Me & My Stitches

Me & My Stitches
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Friday, January 6, 2012

Quilty Stuff

I haven't posted much quilty stuff for awhile.  I was BUSY before Christmas, trying to get gifts done.  Here is what I accomplished...
You've seen this one before, but here it is finished - I added some borders, had it quilted and got the binding on.  This was a gift to my brother and his wife for Christmas.  It now lives in their house in Florida. 

Next on the list...
This one went to my husband for Christmas.  I had to really sneak around to get it finished!  Actually, even to get it started!  Since all I ever work on anymore is jewelry, I knew if he saw me making something big he would wonder what it was.  I took part of the pieces to Mason City when Mom and I went to stay with Aunt Nancy.  I didn't think I would work on it, but took it anyway...just in case.  As it turned out, I kicked myself for not taking all of the pieces with me.  Aunt Nancy pieced some of the blocks (because I was having issues!) and we all removed the paper (it's a paper-piecing pattern).  To finish it, I took it to church on Tuesdays and tried to work on it late in the evenings when I could hear snoring coming from the living room!  I begged my LQS to quilt it for me, then added the binding on the Tuesday before Christmas!  Whew!

Next up...
This one was for my grandson, Kaden.  It is all the Minkee-type, super-soft fabrics.  I have had this in my closet for over a year.  It really only took a couple of hours to make, but I struggled on what to do about quilting.  I decided to just sew down each one of the rows. That turned out to be a huge disaster and almost landed the whole thing in the trash!  This fabric is so slippery - I had used a ton of pins, but it still was all bunched up when I got to the end of the first row.  Have you ever tried to un-sew Minkee?  Pretty much next to impossible.  Not good.  Ends up it has no quilting!  I hope it is ok - I don't think Kaden will mind!  Luckily the static electricity kind of holds it all together.

This one has been done for awhile...
When my father-in-law passed away 2 years ago, DH, DD and I stopped at a quilt shop in Velva, ND.  DD saw this quilt and really liked it (she has a very large love for ALL animals!).  There was also another kit similar to this but with bears and different animals and more of a green color scheme. We ended up buying a kit of each, and matching backing fabrics. These quilts were to be for the kids as kind of a memorial to our time in ND and to their Grandpa.   I made this one right away, but my husband wanted me to add some kind of memorial-type label to the back.  The other kit promptly went in the closet where it stayed for two years!  I decided it was high time to get 'er done!  It is now at the quilter!  YAY!!  And here is the label that DH made for the backs of these quilts...

And last, but not least...
This is a 24" floor pillow for my niece, Emma.  Remember that she and Andrew were married in Florida in September.  I had thoughts of making this for a wedding gift (after the fact) but decided to just make it for them for Christmas. didn't quite get done in time for Christmas.  But, it's done now.  So, as soon as she sends me her new address, this will be in the mail.

Whew!  See...I really do make things once in awhile! more thing...have you seen these tree ornaments? 
(Sorry, I tried to copy and paste the picture - to no avail).  I found these online and am determined to make some for next year.  My blogging friend, Joan, is obviously on the same wavelength!  You can see hers here.  Seeing her post gave me the nudge that I needed to give these a try.  Here is my first attempt...
I can't finish it yet, because I ran out of pins!  But this gives you the idea.  I followed this YouTube video for instructions.

And while I have been busy with all of these projects, and still making lots of new jewelry...

This is what Callie has been up to....

 See her peeking around the corner?  She is laying on a little stool in the closet!  And CC has been very busy doing this...
After Callie rested up from laying on the stool, she decided to choose some fabrics for my next project...

And, I believe that Ozzie was napping the entire time!

Be sure to notice in all of my pictures that there is no trim around doors, windows, etc.  That is changing (FINALLY!!!) as I type this.  Pics of that upon completion!

Have a great day!


  1. All the gifts you made are lovely, but the memorial label really touches my heart! I saw the folded fabric made into cards, if I remember correctly. Fun!

  2. Wow, you were a busy girl for gifting this past year!! You made some beautiful things--I would have been happy with any of them (except maybe the wedding pillow, since I don't know those lovely, happy people).
    So good of the cats to help you. How could you manage without them?
    Too funny about the door and window trim--I didn't even notice, and that is quite possibly because I have so many like that in my home (and I won't say how long we have lived here)!

  3. I agree with Janet that you have been quite busy! Loved the cat pictures. I recently bought a 20 gallon crock - not sure that my trio could get in or out of the crock but that would be quite the sight if they did. Happy New Year!!

  4. Love what you've made this year, thanks for sharing with us. The Christmas ornament was my 4-H demonstration in 1980, I advanced to the next level with it. They were fun to make, I did a flat piece and placed it on a woven mat. Ozzie is too funny - I am partial to orange babies! ~Ann

  5. Good Grief, I have this picture in my mind of you whirling around like a tornado finishing all these wonderful projects, Julie! Are you sure the kittys didn't help just a bit (wink)! Too funny about sneaking around your hubby to finish his quilt! I have no idea where you found the time to do all this, but everything is wonderful!

  6. You got so much accomplished for gifts!! You go girl!!