Me & My Stitches

Me & My Stitches
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Thursday, May 5, 2016

Paducah...the Vendors

I didn't take very many pictures of the vendors, because it was just too busy - too many people!  But let me tell you...they were all awesome!

 Ok, so I guess the only pictures I took of the vendors was at Red Button!  I swear I had more, but I'm not finding them. If you are on Instagram - take a look at @nancylovesquilts  I know she posted some pics of vendors there.

On Friday afternoon we had the option of meeting at our bus and going to Hancock's (of course, we had to check that out!).  It's crazy big - just like a big warehouse with tons and tons of fabric...
 Fabric as far as you can see...
In the first half of the store, we really didn't find anything that we had to have.  There were tons and tons of pretty batiks, but I don't normally use them.  But in the second half we found lots of good stuff.  I had been looking for some of Betsy Chutchian's new line called Lizzie's Legacy.  Betsy sent me some of her leftovers so I could make some jewelry and I really fell in love with the pinks and soft yellows.  Well, I found them at Hancock's and they now reside in my stash!  I made some pretty pieces of jewelry with them yesterday.

We also went to the Quilt Museum, which was really fantastic.  They currently have a miniature exhibit that was truly amazing.  Another let down for you who are reading this - they didn't allow pictures!  If you ever have the chance to go there, make sure to do it.  There were so many amazing quilts.  The most interesting/different?  One made from duct tape and one from beer cans!  It's crazy how many different designs and colors of duct tape are out there.  The quilt really was kind of cool. As we were standing there commenting on it, and checking it out...wondering how in the world she quilted through it, a man came up and said he was her husband!  She was also in the building, but was at a book signing.  He said that she had to actually make each hole with an awl.  Thousands and thousands of holes!  YIKES!  The creativity of some people is just amazing to me!

What they did allow us to take pictures of in the museum were some beautiful stained glass windows.  My mom owns a stained glass studio/shop, so I'm always interested in pretty stained glass pieces.  I think she should whip up some of these!

Aren't they beautiful?  Love them!  I bought a few T-shirts at the shop, but that was it.  I was really tempted to buy the book that showed most of the quilts on display, but I just didn't want to lug it around.  Now I kind of wish that I would have gotten it, but it can probably be ordered online, so maybe I'll do that.

We walked to the Finkel Building because there were more vendors there - including Primitive Gatherings.  I wanted to talk to Lisa, so we went there, but then ran out of time (we had to catch the bus to Hancock's) so I really didn't see the rest of the vendors there.  When we went outside there was a taxi (of sorts)...

So we took a ride in this to get us to our bus a bit quicker!

And on a totally different topic than Paducah...I haven't shown you any kitty pictures for awhile, so in case you are wondering...Ozzie and Callie are just fine, and are still as adorable as ever!

 I love this picture of him - I'm hand quilting and he wants me to stop so he can sit in my lap. Seriously...I can not resist this face!

We have been totally swamped with jewelry ever since we got home from Dallas - and just to show you that I really have been working, and not just playing...

Sorry about the super-grubby ironing board that these are on!  Ignore that and just look at the earrings and scissor fobs!

That's all for now, this got way longer than I had intended.  Back to work for me!  If you want to see any more of my jewelry, just go to my website.

Have a great day!

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  1. The vendors were incredible--there were so many people shopping it was difficult to get into some vendors booths.