Me & My Stitches

Me & My Stitches
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Sunday, May 29, 2016

A little help from the fluffies

It was another busy week here, and some things just take longer when you have help!  I had to make some "Bags o' Bling" for an order that is headed to Australia.  When I make bling, there are a LOT of small pieces spread out on the table.  A LOT!  And guess who thought he needed to walk right through the middle of it?  I was afraid if I tried to move him it would make a bigger mess!  The good news is that the bling is finished and all of the beads and other paraphernalia is safely put away.  No harm came to Ozzie, the beads, or me in this process!

And then there's Callie.  As soon as I start winding bobbins and cleaning out the lint she comes running and has to help.  Even though she clearly thinks otherwise, her paw is not a good lint mitt.

 And in the evenings I have been stitching away on the bottom border for Sunflower Gatherings (block of the week from Primitive Gatherings 2 years ago...YES, TWO years ago).  Finished the stitching and now need to sew all of the borders on and get the rest of the wool steamed down.  I am definitely on the down hill side of this project and that is exciting!

 This is a project that I wish I wouldn't have started!  I just don't have time, but since I started it, I want to keep up with it.  It's a freebie from Buttermilk Basin.  I'm caught up, but not for long, I'm sure.  She hasn't posted any blocks for May (too busy with market, etc.) so not sure if there will be 2 next time.  The good news is that they don't have a lot of stitching.  This one took longer than most, just to go around the snowflake...
 And the "I" block - it will spell out "Let It Snow".  I tried blanket stitching around the stars but they are too small and it didn't look good.  I think this is better, and it was faster!

I've also been busy shipping out charms this week - Charming 4 is almost over already!  Just one more.  I wasn't going to offer this program again, but I've had quite a few requests, so maybe we will do it again.  More good news on the jewelry front - the new Iowa Quilt Museum has only been open a week and they already placed a 2nd order for jewelry!  Been busy working on that and need to finish it up today.  I'm sure my furry helpers will be up to the task!


  1. Your cats just crack me up!! And I think your stitchery is just beautiful! Wonderful job!

  2. Your assistants may not be helpful but they sure are adorable. Why do cats always believe they are more important than anything else that might be going on around them? They crack me up. Your blocks are so pretty, and well done. Makes me want to go sew something!

  3. Your furry friends seem to be just as much help to you and my Rocky is for me LOL!!! I can't imagine how busy your jewelry must keep you, but it is worth it for those of us who admire your work!

  4. Enjoyed seeing your helpers and beautiful work, especially the runner.

  5. I'm surprised you get anything done with all that "help"! : )
    Great progress on Sunflower Gathering. I love that quilt!
    I've been saving the BB patterns, but will save it for another year.
    Yours look really good--I will have to remember that idea for the stars.
    Congrats on the Iowa Quilt Museum orders. That has got to feel pretty nice!

  6. Fluff's are just the best help.....I couldn't do without