Me & My Stitches

Me & My Stitches
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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Quilts and gardens

I thought I would show you a few pictures of our garden - my husband is in charge of that.  His mom always had a huge garden, and she's always been proud of how much he helped her with it.  He enjoys it, but usually plants WAAAAAYYYYY more than what I want.  A few years ago I told him that I wanted 2 or 3 tomato plants...he planted TWENTY FOUR!  Are you kidding me?  I just don't want to deal with that!  He wants to can and freeze, etc. and I just want to enjoy the harvest as it comes! Hopefully this year there has been a little better meeting of the minds.  He planted 9 tomato plants (much better than 24!).  I asked for one row of green beans, and got two.  There are a few peas, cucumbers, cantaloupe, watermelon, sweet corn, and a lot of green peppers. He also planted a row of sunflowers for me because I love them!  They remind me of our visits to his family farm in North Dakota.  I am so amazed at the beauty of the sunflower fields in bloom. So now it just needs to grow, I am ready for fresh green beans.  We had almost 2 inches of much-needed rain this weekend and you sure could tell that the garden liked it - everything has grown a lot just in the last few days.  

After the rain our yard looks a lot better too...much greener than when the pictures were taken.

And on the quilting are the latest Non Farmer's Wife blocks (more due out tomorrow!)
 I really like this one...

I had a very weak moment awhile back and signed up for the Summer Block of the Week program with Primitive Gatherings.  Lisa had posted the first block, and of course, I loved it, so I signed up.  When I was talking to her at Market, I told her that I shouldn't have signed up - I have no time and already too many projects.  She said, well let me help you feel better...and she showed me more of the blocks - she was working on them as time permitted while they were there.  They were awesome - so I really don't regret it, but I just know that I won't be able to keep up.  I did get the first 2 blocks prepped and ready to stitch and I've now got part of the first one hand stitched.

Aren't they awesome?  I do love everything about them - Lisa is just so talented and has an amazing eye for color.  The background is black flannel and of course the applique is wool.  

That is what is going on here.  Hope everyone is having a great summer.  Now I better get back to my jewelry orders.

Have a great day!


  1. Your garden is lovely! We also plant way more than the two of us need, but as DH doesn't like canned tomatoes (neither do I), we have never planted more than 4 plants. I finally got him to pare the 12 rows or corn down to 6 this year. We still do lots of carrots, onions, peppers and a few cukes, squash melons and pumpkins. My favorites are the strawberry and raspberry patches.
    I really love the little pinwheel block, too. Very nice in your colors.
    That PG BOW would have tempted me if I did applique. I love those blocks. How about if I send you my address? : )

  2. Yeah for the rain!! We didn't get as much as you but did receive about an inch. I am on the Dad Plan Garden....he plants...I walk up the hill and pick....I do have a grape tomato planted amongst my flowers! Love the blocks....I too need to get busy with jewelry....heading to Peeps this weekend!

  3. (Got it to work - must be holding my mouth wrong)

    Right there with you on the garden thingy. I told Dear hubby that if we had the money that he spent on plants, soil additives, tools, etc each year, we could buy a LOT of vegetables at the farmers market!!

    Do love Lisa's projects but it would be kind of silly to buy her wool when I could just go dye it myself!!

  4. Wow! Your garden is so spacious and tidy! I could take a few lessons from that! I can't imagine how many tomatoes you must have had that one year with 24 plants! All of your blocks are wonderful, though I am partial to the wool ones. So pretty!

  5. You are so lucky to have room for a garden. All I have is one lonely pepper plant and some basil. I can't imagine having 24 tomato plants. They must have been coming out of your ears!!

    Your Non-FW blocks look great and I wish - oh how I wish - I hadn't seen the wool quilt. I'm going to close my eyes and go away. Maybe I'll forget about it! LOL

  6. WOW! Your garden is amazing! Your Non Farmer's Wife blocks are looking great! Your wool blocks are just beautiful!

  7. Your garden and blocks are all looking good. I am so jealous of your garden...fresh green beans...yum. And those wool blocks are just lovely!

  8. Love those wool blocks. Sadly, I want to do everything--especially of Lisa's!

  9. Wow! Your hubby is a very talented gardener, Julie! Maybe he can set up a road side stand with all the extra produce *wink*. Your NFW blocks are really coming along - and I am totally taken with the wool BOM! I can see how easy it was to say yes to this one!

  10. Garden looks amazing!!!!! Oh, I had a moment of weakness myself...LOL...only I am doing the summer pieced bow!!! I loved both, but decided I wanted to try something different. The freebie is what sold me!!! I love them!!