Me & My Stitches

Me & My Stitches
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Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Happy Halloween - from Punky & Daisy!

You know I love it when my customers share pictures of projects they make using my patterns.  Well, look at this little cutie - just in time for Halloween!

Maryann M. sent me this picture of Poor Lil' Punky - isn't he cute?!  I love all of her fabrics, but really wish I had some of that piece that's in between his eyes.  Fun!

We had a little pumpkin carving party last weekend - you can see that some of us (not really us, I didn't make one because I can't be trusted with sharp objects!) put in a little more effort than others!

 Hubby carved the flag - I really like it...

It was a fun night!

And...we have a new member of our fur family!  A couple of weeks ago, my husband came home and said he thought he saw a kitten outside under the truck.  He went back out to look and said he couldn't find anything.  The next day he was busy making a bazillion ruler boxes in the shop, and kept hearing a meow.  He spotted the kitten, but couldn't get close to her.  He tried coaxing her with food - which is almost impossible with 2 dogs and numerous outside kitties!  It was cold and rainy, and I was feeling really bad for the kitten - but we couldn't get close to her.  I decided to leave the overhead garage door open a little bit, with some food in the garage, so maybe she would at least get out of the rain and have a bite to eat.  I made up a little bed too, just in case!  I checked first thing the next morning, and someone had definitely been eating the food, but not using the bed - but no kitten in sight.  I checked a little bit later and saw her run under the van!  I quickly shut the door...CAPTURED!  She was scared, and hiding, but I was persistent and eventually coaxed her out.  As soon as she crept out, she started purring and rubbing on me!  Poor little thing was cold, wet and scared! We fed her and decided to give her a bath.  At this point, I'm not sure what we really thought we were going to do with her, but hubby put a little litter box in the garage and I named her Daisy!  So back to bath time.  She was fighting it at first, but then calmed down.  DH turned her over (belly up) and held her under the water to rinse her and we discovered she was covered in fleas.  DISGUSTING!  The water must have felt good to her, because she just kind of went limp and let him hold her belly under the running water - trying to wash out as many fleas as possible.  We got her all dried off and back to the garage ASAP - didn't want to share those nasty little things with Ozzie and Callie.  The next day hubby went to the vet and got some flea/ear mite/wormer medicine for her.  Within 2 days all fleas were dead (thank the good Lord!).  We decided to give her a couple more days, then we would give her another bath.  So on Friday (less than a week after we found her), she got her second bath and she's been in the house ever since!  Not sure why - we really didn't have much discussion about it - it just seemed like it was meant to be!  So here are some of the pictures I have taken (there are a million more, but I'll save some for later - lol)

Here she is when she was still a garage kitty!

 You can see that she quickly turned into a sewing room kitty! (See her cute ear fluff?)
 She likes sleeping here - it's so nice and toasty!

 Interesting place to sit!

 Nothing like getting into your food...literally!

Seriously....look how cute!

Awwww...she often sleeps with her tongue out!

 Ozzie and Callie hated her when she first came in.  They both growled and hissed at her constantly.  After a day or two, we could tell that Callie really wanted to play with her, but didn't make a move just yet.  But, she loves to swish her tail at Daisy - very nonchalant, like she's not really playing with THAT KITTEN.  I have pictures of CC doing this with Callie when she was a kitten!
 Definitely progress!
Ozzie still growls at her, and doesn't play with her, but he is tolerating her a little better - as in - he doesn't growl as loud or as often!

Gotta go - Daisy is here, trying to walk on the keyboard - maybe she has ideas for her own blog post?



  1. OMG - what a fuzzy wuzzy cutie!! She was destined to be inside with you and the other furkids. Congrats on the new family member!

  2. That is a cute Poor Li'l Punky, and an even cuter kitten. What a sweet little face. I am glad she found a good home, and that her furry siblings are beginning to tolerate her.
    Hey, nice pumpkin carvings, too.

  3. She is an adorable little kitten.
    Lil punkin is cute too.

  4. So sweet! Yep...looks like Daisy wandered into the perfect yard! It's funny how some things just kind of "happen"! Happiness! :-)

  5. Daisy is the cutest little thing!!!! She reminds me so much of our Gypsy when she was a kitten. Isn't it sweet when they take to the sewing room so quickly? My Rocky loves to sit on top of my machine when I'm sewing - maybe the vibration? He loves to flick his tail back and forth near the needle, which makes me nervous of course.

  6. OMG !! What a darling kitty--ear fluff and all
    A "12" pumpkin ??? Are you a Seahawk fan at heart??

  7. Bless your heart for taking her in. She knows she found the perfect home.