Me & My Stitches

Me & My Stitches
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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Fun mail, friends, finishes and fluffies

One of my awesome blog readers took pity on me when she read my plea for THAT fabric!!  Pam sent me almost a yard of that great red, and also surprised me with some of the same print, in purple!  LOVE THEM!  Thanks again, so much Pam.  Even though, between Janet and Pam, I have over a yard of the red, I'm still going to hoard it!

 Recently I met  two of my blogging friends in person!  Missie and Carolyn and I got together and had such a great time!  If you don't already follow their blogs, be sure to go check them out.  They are both so talented. They both design patterns (see just one of Missie's in the photo below) and Carolyn does the cutest drawings and watercolors (see the adorable card in the photo below).  Carolyn gave us each the needle book with the little notebook in it - what a great idea - something small to keep in your purse to jot down ideas, etc.  She also made the little candy holder on the right and included a box of candy hearts to put inside.  Missie made the wool heart pin cushion.  LOVE IT!

We really had fun - spent most of our time chatting and eating, but they did take me to the Adel Quilting & Dry Goods shop.  I've heard about this shop, but had never been there before.  The owner, Jacque, bought a lot of pins, pendants and patterns from me, so if you are in the area, be sure to stop by and see them!  I bought a few little things at the shop...
I think those little flowers will be perfect in the centers of some pendants.

Last week I won Missie's birthday giveaway, so when we got together this week, she gave me this...
 She also gave me a little tutorial on how to use it!  I've never done any hand piecing myself, but would like to try.  Now I have no excuse - I've got the templates and have had a lesson!

I thought you should all see what goes on in my sewing room daily!  Here is Ozzie - do you think he's comfy?  It's a good thing I keep a good stock of lint rollers.
 I also wanted to share Callie's antics with you.  Ozzie was sleeping away in the chair, minding his own business, when Callie decided she needed to jump up there with him. How long do you think that will last?
 Awww...look - she's telling him how much she loves him (really she is just trying to annoy him!) worked...down he goes.  So much for his afternoon nap...
 Now who gets the nap!

 I actually do have a few "finishes" to show - now remember, my definition of "finished" doesn't necessarily mean quilted and bound!  These blocks were on my design wall forever -all stitched - they just needed to be put together!  MTM came over to sew one day and I decided this was going to turn into a flimsy!  Now it is ready to go off to the quilter.

 Here are the last blocks from Randy's sew-a-long.  Hmmm...wonder how long before this one gets put together?!
 And this one is a true finish.  It took me forever to get this hand quilted - mostly because I rarely worked on it!  CC had decided it was her bed, and I didn't have the heart to chase her off of it, so that was my excuse for not working on it for awhile!  I just quilted simple, straight lines and when I put my mind (and fingers) to it, it didn't take that long to get it done.  This pattern is by Edyta Sitar (love her!).  The blocks were really fun to piece, but putting it all together...not so much!  I hate Y seams and there were plenty of them in here. The hexagons are supposed to extend out, but I got frustrated and just chopped it off!  This was pieced several years ago but was in the "to be quilted" stack for a long time.
I'm glad it's finished, I do love it, chopped off or not!

Have a great weekend!


  1. Love your latest projects and especially the pineapple variation!! Wow! It is amazing!!

  2. Lots of frolic (from the cats) and fun (your great pieces) going on in your sewing room! It certainly looks like the Edyta Sitar project was worth the wait... how gorgeous! So glad you had a great time with Missie and Carolyn! Next time...

  3. I am so envious of you getting to meet Missie and Carolyn in person. Two of the nicest ladies in blogland, besides you. Love, love, love your E. Sitar quilt and hand!

  4. Sounds like your meet up was fun ;-) How great you found the fabric.
    Love the ARDCO templates - but not as much as your calico cat !!

    Fabulous projects and what a great finish. Congratualtions.

  5. Oh, you made a haul on THAT fabric. I just had my purple of it out to audition to border a little quilt, but I put it back in the drawer. : )
    What fun to meet up with those ladies!
    Your cats are so entertaining.
    I can't wait to see your SAL blocks put together, so hurry with that, will ya? *LOL*
    Your finishes are beautiful--especially Edyta's pattern (love her stuff, too--surprise there, huh?).

  6. Several things:
    1) you and I used to chat until my hubby got critically ill, remember that?
    2) while he is better he is still sick and I do NOT have time to read blogs right now
    3) I did start a website because of my huge need of $$ while he could not work. I need your jewelry...only I have a special request...can we talk??
    4) I teach that type of paper piecing on my blog..and sell the pieces and all. Lots of fun. I will help you when you are ready.
    5) are you on facebook? meet me in email about that :)

  7. No wonder we haven't "seen" you for a while, Julie! I can't believe your haul of that red fabric - and I even see it in the little notebook! Cool.
    I so love seeing what the critters are up to! Holy smokes - what great finishes - your hand quilting is gorgeous!

  8. wow - your new quilt is beautiful! Worth the time on the Y seams.
    I'm so glad you got some of the red fabric!
    fun to meet bloggers in person.

  9. I was admiring your finishes. Love the basket piece especially.

    I have one of those notebooks that Carolyn gave you, Such a nice thing for the purse but mine hasn't made it there yet. I have kept mine close to my chair where I hand stitch but I think it is heading to the purse today. And I very much like Ardco templates. I have purchased a few of them . I like the ones with the inside part cut out where you can draw the seam line for hand piecing. Not that I had piece much any more.

  10. Sew many pretty projects!! I like Ozzies pic in the scrap pile the best - and I'll even tell you why...he has such a yummy belly :)

  11. Hi Jilie, We did indeed have a DELIGHTFUL day together!!!! Love all your wonderful projects!!!!

    Hugs, Carolyn

  12. Hi Julie - That pineapple quilt is awesome! I'm so impressed that you hand quilted it - it's been years since I did that on ANY of my projects! Is the pattern in one of Edyta's books? Or is it a separate pattern?

  13. Beautiful as always. And thanks for your prayers sweet friend! I sure do appreciate it!

  14. Wow! Love that pineapple style quilt! I don't believe I have ever seen that one! It's a beauty and sounds like it is full of memories for you thinking about CeCe. Loved the cute posts after this one...I missed them while traveling and keeping busy. Sure was a fun day we had...can't wait to find an excuse to meet up again! Can't wait to see your new goodies with Lynette's fabric...very pretty shades!