Me & My Stitches

Me & My Stitches
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Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Have I ever mentioned that I LOVE PRESENTS!?!?!?!?!  Well, I do, and everyone who knows me is very well aware of it.  This is my birthday month (yes, I claim the whole month!), and the actual day is the 12th ( and Honest Abe).  Today, my wonderful mail lady (love her too!) brought a box...from Aunt Nancy!  Now, you know that is going to be a good one!  She is a good cook, has good taste, is a quilter, and knows everything I like!  She has always spoiled me (she only has boys - I'm the only girl) and I love it!!  Take a look at what was inside the box:

Uh huh - there are cookies  in that box in the top picture.

Aren't they pretty?   I mentioned before that she makes the best sugar cookies.  I generally do not like cut out, frosted cookies.  But look what quickly happened to these:

and a minute later...

And all of a sudden, THREE cookies had disappeared!  (I sincerely hope that my weight watchers lady is not reading this.  She specifically told me last night that she wants to see less of me next week). 

Look what else was in there...

These are some of the new muslins by Primitive Gatherings.  I have been wanting to check these out and even ordered a charm pack to see what the shades were.  The charm pack was out of stock, so I still hadn't seen them.  Sneaky Aunt Nancy asked me about them the other day - so she knew that my little heart desired them!  She found these in MN and bought me half-yard pieces!  YUMMY! Love them all!

And look - there is more...


A nice little bag made from super-cute fabric.  She is just so talented and crafty!

Oh, we are not done yet...keep looking....

 She always makes everything look pretty!
Yummy!  Cocoa and cappuccino mixes!  Chocolate raspberry?!

And still more...

This is a bag of Cherrywood hand dyed scraps from Aunt Nancy's friend Bev (thanks Bev!).  They are taking a class with the Cherrywood ladies and have gotten lots of really great hand dyed fabrics.  Look at the picture below - this is the group taking the class - Aunt Nancy gave them each one of my pendants made from the Cherrywood fabrics.

Look at the beautiful jacket that Bev made with the hand dyes - very cool.  Aunt Nancy is the tall one in the back row.  Hope you all don't mind that I posted your picture!

Back to presents - look at the final present in my birthday box...

 Is this not the coolest bag ever?  It's kind of hard to tell, but the fabrics are pinks/browns/neutrals - some of my favs.  I just LOVE this bag.  And look at the detail below on the stitchery.  Enlarge the picture so you can see what she "wrote"!  It brought tears to my eyes! 
I am so excited - I really need to be productive this afternoon (since I wasn't this morning), but now I just want to look at all my new goodies and fondle them all day. 
I tried to call Auntie to thank her, but she is not home.  THANK YOU!!!!  I love them all!!!!!!!!!

Hope you all have time to fondle some fabric this afternoon....


  1. Oh wow! Look at those necklaces! Very, very cool! And the bag aunt nancy made for you is awesome! How cute is that! But what really caught my eye were the cookies. mmmm! Now I think i need to make some!

  2. Awesome birthday presents! have a happy month!

  3. Your Aunt Nancy is definitely a keeper! It seems she's spoiling you rotten, but you must surely deserve it. These are lovely gifts, and that stitched bag is absolutely precious. Have a happy birthday on Saturday!