Me & My Stitches

Me & My Stitches
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Sunday, December 4, 2011


I'm sure all of you cat owners can relate to this post.  I put up two Christmas trees - a big one in the living room and a tall, skinny pencil tree in my sewing room.  It took me a couple of days to decorate the big tree, because the cats WOULD NOT leave me alone.  Callie would climb half way up the tree and lay on a branch and just look at me.  And of course, they can't leave the ornaments alone - constantly batting at them and trying to get them off of the tree.  They seem to think it's a tree full of new toys for them!  I can't keep the tree skirt straightened out because they all like to go running through there and messing it up - getting under it and just being generally wild.  Grrrrr!!!!!  They don't seem to bother my pencil tree as much - of course it doesn't have long branches to lay on or under. is what is going on in my sewing room this morning...
See her batting at that ornament?  And that is not's CC (the one who is usually a good kitty!).  Well, Callie heard all of the commotion (CC getting in trouble) and had to come and see what was going on.  What's worse than one calico attacking your tree?  Yes...that would be two calicoes attacking your tree!

The only good news is that Ozzie is off sleeping somewhere, and he's too lazy to join in!

While I had the camera out, I took a picture of my angel...isn't she cute?
She has little wire curlicues for hair.  Of course, Mom made the stained glass piece you see hanging in the window.  You can also see what a dreary day it is outside.  But - you can still see snow! 

Can you see the Noel ornament below...this was always one of my favorites growing up - the letters are made of fabric and stuffed and the little stars are buttons - (maybe I had a love of fabric before I even realized it?) so when I moved out of Mom and Dad's I felt the need to take this ornament with me!
I hear tree ornaments jingling on the living room tree - guess I better go chase off a couple of bad kitties!!

Have a great day!


  1. Oh what a fun, happy, delightful post. Callie is sooooo cute being her little cute catamous self and CC (of course) can't miss this opportunity. I sure appreciate you sharing their antics. Ozzie needs his rest. Living with the girls is just too much! You fabric ornament is just such a sweet, happy ornament with the youthful story attached to it. …and the wire-haired angel is OMG so neat!!!! Gosh, again, what a fantastic post. I love it! Absolutely in the spirit! (ps: the word vfy was CHUMS.. perfect)

  2. Although I've never had cats, I kitty-sat my DIL's 6-8mo old kitten one holiday season. I had no idea cats liked Christmas trees. Ariel was up in that tree having a good old time... the light strings were so tangled I thought I'd never get them out of the tree...

    Do your kitties get used to the tree... or does this go on all month?

    Love that NOEL ornament... wonderful memories!

  3. I can't recall that the cats I grew up with bothered our Christmas trees. Must be maddening.
    I love the ornaments that hold memories. My parents still have an ornament on their tree that I made when I was 9. We won't talk about how many years ago that was!! : )

  4. The coiled wire hair on the angel is so cute. I like, I like!

  5. That's why the ornaments on my are not delicate, breakable ones. My little furry terror would demolish them in no time. My tree has ornaments made of wood, resin, cloth - just general sturdy stuff. Cats are so funny. Little stinkers but we love them.

  6. Silly puuddy cats!! (But dang cute!) My two don't mess with the tree much - except for the tree skirt, because they're constantly sleeping under the tree, and Princess Lizzi needs to be UNDER the tree skirt as well...Oh - and the water - Sasha has a water addiction so he's constantly drinking the tree water....What a beautiful view you have....Looking out here is just white, white, and more white....grrrr....Happy Sunday! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  7. Hah - don't you know that Christmas trees and ornaments are for cats?! So cute, Julie - now they have a whole month of something *new* to do! Love the Noel ornament - yes, you were destined for the sewing world - and I'm glad for it!

  8. Love your calico! We had to tie our tree to the wall - ours would climb up into the branches and peer out. Pictures of her are like an eye spy, little round eyes peering out between the ornaments ;-)
    Non-breakable of course...

  9. this post reminded me of these cartoon's called Simon's cats, here's the christmas one