Me & My Stitches

Me & My Stitches
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Thursday, October 27, 2016

Final show of the year and a kitty update!

For some reason, I thought that I already posted the information for this show, but I have way too much social media stuff going on, so it must have been somewhere else that I listed the details!

This weekend is our last show for the year, and it is in Iowa - not quite as far from home as most of the shows that we do.  Here are the details...

Saturday, October 29 - from 9 to 5
Sunday, October 30 from 10-4

The show is at the Webster County Fairgrounds, in Ft. Dodge, IA.

Hope to see some of you there!!  I'm trying to get everything packed up and ready to load into the van.  I keep feeling like I'm forgetting something - I have a list, but still feel like something is missing!

I've been busy making lots of pumpkins, and have even run out of the little silver pumpkin charms.  I've got a list of people who want them, so hopefully the charms will get here soon and you will still have plenty of time to wear them this fall.(sorry, but you have to turn your head for the first picture)

And while I had out my beads and charms, I made lots more blingy pendants!

 (Another head turning picture!)

And of course, I had plenty of help from Ozzie and Callie...

And a quick update on Mr. Grubby kitty...remember him?
I wish I would have taken better pictures of him when he first showed up, so you could see just how grubby he was.  He had no fur all down his back.  Well, there is good news and bad news.  First the bad (gross) news.  When you have a kitten that has a horrible ringworm infection, all of your other animals get it too!  UGH!!!!  Bailey (the bad little brown doggy (haha)hat we rescued a year and a half ago) had it the worst, by far, because she clearly could not keep her mouth off of Grubbers.  It became apparent a few days after we started Grubby on medicine.  It was not pretty.  Boomer just had one spot on his hip (because he's a good dog, and keeps his mouth off of the kitties!).  So, I got meds for them too.  And we bleached everything twice!  They have access to a workshop via a pet door, and that is where they all eat and sleep (not Ozzie and Callie - they are inside).  So we burned a bunch of rugs and blankets and bleached everything else.  Mopped the cement floor with bleach on 2 different occasions.  UGH!!!!  All because we have a big ol' soft spot for animals!  Now that you get the picture on how much fun that has been...there is GOOD news!  Grubby is doing great!  His skin looks sooooo much better, and his fur is starting to grow back. Oh, and he's PLAYING!  At first he wouldn't play - we would dangle a string in front of him and he just sat there.  So that is all great news!  I need to take him back to the vet next week, I think, and I hope to have them get his ears cleaned out - they were just gross, and I can only do so much with them. 

Now back to packing!  I hope to see you at the show this weekend!!


  1. Good luck at the show. Your jewelry is beautiful. I love the little charms you add to the pendents. Sorry about all the work you have with the ringworm. Glad the little Grubby is doing better though.

  2. Love the pretty pieces, and the cute kitties☺ Sorry about the challenges♥

  3. Love your fall line!
    A very sweet rescue kitty.

  4. Oh how adorable, Julie! Grubby is precious. I hope all the little ringworms are gone and everyone is healthy. I love seeing Ozzie and Callie, too. You certainly have lots of "helpers" in the sewing room!