Me & My Stitches

Me & My Stitches
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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

And the winner is....

The winner of the Starburst pattern is....

Heather - who said..."I'm a follower and I really love Bonnie Hunter's patterns.  It's tough to pick just one,, but if I had to, I'd say well, I don't know what I'd say!?!"

So...Heather - just as soon as you e-mail me a note with your address, I will get that pattern in the mail to you!

In other news...I recently took a little trip to Florida!  My brother has a second home in Ft. Myers and his oldest daughter, Emma, lives nearby.  My brother and his family go there several times a year, but my dad has never made the trip.  So this time the two of them drove down.  I flew in a week later, then Dad flew home, and I rode home with Johnny.  We didn't do too much in the way of sight seeing - which is fine with me.  I did some of this...
Ahhh...stitching by the pool!

I love his pool - he hates it! Too much maintenance.  That is the bad thing about having a house there - so many things to do when you do go visit.  He had to tear a couple of trees out of the front yard.  And it's a little different than living on a farm n Iowa where you just cut down the tree and burn it.  In Florida, you have to bundle everything up in nice, neat little bundles and leave it on the curb for pick up.  So, we got that all taken care of while we were there.  Next post, I will share some of the fun things that we did!

Have an awesome holiday weekend!


  1. Oh, love the little stitchery--is that Lisa's Bud Garden, or is Little Buds on a dark background?
    Looks like it was a tough trip lying by the pool stitching. Hope you can get some rest now!! : )

  2. Congratulations to the winner! I'm SO envious you went to Florida! I love Ft. Myers area. I think I'd spend a good deal of time eating at all the great restaurants and sitting by that gorgeous pool!