly enjoyed seeing this one posted here, thank you for sharing it's story!

  4. You must have been very good at labeling this quilt if you remember all the details of making it! Impressive! It's just wonderful!

  5. This is my dear friend Jill Reid's quilt. It is great and I bet looks great hung up.
    have fun with your new computer.