Me & My Stitches

Me & My Stitches
Click on the picture to go to my website. These are 1' x 1 1/2" pendants.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Final Finish!

Quite awhile ago, I started showing my pieced tops as finishes - a kind of first-stage finish!  I decided that if I didn't show you then, you might never see them.  BUT...I actually have two more finishes...FINAL FINISHES!  Bindings done and everything!

The first one is Gathering Baskets, by the Woolen Needle, in Williamsburg, IA.

 The second is Dancing With the Stars by Planted Seed Designs.  I bought this pattern and kit at Country Sampler, in Spring Green, WI last year.
I'm excited to have them both finished!  They were machine quilted by Kym Ward of Reds Threads.  I wish you could see the quilting - she did an amazing job!

Speaking of amazing...check out my new owl!  I just love him!  He is made from driftwood, and I think Callie approves!  This is a creation of Laura Benge, of Whimsy Creations.  She makes a lot of really awesome stuff, which I get to see in person next Saturday at the Des Moines Farmer's Market - really looking forward to that.

Here are a few new pieces of jewelry that we finished awhile back.  Sorry about that big ol' glare.  Maybe someday I will learn how to take better pictures, but don't bet on it!

I've talked about Kim from Kimmykats blog before, but you've got to go see what she has done now.  Last fall when we got together and went to Junk Jubilee (also in Des Moines) she bought a couple of my pendants.  I knew that her plan was to add her own touch to at least one of them, and now she has done it.  I LOVE IT!  She is so talented.  I'm hoping she will teach me a few of her tricks (she could teach me a thing or two about photography too!).

And last, but not least, this is how Ozzie spends his days...
He has such a rough life!

Have a great Labor Day and a wonderful week!


  1. Great finishes. You must have been busy this summer. I really love the second one - reds are my thing. And I love what your friend did with your jewelry although I love your jewelry by itself also.

  2. Lovely finishes Julie! I especially love the color play in Gathering Baskets :*) As usual, your jewelry just amazes - every time!!! It looks like Ozzie actually passed out from amazement at what Kim did with your pendant =^..^=

  3. The basket quilt strikes my fancy. I will be visiting the shop it came from some time in October. Will be my fourth visit.

  4. Wonderful quilt finishes, Julie!! Congrats! I especially like the basket quilt, but the stars are pretty, too.
    Love the owl--how fun!
    And what a beautiful use of your heart pendant.
    That Ozzie knows how to live. : )

  5. congrats on the two finishes! they are both great. I really like the star border on the second one.
    Your jewelry looks beautiful and the owl is so fun!!!
    Ozzie has the life!

  6. Awesome finishes! I think Ozzie has the right idea.

  7. Congrats on some final finishes! Love them both.
    What a great necklace on your heart pendant. So stylish.
    Ozzie has a great life. Oh...Love your owl too :-)

  8. That's a lot of blanket stitching on Gathering Baskets... it's gorgeous! Love the softness of the red, gray, and off white in DWTS... Country Sampler's kits are so well thought out when it comes to fabrics! And you say you never get anything done... Ozzie is awfully comfortable looking!

  9. Your basket quilt is so lovely - the sparks of color really pop against the black background! Kimmy took your wonderful pendant and definitely added her own take to it - awesome!

  10. Your two finishes are lovely! It feels great to have completions!!

  11. Well I am totally impressed, Julie! Both are just gorgeous - and the same goes for Ozzie....well, maybe handsome is a better word (wink). What a life he does lead! Your friend did a marvelous job of with your pendant! Do I see a future collaborations coming?

  12. Such beautiful finishes!!!! Give Ozzie some belly rubs for me...he must like the cool wood floors. I know mine do.

  13. Awesome finishes! Ozzie has the life of riley!! ;) Lucky cat he is!!