Me & My Stitches

Me & My Stitches
Click on the picture to go to my website. These are 1' x 1 1/2" pendants.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

What I've been working on...

We have had several snowy days and some super cold times as well, so I've just been doing what I do best...HIBERNATING!!  I haven't left home since my birthday!  Some people think that sounds horrible, but I'm perfectly happy to stay here and work away.  I've had quite a few orders so I just work on those and also work to re-stock my jewelry inventory for the upcoming shows.

All of the pendants in the next 3 pictures went to Primitive Gatherings CA - I'm now out of pendants with bling, so that is on the agenda!

 This batch is now on it's way to a shop in New Zealand...
 A customer saw this pendant on Instagram and asked for matching heart earrings...I like the black with these bright fabrics...
And to replace all of those sent to Primitive Gatherings, here are some things we've finished....

It hasn't been ALL work around here - there have been a few fun mail days!  This was a nice surprise from my friend, Darlene.  It's a magnetic pin dish and boy is it handy!  I've never had one of these before, but it's nice to just fling a pin in the right direction and have it land in the dish! Thanks Darlene!
 I had a super fun box from my friend, Nancy and this was just one of the surprises inside...
Have you seen this book?  It is really awesome - I would love to make everything that's in it!  I seem to have lost the picture of the entire box of goodies, but trust me...I was spoiled!  And speaking of that Nancy (I have a lot of Nancy's in my life!)...this is our latest little Kim Diehl quilt that we made while Skype sewing together!  I'm telling you...if you haven't tried Skype - you should - it's so fun to be able to sew "together" while I'm in Iowa and she is in California.  Technology is (usually) a great thing!

I mentioned that we've had snow...this is what I saw out of my sewing room windows a few weeks ago.  It's snowing lightly this morning, but nothing like it was that day...

And what is a blog post without at least one cat picture?  Ozzie is 12 years old, but lately he has been wild and crazy!  He was all wound up one night and ended up under the rug - what a goof!

That's all for now!  Hope you have a fun Sunday!


  1. Happy Sunday to you too! Glad you are staying so busy with your jewelry making.
    You kitty is hilarious!

  2. Your jewelry is just so much fun! I too have the scrap quilts book, and I too want to make everything in it!!

  3. Well being cooped up in the house really does have it's advantages, Julie! So much pretty eye candy and I wish I had mail that good *wink! I think Ozzie if feeling too many snow days, too! He's ready for sunshine!

  4. You've been busy making wonderful pendants!! When you say it's snowy outside you really mean it! Lucky you're inside looking at scrap quilt books. That is the funniest cat photo lol!!

  5. So much miniature goodness here that my head is absolutely swimming. May I have one of everything?
    I haven't seen that scrap quilt book--I didn't think there was one I had missed!
    Love the little Kim Diehl quilt.
    Your cat had me laughing. Wonder what he thought he was doing?