Me & My Stitches

Me & My Stitches
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Sunday, March 6, 2016

Caturday and stitching

I finished stitching another Blessed Bee (pattern by Wooden Spool Designs) block...
 And 2 seconds after I took the first picture, this happened!
 And I couldn't resist this cute little face...Isn't he just adorbs?
 I think they know that I'm leaving soon (headed to Texas - if you don't know the details, read back a post or two!) because they are sticking pretty close.  They both felt the need to sit and stare at me yesterday!
 Another stare down by Callie!  She's way too cute to be annoyed by a little staring.

I feel like all I did on Saturday (Caturday) was take pictues of my cats.  Yep...getting closer to being the crazy cat lady!

 Skype sewed with my friend Nancy today.  I've had these little wool blocks stitched for a long time, and decided it was time to get this put together.  The sashing is on, now just need to sew them together and add borders.  This is Bud Garden by Lisa Bongean of Primitive Gatherings.  I bought this kit a few years ago when I helped vend in their booth in Des Moines, and stitched on the blocks quite a bit when I was in Florida with my brother.  Lots of memories with this little quilt!  It will only be 20" x 29" when finished.
Now it's down to the sweat shop to finish up more jewelry to take to Dallas.  We are going to have loads of boxes and stars too - so fun!


  1. Wonderful new bee block.
    That is so funny about the cats. Got such a laugh over them sitting and staring at you. : )
    Oh, get that Bud Garden stitched up so you can enjoy it. I love my Little Buds. I want to make another one someday in a different color scheme (but I just remembered that I loaned out my pattern after I made mine and I never got it back and now the woman has moved).

  2. The cats are too cute and oh so funny!

  3. Awww...those kitties love you! Love your Blessed Bee block and the kitty does too!

  4. Oh, your kitties are so adorable. Funny how your block was adopted so quickly. It is a beautiful bee block. The fabric is perfect!
    --Nancy. (ndmessier @,

  5. Very sweet kitties and quilts. Yesterday was stare down day here!
    I think wool nap mats might be in order??

  6. I like this little quilt. Especially how you added the scrappy border.