Me & My Stitches

Me & My Stitches
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Friday, April 6, 2012

Day Four of the Great Fart

And for those of you who don't know what that title means, you need to go read my older posts! 

On day 4, we really intended to head back towards home...but (didn't you just know that was coming?!) Lisa said, oh...just with that really big twist of my arm...we decided to stay! We were having such a great time that it was easy to just stay another day.  And, we were both fortunate that our husbands didn't mind (does that mean they were glad to get rid of us?) and our arrival back home was open-ended.  Kim and I had a few errands to run in the morning.  Just as we were trying to decide what to do for lunch, Lisa called and said she had a date - meet them at the China Star.  I was under the impression that she was almost there - so we said we'd get there as soon as we could (the GPS is a great thing, but it took us in a few circles - so you never REALLY knew when your arrival time might be!).  About ten minutes later we walked in, but no Lisa.  But...there were 2 familiar faces - Nancy and Jeanine - who waved us over to sit with them.  We had met them at the house on Tuesday.  They informed us that they were meeting Lisa for lunch. we know who her date was!  Lisa showed up shortly and we had a great Chinese buffet lunch, then headed back to the shop.  Why I felt the need to keep going back there is beyond me - I certainly did not need any fabric at this point in time!  But...Jessica had brought out the Rosemary's Garden sample on our first day there and I really liked it!  All wool applique, but the best part is the background is also wool - and they were offering it at a great price (it's also available as a BOM starting in May).  I had gone back and forth on it for the last 2 days, and finally decided that it needed to come home with me!

Again...not great pictures but you should expect that from me by now.  If you want to see better pictures go to Primitive Gatherings website (and order your kit or sign up for the BOM).   See all of those yummy wools and matching threads!  NICE!  Oh...and just a warning...don't ever say anything in the shop that you don't want Jessica to hear!  I asked someone if they saw a kit for Rosemary's Garden - and while we were looking, here came Jess (who was also on the phone) with the kit in her hand!  Somehow she had heard me ask about it, but I didn't even know she was anywhere nearby - actually last I knew she was downstairs.  Scary!  I told her I would never trash talk her! 

This is the kit that I talked about last time that Cindy put together for me...
I always love red/black/tan!

I also wanted to show you the rest of the pictures of the house - you will understand why we were not in a hurry to leave. These pictures are on the main floor of the house.

Love this quilt...
We all hung out in here and watched American Idol.
 Lots of space in here to sew...
 Part of the kitchen, and the door leading to the garage and laundry room
 More kitchen
 Love this lamp!
 Ironing area in the gathering room, and the door to the workshop
 Back in the Gathering room - see that black desing wall?  I love it, and bought black flannel as soon as I got home to make my current off-white design wall into black.  Much better!
 Lots of light and a nice view to the back yard.
 Below are pictures in the basement, which is where we stayed.  Lisa told us we were welcome to any of the rooms, or any beds - except hers.  So naturally...that's where I told her I wanted to sleep! 

So cozy!

So back to Day Four - we went back to the house and stitched in the afternoon. Lisa had invited some of the girls from the shop and the warehouse over to sew that evening.  But, we have our priorities...we had pizza for supper (I ate mushrooms....can you believe it?) and watched American Idol - then we went back to what I call the workshop, and got busy.  Lisa was working on a new design that I can not wait to see when it's finished...think NEUTRAL!  Amy pressed and trimmed a bazillion swap blocks.  Norma worked on some really cute little bunnies.  Kim made lots of hexies.  And I worked on my wool Summertime blocks.  It was after midnight before we knew it!  Norma went home, but the rest of us stayed in the basement. Have you had a slumber party lately?  Actually we were all so tired, we went down and a couple of us read for just a little bit and went to sleep.  Another super-fun and inspirational day!

And that was the end of day 4.  Have you noticed it is taking me an awfully long time to walk you through the entire trip!?  I will try to speed it up after this.

Oh...I am going to back up again.  The first day at Primitive Gatherings we met Lori Kabat who designs awesome patterns under the name of Lily Anna Stitches.  She creates some really wonderful patterns - so be sure to check them out.  I LOVE her wool lamp shade - and have added it to the long to-do list.  I can't wait to see what new things she cooks up this spring! 

Have a great weekend and a very Happy Easter!


  1. I think I would have called my husband to say I'm staying another week and send money! What fun, Julie!

  2. I want a sleepover there, too!!

  3. Sew much fun - I love a good slumber party ;-)

  4. What a wonderful place...I think it would have been very hard to leave! Glad you had such an amazing time!

  5. What cozy and inviting accommodations. Can't wait to see how your Rosemary's Garden Quilt turns out!

  6. I want to run away and hide out at a place like that, ok that place! What a great get away. Food, quilt shopping and quilting too, you have found heaven.

  7. OMG I sew want to come and stay there too - especially in the little bed cubbies. All the quilts on the beds are gorgeous and the workspace is great too. The sewing machine lamp is to die for!

  8. Loving the bunks in the basement.....I am not a quilter but, to stay there and sew....think I can become one!!

  9. That row of beds along the wall side is the cutest thing I have ever seen~and each with their own light too!! I agree that top quilt is gorgeous! What a great place to hang out~lovely!