Me & My Stitches

Me & My Stitches
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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A little help from my friends...

As you know, I have a new-found love of wool, and when appliqueing with wool, of course you have to have the right threads to go with it.  I found these on Amazon for a really good price, and I thought it was a great color selection - so now I should be set to sew!  Of course, my amazing photography skills (not) have produced yet another blurry picture!
I received another squishy package in the mail (fun!).  This one was from Judy at Sew Fun Quilts.  I won this great fabric bundle on a giveaway on Judy's blog.  Be sure to check out her blog - she is always busy with something.  The colors are hard to capture in a photo (probably because of my stellar photography skills), but they are very pretty - soft and muted.  Just think of the fun things I can do with this little bundle!  Thanks Judy!!

And another package that came in the mail ( you can see all the things you have so kindly delivered to my mail box!)...a box from Quilter's Station, in Lee's Summit, MO.  These are always very fun boxes to open!  Rita sends me her "scraps" (they are much more than scraps in my book!) every now and then.  It's so nice to have different scraps to make jewelry with - and Rita has all of the best fabrics.  Love them all!!
Aren't they awesome?  And, obviously, Ozzie thought so too (I'm pretty sure he thinks he is helping me).  I left the room for a minute and came back to this...

Really???!!!  I didn't even have them all sorted yet, and I had to break out the lint roller! 

And, speaking of Quilter's Station - she also ordered some more jewelry - here is a sneak peek of her order...
And closer...

So if you see anything that you can't live without - make sure to go visit Quilter's Station! 

I made a quick trip to Burlington the other day and stopped in at Ellen's Quilting Corner while I was in town.  I found a couple of small prints that will make good jewelry - look at those tiny stars...
On Sunday I decided that I better get some of my book work finished, and look at what great help I had with that...
 Notice that little white paw?  I think you all know who that belongs to.  Good thing I always keep my rotary cutters closed.  Again, I'm pretty sure she thinks she is helping  - maybe she can make my taxes go down?  Now that would be helpful!
That paw just makes me laugh.  And last, but not do you think this will end?
Guaranteed - somebody (Callie) will decide to jump on someone else (CC).  CC will get all hissy - smack Callie and run away.  Callie will be the Queen Of The Chair and take a nap there, until I boot her out so I can sew!  Can you tell that I've got experience in the Callie vs CC cat fights?

I finally finished my latest quilt pattern.  It sure is easier to make the quilt itself than it is to write the instructions.  I will finish packaging them this morning - then I will list them on my website, and show the full pattern here.  For now, you get to see a little bit...

I know that's not very exciting, but that's all for now.

Have a great day!


  1. I love all your pictures. Is Ozzie just a touch overweight or is he just fluffy? LOL I have been to Quilter's Station. One of our daughters used to live in Lee's Summit. It is a lovely store. I love your jewelry. What patience you must have to make these. We have a cat squabble once in a while between Callie and Aeris, but mostly it is between Callie and Buddie, our Pomeranian. Callie love to hiss at him and smack him on top or the head. LOL Have a great day.

  2. My goodness! I know where you'll be spending some hot summer days - indoors under the A/C with your cute little friends and all that wonderful fabric!! I LOVE the pearl cotton colors, Julie! It's all I can do to resist going over to Amazon now - LOL!

  3. Quilters station used to be my LQS. I used to shop there all the time! Now I have four LQS's. It gets me in trouble. But just this week I was thinking of making the hour and a half drive to Quilters Station just to see what they've got. They are the ones that hooked me on quilting!! It's all their fault!!!

  4. oh I just LOVE the paw! such a nice helper! We have a tortie that is almost 19. Poor baby has to defend herself from FOUR DOGS (long story!) Her name is Ragamuffin...Rags for short because she looked like a pile of rags when I brought her home. Congrats on the new pattern!