Me & My Stitches

Me & My Stitches
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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Another Fun Day

On Tuesday I had lunch with a good friend, then took a short road trip (gas prices are too high to go far!) to one of my local quilt shops, CR Quilts.  I had a couple of gift certificates from Christmas that were burning a hole in my pocket, and I wanted to be sure she had plenty of my jewelry on her display!  I actually remembered to take my camera and snap a few pictures to share with you...
Cute little Tumbler block baby quilt and 30's prints

Bigger Tumbler quilt with Civil War repros

She has a lot of yummy flannels

a few more flannels - love these purples and greens

A nice little gifty corner

As you can see...there is something for everyone.  I didn't even take a picture of my favorites - the Civil War repros.  Here are a few of my purchases for the day:
 Do you recognize the Tumbler kit from the pictures above?  I thought it would make such a cute baby quilt and love that she has kitted this with the pieces already cut.  How easy is that!  I also decided that I needed this Lil' Twister ruler.  Aunt Nancy and I had so much fun with the tiny ones, I thought it might be fun to have one that is a little larger too.
 Here are my fabric purchases for the day - nothing too much - the shirtings and the green are all for jewelry. The blue/gray I just liked!  It now lives with my Patriotic fabrics.

After the quilt shop I stopped at Adela's which is a nice gift shop.  I had never been there before - so many treasures!  I bought a few really unique gifts - but can't show you those just yet!  I also learned that there is a yarn shop in town. You would think I would know this, but I don't get out much... It took me a bit to find it, because it is called At Home Store and the front of the shop is all kitchen items.  I walked by it twice, then decided to go in and check out the kitchen stuff. Lo and behold - the yarn shop is in the back of the store!  They have a lot of really nice yarn and I love their baskets.  Since my knitting skills are still in "not yet beginner" stage - there was no need for me to buy yarn (but I sure spent some time fondling it) - I couldn't resist bringing this home with me...
I just love these baskets.  I have two big ones, but this little one was just calling my name, begging me to give it a new home!  Ignore the fabric coming out of the drawers below the basket - all of my "scraps" for my jewelry are in these drawers - it's amazing the drawers are closed (almost closed!) - usually they are all hanging open!

That is all the purchases for the day.  Even though the weather was cold and rainy it was a fun little road trip/shopping expedition!

Have a great day!


  1. What a fun day! Everything in the shop looks so yummy! I love that Lil Twister block so much that I bought two without realizing it! Oh and the basket is gorgeous!

  2. I have heard of this quilt shop but have never been there. Looks like a fun stop and how nice that you had a gift certificate to use! Thanks for the shop tour!