Me & My Stitches

Me & My Stitches
Click on the picture to go to my website. These are 1' x 1 1/2" pendants.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

New, fun, pretty

I put these on my website this morning...cute little red scissors and a US flag fob.  We sell these (and quite a few other) scissors at shows, but I have a limited number of slots on my website, so I've never added them there.  We've sold tons of fobs lately and I thought it might be fun to offer them together.  I've listed them a little cheaper than if you bought them separately.

Lisa Bongean from Primitive Gatherings sent me some of her brand new Christmas Gatherings fabrics to play with.  These will be pendants soon.  I love the colors in this line - red, green and cheddar - they are so pretty!  And of course, I always like it when there are tiny little prints that I can put in the center.  Perfect!
 And speaking of Primitive Gatherings - look at this!  Not a great picture but you can see that this is the bottom border of Sunflower Gatherings - I'm so excited!  I have most of it stitched down now and then will add the other 3 borders - not a lot of stitching on those but it might take awhile to get the vine placed correctly.  Definitely getting closer to a finish on this one!

And look at how cute this is!
My customer, Pattiann, bought one of our cute little ruler boxes and turned it into an awesome pin cushion!  Look at those tiny hexies!  I really love this - thanks Pattiann for sharing it with me!

I had to snap a picture of this pretty sunset on our way home from my niece's soccer game last week.

You never know what you might see from my sewing room windows.  There are lots of deer in our area, but we usually see them on the other side of the pond.  The other day I looked out and they were chomping on cat nip (that might be interesting later) on CC's grave.  Then they started chewing on small trees so I yelled and they ran off.  I don't think hubby would appreciate them eating the fruit trees and the garden!
 We finally had some perfect spring days and I just had to sit on the deck for awhile.  Isn't that a pretty blue sky?
Have a great day!


  1. Your deer picture made me laugh. It looks like they are trying to imitate the Chick-fil-A cows by one standing on the other's back to see farther. Eat mor venison?

  2. Oh, love the pendants from Christmas Gatherings. When Lisa was in Utah last Fall I saw her strike-offs (is that what they are called?) for this line. Can't wait to play with some of it!
    I might need one of those pendants for my birthday.
    Great Progress on the Sunflower quilt. That is so exciting to be closing in on the final assembly.
    Sweet pincushion in the ruler box.
    Looks like you have been postcard shopping, too! *LOL*

  3. All fun shares, but the pin cushion is pure genius! I may have to do that. I had thought of making one the exact size to fit into one of my boxes, but I never thought to attach it to the box. Love it!