Me & My Stitches

Me & My Stitches
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Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Bees,cute kitties and is this election over yet!?

We are finished vending for the year, and now it is time to re-group and catch up.  Going through things this morning, I realized that I am really low on jewelry!  I will be adding a bunch of new stuff to my website today, then it's time to start building inventory for our next show, which is in Dallas in March.

These will be the last blingy bees for this year...
I still love the little bee charms and also the amber and gold beads.  I've been building up a nice bead stash and was able to stop at a great little bead shop in the Des Moines area, on the way to the Ft. Dodge, IA show.  So now I have a big fat fabric stash, and a little dainty bead stash - lol!

I rarely talk about politics, because I am so sick of it all, and think they are all a bunch of crooks and liars.  I can not wait for today to be over with.  I voted a few weeks ago, but I have to say that I think our choices are horrible and I just don't understand how we got ourselves into this mess.  What are the next 4 years going to be like?  For those of you in other countries, what are your thoughts of our election season this year?  It's an embarrassment, as far as I'm concerned. I truly can not stand either one of them!

And talk about depressing (wow - this post has gone grouchy in a hurry!) - I had to attend 2 funerals last week.  On Tuesday, it was for a friend of mine from high school who died from injuries sustained in a motorcycle accident.  It was horrible. She was just 52 years old. And the very next morning, another friend from my class in school had a massive heart attack and passed away.  I had just talked to him the day before at the other funeral.  He was 50 (don't know how my friends from HS are so old, since we all know that I'm 29).  Both such a shock, a huge loss, and just a tragedy.  A week like that truly makes you see things differently and appreciate life a little more.

Ok, this is a new week, all this election garbage on TV is almost over (then the real mess begins) and my little Grubby kitty is doing SOOOOO good!  You can't really tell from the pictures, but he looks a million times better than he did when he showed up in our yard a month ago.  I wish I would have taken good pictures of him when he first came here - he had no hair at all on his back and now it's growing in all silky and soft.  I think he's bow legged from holding up his huge belly!  Look at that face!  
 Trying to show you his FUR!  Little cutie!

 And I had to show you that Ozzie is still quite helpful!

Callie always thinks she needs to be in this cupboard if the door is open!  I love her cute little white paws.  I call her Bootsie just as much as I call her Callie!

Back to work - I'm going to add new jewelry to my website right now, so make sure to go check it out!  It's time to start Christmas shopping!!


  1. Maybe if the candidates would learn to quilt??? Great post. Little Grubbie needs to be an inside kittie:)

  2. LOVE the blingy bees!
    I am going to be watching returns all night. I may be leaving the country!
    Very fun to see the kitties' antics. : )

  3. We got here because of the 2008 and 2012 election!
    The results of this election will tell me what kind of country the USA really wants to be.
    If they do not want to right ship I am glad I am on the down hill slide as this is not the America I grew up in!