Me & My Stitches

Me & My Stitches
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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Scissor Hives

If you've been reading my blog for awhile, you probably know that my husband is a beekeeper.  This will be his 3rd year already - boy, time sure flies.  He enjoys doing it, and I like the harvest!  Having our own honey is really awesome.  I didn't realize how different every honey tastes, and now I can tell you that I am very partial to ours!  I also love having the wax.  We sell these in our booth when we vend - aren't they cute?  These are new - a friend made these molds for us.

 We have these too.  The little rosettes aren't as cute, but they really do work well to have in your sewing kit.  I have one next to my stitching chair and use it when I'm hand quilting.
Clearly I'm not alone in my bee love, because Moda and Deb Strain created the cutest line of bee fabric that works perfect for pendants.  And notice the tiny little bee charms - I love them!  I've made loads of different bee pendants with this fabric
 And some more with a little less bling...

I already shared this bee block, but since I'm posting about bees, I thought it should be included!  Still no plan as to what I'm going to do with it = I really want to make a few more, and thanks to a couple of great online friends, I was able to get more fabric!

We have a brand new product that I'm super excited about...take a look at how cute these are...
We have named them Scissor Hives (thanks Nancy) and I am in love with them!  The "hive" is a vintage spindle and is 3" tall.  The scissors are a little less than that, and they are nice and sharp.  Another necessary thing to keep by your stitching chair!  These also make the perfect gift for any friend who quilts or stitches.  We have them on our website and will be taking them to shows this fall.

Speaking of the change of seasons, I've been making lots of pumpkin pendants.  These are 1 14" and have a little bit of bling added.

I finally finished this Welcome wall hanging - I bought it as a kit at The Woolen Needle a couple of years ago (again..where does time go??).  I've had most of it done, just needed to put it all together and I finally did it last week!  You can see that Callie is helping hold it down (wouldn't want it to get away).

Now I better get busy (as a bee) because I don't want the day to get away from me!

Have a great day!


  1. Great "bee" stuff, Julie. The wax bees are adorable.
    I need to pull out my wax and put it by my chair when I actually work on my hexies, like I did during the Olympics last night.
    The bee pendants are so cute--and so are the pumpkins, with their little jack-o-lantern charms. : )
    Love the scissor hive.
    The wall hanging stole my heart. So beautiful!!

  2. I love this post, so many great pieces. The bee wax is just too, too special. I have a 'thing' for scissor related treasures too. Cute pumpkins too.

  3. Oh, those waxes are wonderful! Who doesn't love honey bees? I still have my grandmother's sewing wax. I don't use that one of course, but I love it just the same. There was an old wive's tale (at least in Maine) that you could not give someone beeswax. They had to give you a penny or you would have bad luck. I never believed it but paid my money none the less!