Me & My Stitches

Me & My Stitches
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Friday, August 5, 2016

Bow ties, bees, and kitties!

Do you follow Bonnie Hunter's blog?  She is such a busy lady - travels all over the world teaching, offers lots of free patterns, a mystery quilt that is always awesome each year, and on and on.  She also puts a leader/ender challenge out to everyone each summer.  Three years ago the block was bow ties.  I have never been a big fan of bow tie blocks, but for some reason it seemed like a good idea!  Honestly, I don't work on these very often (obviously, or this would have been done 2 or 3 years ago!) and I don't have much opportunity to use leaders and enders, because I'm usually working on jewelry and it just doesn't work for that.  I decided to start laying out some of the blocks to see what colors I still need.  I have no idea what size this is going to be, but I have almost 900 three inch blocks made so far.  That sounds like a lot, but what you see here is 144 blocks!
You will have to turn your head for this one, it doesn't seem to want to cooperate.  I've made tons of kitty pendants lately - these went with me to Kansas last week, and not very many came home, so I'm back to making kitties again.

 I drug out all of my bling making stuff - really wish I had a space where I could leave this out - why didn't we make my sewing room bigger!?  Usually the cats think they have to lay in the middle of all of this, but they left it alone this time!

 I've sold tons of bees too - these are all sold, and more are in the works.  I posted them on Instagram asking if anyone had any of the gold or black honeycomb fabric, and a few awesome people came through for me - quilters are just the best! I have a couple different people sending me some of the gold, and I think I know where I can order some of the black.  I heard that Moda is going to re-print this line (Bee Creative by Deb Strain), so hopefully I will be able to get some more of it in the future.  I want to make a cute bee wall hanging out of this fabric - that is what I originally bought it for, but then bee necklaces took over!

I'm going to have a new, fun item to show you soon (if you were in my Charming club, you got to see it early!) - will post a picture as soon as they get here.

Have a great weekend!


  1. I'm impressed that you have 900 bow tie blocks!
    That is great that your kitty pendants are so popular. They are awfully cute.
    Nicew of the kitties to take a day off from "helping" you. : )
    You have perfect little blingy things for your bee pendants. I know lots of people are into bee stuff--I can see how these would be very popular.

  2. The bees and kitty pendants are so cute! The kitty with the pink background and whiskers stole my heart. And, yes, my cats think they need to help too.

  3. I just finished my bowties quilt top from the leader/ender too. It's small and I wasn't feelin' the love. You have some cute little blocks!

  4. cute bow tie block and more sweet kittie necklaces.

  5. Try Orange Quilt Bee in Orange, CA. They love bees!!