Me & My Stitches

Me & My Stitches
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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Charming 2

We have had tons of people ask about a second year of "Charming" - our charm bracelet program that started last year.  So, here it is - you can sign up now - remember, there are limited spaces in the program (because we can only make so many without going bonkers!) - so if you are interested, don't delay!

We are pleased to introduce….
“Charming 2”

A fun program featuring tiny, paper pieced charms.

(This is a sample only – actual charms in the program will vary)

The Program: This is a 12 month program - you will receive charms bi-monthly, with a total of 6 charms.  To start the program, you will purchase the bracelet and the first charm.  Every other month you will receive a new charm to add to your bracelet.  For those people who participated in the first Charming program, these charms will be all new, so you can sign up for a second year and add to your charm bracelet!

The Details:  These cute little charms are just ¾” in size.  Bracelet length is the standard 7 ¼” - we can make it longer, upon request.

The Rules:  The program will start in October, 2013.  Charms will be mailed out the first week of October and bi-monthly after that.  Again, this is a 12 month commitment – please sign up only if you intend to stay in for the entire program.

The Price:  The cost of the bracelet is $10.00 and the charms are only $16.50 each! For every new charm I will send an electronic invoice payable via credit card or PayPal. 

Added Fun:  As a fun bonus, you will also receive a matching 6” paper piecing pattern with each new charm so you can make a small quilt that matches your bracelet.

Sign Me Up!: Don’t delay - there are limited spaces available, so sign up now to be included in this fun program.  Charming 2 will be offered on my website for a limited time only – to sign up go to: and purchase Charming 2 under the “Go Shopping” tab.  


  1. This is a very tempting program, Julie, but I'll have to wait. I want to see how retirement (not that far away) will affect the checking account. Lucky ladies who sign up. I'm envious. Your bracelets and charms are wonderful!! and congrat's on having such a popular program.

  2. I have loved receiving the charms every other month. So cute, and beautifully made!

  3. I'm really excited to sign up at primitive gatherings today. I just discovered your blog after I signed up and I'm drooling over some past charms you have made! Is the American flag or pumpkin still available?