Me & My Stitches

Me & My Stitches
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Thursday, January 20, 2011


You know...many people are appalled when they look in my sewing room closet and see my stash.  But, I don't care - I LOVE IT!  And I make no apologies for any of it, there isn't one piece that I regret.  I figure...I worked a full time job for a long time, and if I can't buy things that I want, then what's the point?  Guess I have to be a little more careful now - unless you all buy lots of jewelry every single day - did I mention you can do that on my website -  Me & My Stitches.  LOL.  Today I thought I would give you a little peek into my stash, but you only get to see pinks and browns - and it's not all of the pinks and browns!  Ok, ok, so I do go overboard.  I can't help it - I love them all!!!!  Everything on my shelves are reproduction fabrics, mainly from the Civil War Era.  Aren't they yummy?  It makes me happy just to look at them.

Actually my whole sewing room makes me happy.  I love it in here, and spend the vast majority of my time here.  Below, you can see part of one wall. This is what I decided to do with some of my small quilts. Some of them are Little Jo's, one is a Lori Smith - I love her stuff. The big log cabin is from a pattern I bought at a great shop in Marion, IA - that was a really fun one - log cabins have always been one of my favorite patterns.

Below is a picture of  one corner of my sewing room.  The old pictures were from my Grandma and Grandpa Bischoff's house - they are so cool. The round one is a tin type and is my Great Grandmother (I think).  One of the others is of my Grandma and her 4 siblings when they were young.  The lamp came from my Mom and Dad's house - I really like it too - Mom was tired of it (lucky me!!)  Then there are some Jim Shore Santas that my husband has bought for me in the last few years.  There are a couple of old spools up there too that we bought at an auction - I know we bought at least 6 of them, but I sure don't know what happened to the rest.  The bookcase is an old lawyer barrister bookcase that also came from Grandma and Grandpa's house.  See why I like my sewing room?  It makes me happy!  I am just a happy camper today.  Love my surroundings!

Well, that is all for today - I have to get busy - have a few orders to work up, thanks to Tara from
Sew Unique Creations - Click on the link to read her blog (she always has neat pictures of her latest projects) and make sure to check out her new book - which will be in quilt shops soon (I can't wait!!).  Be sure to visit her website as well  Sew Unique Creations - she gets the best fabric lines and is doing some great new monthly programs.  Tara was kind enough to post my link on her blog yesterday and it got me some extra traffic - thanks to Tara and thanks to all of you who signed up to follow my blog and also visited my website and placed an order.  I will be posting some new pieces on the website today, so go visit   -   Me and My Stitches!

Have a great day!!


  1. It is amazing the response we all get for all of our fabrics....but I am with you..who cares....I love it and well...shoot me!!

  2. I love stash pictures! I enjoy my sewing room also - just wish it was about twice the size! LOL

  3. omg I love your browns and pinks and I agree, my fabric collection is ONE of my greatest joys!
    to be able to walk in here and make a quilt right away just makes me happy!!! I have been collecting for a long time.
    love all those little quilts! thanks for sharing
    congrats on all the orders, I love your jewelry