Me & My Stitches

Me & My Stitches
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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Farmer's Wife, Valentine's Day and Quilts!

This week was the second installment of Randy's Farmer's Wife Sow-A-Long.  I'm really going to try to keep up on this (remind me of that in a few months!).  Sticking with my red/black/tan theme...

The red is from The Cotton Club line, the black is a Bonnie Blue and the background is what I'm using for the whole quilt - it's one of the darker of the Primitive Muslins - not nearly as light as it looks here. 

On Valentine's Day I posted about my birthday, so I thought I would show you what was delivered to my door on Tuesday afternoon...
Hmmm...interesting...wonder what could be inside??

Looks like it's going to be interesting!

Chocolate covered strawberries - YUM!  You'll notice that one is already missing - that didn't take long.  What a creative surprise! 

I have been doing some other quilty things as well.  I made a quick and easy sample for my LQS...
She chose the pattern "Charm Thursday" - a free Moda pattern.  The fabrics are mostly from the "Late Bloomers" line by Sandy Gervais.

I also finished this...

I posted about these last month...this is the second one (you know...the one that sat in the closet for 2 years!) .  My friend, Carla, machine quilted this and did a really great job.  She stitched around the animals - I wish you could see it on this picture - it really looks great.

That's all for today - hope you have a great weekend!!


  1. Julie, your blocks look so crips and sharp in those colors. Very classy!
    Yum! I got DH chocolate strawberries for Valentines and he shared. : ) That was the idea. Hee Hee.
    What a cute sample quilt you made. I love that Sandy G. line. Bought a bunch of it, but don't know yet what for.
    Nice job on the "memorial" quilt.

  2. You sure get a lot done. I think you need to come to my house and whip me into shape. I love your FW blocks - red and black are favorite colors of mine!

  3. Your blocks are just gorgeous, Julie! This will be a showcase quilt for sure! Oh do those strawberries ever look scrumptious - got any left (wink)?? You've sure been a busy gal - love your finishes!

  4. Love your Farmers Wife blocks in those colors. It's going to be a graphic and lovely quilt!
    Oh my goodness the berries are beautiful. I bet they taste wonderful as well.
    Love your big quilts too.

  5. Howdy! I wanted to tell how much I really enjoy reading your blog. You are sew very talented and I am honoring you with the Versatile Blogger award!

  6. Love the red/black/tan! AND I am so going to show those strawberries to my "I don't know what to get you" husband.

  7. This is Charlotte again. Just wanted to let you know that I decided to try again piecing the small courthouse blocks so I could assemble 9 blocks together and frame them. I have 4 completed (just doing one a day) and I have learned a few tricks so I am not frustrated. Even find it fun.

  8. Uh oh....My bad....I missed it. So very sorry - hope you'll forgive me and accept my belated wishes. Those chocolate strawberries look yummy. Not supposing there are any left? Ahhh - never mind....they probably wouldn't taste so good anymore. ;o) You've been all kinds of busy - your new quilt finishes are wonderful. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that Farmer's Wyfe quilt you're doing! Awesome colors! But need I remind you that "quick and easy" don't always fit with "quilt" in some folks' vocabularies?? ;o) Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin