Me & My Stitches

Me & My Stitches
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Friday, October 10, 2014

Northland Needles show continued!

You've seen most of the pictures from the quilt show, but blogger was not playing nice and didn't let me finish my last post, so now you can see just a few more things!  There was a really nice exhibit of antique crazy quilts.  I think I could look at them all day long - so much detail and so many neat stitches.  DH even really enjoyed looking at all of the detail in them.

In addition to some great vendors and awesome quilts...I thought I would share a few men from the show!  This guy was super, super nice - his wife was in charge of this booth, and he was there part of the time.  He said that she doesn't let him drive her longarm at home very much, so he was having fun playing.  The second day he brought some additional tools for my DH to play with too.
 And, speaking of my husband...OH MY!!!  I've shown these socks before - this is the first show that we've taken them too.  These were really his idea - something different to add to the booth. So...he decided that he would be the sock model.  Uhhhh...not sure if this drew customers in, or chased them away!  Thankfully he did not keep this pose for long.  The good news is that we sold lots of socks (DH takes credit!) and have ordered more.

I stitched on this block on the way home, while I still had daylight.  I just finished it last night - there is a lot of stitching on this little thing!  

I finished all of the chain blocks and decided it's time to put it all on my design wall.  I wish there weren't so many empty spaces!  But, I'm trying to stitch a little every night, and eventually I WILL get these finished.  I did piece the border blocks as well, and have added them to the design wall.
 Of course, I have to show you how helpful Callie is!  I was trying to scan all of the Charming 3 blocks and she just couldn't help herself.  She is the nosiest thing!
It's been awhile now, but Renee Nanneman of Need'l Love was having a great sale.  She designed a couple of fabric lines with tiny little prints that work perfect for my jewelry, and since they were on sale, I decided I better stock up!  And while I was at it...these books were a great deal too. made for a fun mail day for me...

I have lots more to share, but once again...Blogger won't let me add more pictures!  Guess that means I better get back to work!

Have a great weekend!


  1. *LOL* Tell Greg not to quit his day job--I don't think modeling is ready for him!
    Your design wall looks SO fun!
    Callie is a hoot! Is that how we get a "copycat"? : )

  2. Crazy quilts are so amazing! How fun to see a whole exhibit of them.

  3. Going to a show for you is not just about selling, but having great fun! Wish I could have been a fly on your shoulder, Julie! Hee -Callie is such a good "helper"!

  4. Your husband should take up professional sock modelling...he's a natural! LOL