Me & My Stitches

Me & My Stitches
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Friday, February 4, 2011

Once a Bad Kitty, Always a Bad Kitty

Callie is about one and a half years old - wouldn't you think that she would start being good?  I actually did kind of think that she was chilling out a little more, and not always so wild.  She proved me wrong last night.  I have a project on my flannel wall, and yes, it has been there in different stages for ONE YEAR!  That is another story.  Miss Callie likes to come in and just jump up at the wall.  The blocks are actually pinned to the flannel, because she likes to hide behind the flannel and when she does that, if the blocks aren't pinned, they all fall off.  Found that out the hard way.  So, she just jumps up at the wall.  Why?  Really?  What is the point!?  Sometime she gets a pin out and a block will be on the floor.  That happened last night.  When I picked up the block it looked like this:

That's right - there is a hole torn in the block where the pin was.  NICE!  Oh, I just really want to beat her.  I wonder how many other tears I will find when I put this together?  After this incident, I decided that today is the day that this quilt is going to get put together!  I had to get all my cleaning done first (YUCK!), so I am just getting started.  I fixed the block - luckily I had set all the fabrics aside that I had used in this quilt - I would have been extremely angry if I didn't have any of this shirting left.  So, the block is fixed and next I am sewing them all together!  I will post a picture of it when I get it finished.

Before I go, I wanted to show you a few more things.  The hubby has been busy moving this snow - it took him all day to get the lane all opened up - our lawn and garden tractor was not meant to push this much snow!  Here is a picture of him taking a break with Boomer and Sophie.  I think Boomer is loving all of it!

Then I thought I might as well show you a few more pictures of Bad Kitty.  Do you think she was ashamed of herself?
Probably not!

There she goes - off to cause trouble somewhere else.  And where was it that good kitties lay????

Not on ironing boards!  Of course, this is much better than the kitchen counter.

And finally - to show you that I occasionally get something done - here is a new pattern I decided to try out.
Kind of cute!

Now back to getting that quilt put together...

Have a great day!!

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