Me & My Stitches

Me & My Stitches
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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Yard Sale Saturday!

If you read Bonnie Hunter's blog, you saw her post last week about Yard Sale Saturday.  I think it's a great idea, and wanted to get in on the fun.  I hope some of you will do the same.  I'm going to copy the very few guidelines that Bonnie layed out:

There will be some ground rules…These items need to be QUILT RELATED. Patterns, Books, Fabric, Notions, Partial UFOs…whatever you want. This is for gently used –white elephant type items, not new-sell-at-retail-stuff or new crafts you have made to sell for Christmas. Understood? Think YARD SALE. When your item has sold, mark it sold on your blog page so people know.
You must link your post back to THIS POST, not the whole blog --- The url to use is
You write the post on your blog, you come back here and link it up. It is up to you to decide how you are going to interact with your buyers. I’m going to use paypal, and the selling price does not include the shipping. The shipping price will be figured depending on where the person lives, and the shipping price will be added to the purchase price.

 Simple enough? I am also going to use PayPal.  If you want to buy any items that I post, the first person to e-mail me (at this e-mail address: will be the buyer.  I will send you an invoice via PayPal that can be paid by credit card or PayPal.  As Bonnie stated - there will be an additional charge for shipping when noted - sometimes I will include it in the total price, as you can see below.

This first week, I have found a couple of patterns that I know I will never use.  The first one is called "Hens on Heels" by Carol Bruce of Needlesongs.  Some friends and I bought this pattern with the intention of making it for another mutual friend, but it didn't ever happen!  I still remember the shop sample - and it really was very cute and very funny!  The price on the pattern is $11.00, but I am asking $8.00 which INCLUDES shipping (sorry...USA only).

The second pattern is "3-6-9-Quilt" by P3 Designs.  I actually did make this one - it was in a kit that I bought from The Quilt Merchant in Winfield, IL (LOVE that shop!).  The kit was wonderful - it was a baby quilt with the cutest old-timey fabrics.  The pattern gives instructions and fabric requirements for five different sizes, from lap to king size.  It is a quick and easy pattern - good for a beginner or for someone who wants to whip something up in a hurry.  The price on this pattern is $8.00, but I am asking $6.00 which includes shipping (again...USA only).

 If you have some of your own Yard Sale items to sell, post them on your blog, and be sure to link back to Bonnie, so you get more exposure!  This is gonna be fun!

EDIT - Yard Sale Saturday is going to officially start up after the first of the year (be sure to keep an eye on Bonnie's blog) - but since I had this post all ready I've decided to go ahead and give it a try.  So...this week, don't look for anything on Quiltville - but be on the lookout in the coming weeks!

Have a great day!


  1. What a cool idea, Julie! I think I could come up with a ton of things to sell if I can get my rear in gear!