Me & My Stitches

Me & My Stitches
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Sunday, February 13, 2011

More presents!

I think it has been established that I love presents, right? Here are some more of my birthday goodies...

These are from my Mom and Dad - aren't they cute?  I love the little girl sugar shaker.  They are antiques that have been in the family forever. Mom is also taking us (girls-only trip) to see Stars on Ice in March for all of our birthdays - so that will be lots of fun!

From the hubby...
Love these - Tara did a great job picking them out - I did not have any of these!

Yummy!  These are from Bonnie Blues new line

Cocoa Express by Jo Morton

and new from Aunt Judie (long story)
All very, very nice!  Can't wait to make some new jewelry with some of them.  I used to always buy fat quarters, but with my growing stash, and since I make jewelry that uses teeny, tiny pieces, I thought it best to ask for fat eight bundles!  That way I get to fondle them all, but I can still hopefully find room on my shelves for them.  I also got another gift card for Primitive Gatherings that I can't wait to use!  I really, really want to go there in person instead of shopping online.  Maybe one of these days I will take a road trip!  The kids gave me some nice gifts too - a gift card for Younkers and some Clinique stuff that I wanted.  I love getting their "freebie" bags twice a year, so the girls bought my Clinique things and gave me the freebie bag too - it's like EXTRA PRESENTS!!!  Fun!

I also wanted to show you the latest antics of bad kitty.  Poor OS - minding his own business, trying to take a nap, and look who comes along and attacks him. 

And one more - gives you an idea of her daily routine...

Yes, that is the back end of her, because the front end is under my quilt that is hanging on my design wall.  She is crazy!  Now let's see what good kitties do....yes, this is CC sitting in the window looking out, minding her own business.

Notice that there are two cats who mind their business and generally stay out of trouble.  Then there is wild child Callie!  She keeps us all on our toes.

Enough for now - time for me to get sewing!  Have a great Sunday and a Happy Valentine's Day tomorrow!


  1. Love your fabrics, but what touched my heart most were the pictures of your kitties! Love them.