Me & My Stitches

Me & My Stitches
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Friday, May 20, 2016

A new Sew Along

I recently finished Home for the Holidays by Primitive Gatherings and the ONLY way I got that accomplished was because I jumped on the Sew Along bandwagon on Instagram! It is a quilt that I had hoped to make for a couple of years, but just didn't ever get it started.  Seeing that there was a group on IG gave me that little push that I needed!

Now I am determined to finish Sunflower Gatherings (also a Primitive Gatherings design).  I've had all of the blocks stitched and pieced and just needed to put it together.  There is a lot of stitching that overlaps onto other blocks/rows/borders, so that is what I'm doing now.  The center is together and the first border is on.  I have all of the wool pieces prepped and ready for the final border - exciting!  I don't have a lot of time to work on it, but you would be surprised at how much you can do in an hour or two in the evening.

When this one is finished, I will be starting a big project...Primitive Garden!  I'm so excited to be committing to this one.  I WILL get it started and finished.  I say this with confidence because...we are doing another Sew Along!  Here is Lisa's original quilt...

She has done this as a BOM for a long time, but is now offering it as a full kit, see it here.  You have to purchase the pattern separately.

When I was in Paducah there was a version of this quilt there - I really love the flag that she added on the right border!  I'm really sorry that I can't give credit to the person who made this beautiful quilt, but I can't quite read the name  - I think it is Rosemary ???

Nancy has a Pinterest board for this quilt, and I have done the same - see it here...  I love some of the little details that people have added to their quilts and be sure to check out the picture that has TWO of these!  I read that they were made by a mother and a daughter.

I will be hosting this SAL with Heather from Mountain Home Quilts.  We will both be posting information on our blogs and we can all post on Instagram.  We have also decided to start a Facebook page for this SAL so that we can better communicate with everyone.  I love IG - but it's best for just posting pictures - not a lot of dialogue, and for this project we decided it would be nice to be able to have more conversations.  This will be a closed group, so you will need to request to join - check it out here.

Here are the few details that we know so far...we will not be starting this until the fall - September/October.  Until then you can start gathering everything you will need.  Ordering the kit will take a lot of work out of this, but I will be using my stash, so that will take some thought!  Lisa at Primitive Gatherings also offers a thread kit for this, if you don't have a thread stash.  I use Steam A Seam Lite 2 for all of my wool applique - so that is something else to think about - if you use a product like this you will need quite a bit for this project. Our plan is to do it just as the pattern is laid out - which will take 14 months.  It is completely up to you how you handle it - there will be NO RULES, just a guideline to follow if you choose.  We are doing this because it's a gorgeous quilt and I know for me, I probably won't get it done if I just work on it by myself.  Seeing everyone's pictures and progress along the way really helps you stay motivated.  And it's a great way to meet some new quilty friends!  I'm sure we will have some fun stuff along the way - maybe a giveaway - we will figure it out as we go. Hope you decide to play along!

If you are interested in making this quilt with us, be sure to go sign up for the Facebook page and we will start getting to know each other!


  1. Julie I absolutely love the flag on the side also. I have this picture saved somewhere because I thought if I ever made this quilt I would try and figure out how to put that in instead of the hose. I'm so excited to be part of this sew along...since our last one was so successful!! Just signed up on the Facebook page and looking forward to the fun in the Fall!!

  2. I think the flag is a great addition!
    I will be cheering you on. : )

  3. OMG. I would love to join you but I'm already committed to 3 other BOMs so I couldn't keep up. I've had that kit since the second time Lisa Bongean ran it as a BOM.

  4. I bought the BOM, the last time Lisa offered it. I am so ready! I also am loving the flag. So glad your doing the SAL!

  5. Offering compliments as you tackle this summer beauty! I'm partial to the more gold looking ground fabric. I'm sure whatever you select will be stunning!