Me & My Stitches

Me & My Stitches
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Thursday, October 11, 2012

AQS show, some blocks, and of course, a kitty

I managed to piece together two more of my Non-Farmer's Wife blocks...

 I sure wish I could capture the real color of these fabrics - I don't think any of my  pictures are even close and these seem to be extra-bad.  The true background is a nice rich tan and these reds are not as orange as they appear here.  You can ask MTM (that would be Marty, the mail lady!) - she was surprised when she saw them in person - they are much better!

Speaking of MTM - we went to the AQS show in Des Moines together last week.  We had a really great time - saw lots of goodies in all of the vendor booths and so many really beautiful quilts.  We both had amazing restraint and really didn't buy all that much.  I bought some thread, a gift that can't be talked about here, and a little tumbler ruler/template.  That is an all-time record!  I usually go crazy and buy lots.  And it's not that there was nothing tempting...I just really am trying to restrain myself.  My stash closet is stuffed and I haven't finished a single thing that I bought on my trip to Wisconsin this last spring.  Realistically there just isn't a thing that I need.  Marty found a few things - one was a really nice fall wool table topper.  I thought she was turning over a new leaf, and was going to learn how to do wool applique, but she had other things in mind - she is hoping that her mom will make it for her!  She enjoys hand work and I'm sure will do a great job - I can't wait to see it finished.

I always love meeting new people and visiting with old friends at quilt shows.  I delivered a jewelry order to the girls of Yellow Creek Quilt Designs.  They always have an attractive booth.  I absolutely love all of their designs and color choices - SO TEMPTING!  There are a couple of their patterns that I've had my eye on forever, but I restrained!  We also chatted with Rita from Quilter's Station - she, too really tempted me.  Her booth looked amazing and was one of my favorites.  She was the first booth that we visited, and I really intended to stop back by and pick up a few things, but I didn't do it!  The bad thing was, I loved everything in her booth - there were some great kits that were really calling my name, but again...I resisted!  Not sure I will be able to resist going to her shop in a few weeks when I go to Lee's Summit, MO to vend a show.

I met Dawn from Sew Cherished last spring when I was in Kansas City for market.  Then we chatted again at the show in Blue Springs, MO where we were both vending.  She had a wonderful booth in Des Moines and of course we had to stop and visit (this is where Marty bought her wool kit).  I once again resisted all of the temptations (I honestly don't know how I did it!).  Dawn purchased some jewelry from me and will be offering it for sale at some of her upcoming shows, so if you see her at shows, make sure to check it out.  And look at all of her goodies - she has a wonderful wool pumpkin pillow with a bunch of her crazy stitches on it.  I always threaten to take it home with me!  I have come so close to buying the kit for it - have had it in my hand several times, but always restrain myself!  (you know, one of these days I'm just going to go crazy and buy all of this stuff!).  I also met a few of my customers and blog followers who I had never met in person before, so that was really fun.

We also got to chat a bit with Lyn from More Sew For You in Omaha, NE.  Lyn has been a customer of mine for awhile now, but this is the first time that we have met in person.  It was great to chat with her and her booth was also wonderful.  She had some nice things that you don't see all the time - some great Sue Daley quilts, among other things.

Of course, you can't go to a big quilt show without spending time in the Primitive Gatherings booth!  It was awesome, as always!  But, again...I showed great restraint!  I did buy the little tumbler template there, but that was it. And that is a first, let me tell you!

There were lots of other great booths and so much eye candy everywhere.  I think sometimes at these shows I just kind of go on overload and don't take in as much as I should.  There are several things that I wish I would have looked at closer, now that I'm home.  But, it's just as well...did I mention that my stash runneth over??

After the show we were starving (because we hadn't eaten since early that morning when we stopped at the bakery in Pella - YUM!), and decided to head to The Cheesecake Factory.  There are so many choices - it was hard to decide what to order.  Finally we each ordered a pasta dish and split them so we could try both.  The food was good, the service...not so much!  We decided that our waiter must have some other talents and maybe took that job because that is all he could find.  He was really bad!  But, we had a great time just chatting and enjoying our pasta. The more time we spend together, the more amazed we are at how much we have in common!  There are very few things that we talked about that we disagree on - we have very similar tastes in just about everything.  We have discovered that our opinions differ on politics, but I don't care much to discuss that anyway!

Back on the homefront...I still have not finished my last block from the Primitive Gatherings Summer Block of the Week!  I think I just don't want it to end.  It is about 2/3 of the way finished, and won't take long at all to complete.  The finishing kit showed up on my doorstep (thanks to MTM - haha!) a couple of weeks ago. The kit is just gorgeous - the wools are so rich and deep and the red flannel for the setting squares is much darker and richer in person than what you see on the website.  It is just such a great quilt.  I really need to get to working on it!

I have been doing a bit of hand quilting once in awhile in the evenings.  This quilt has been a WIP for a looooong time and at this rate it may stay that way for even longer....Miss CC has made it her napping place!

Look at her, hiding her little face.  I just don't have the heart to bother her!  So, that is my excuse for that WIP staying a WIP for now.

I better get in gear - I'm making lots of jewelry - getting ready for the show in Lee's Summit and just filling orders.  I've been making loads of these...
And I've also had to make up another batch of kits of Poor Lil' Punky...
So I think everyone must be in the mood for Fall - I know I sure am!

Have a great day!


  1. Miss CC sure knows where it is comfortable!! I love your fall pendant and pumpkin! I am sooooooo ready for fall and the wonderful temperatures it brings!

  2. Wow--you had a grand time! I can't believe your restraint, but I DO believe no pictures to share. : )
    Glad you got the little tumbler template. It is so fun!
    I'm wearing my pumpkin pin! And I made four Lil' Punkys last night--FOUR!!! What is with me? I don't even like paper piecing! : ) Now who is the temptress?

  3. Great blocks and it sounds like you had the most wonderful time. I can't believe that you had restraint with buying anything, but it's probably for the best, right?

  4. I'm impressed with your restraint at the AQS show! Do you give lessons in that? I'm not surprised you are having to make more Lil' Punky kits... he's a popular guy! Have a great show in Lee's Summit!

  5. Oh my gosh.....your work is so inspiring. Love all that you do. "Kitty Kat" seems to love all that you do too. :-)"

  6. You must have had a tight grip on the wallet at the show. Not sure I could have done the same - altho I am intrigued with the tiny tumbler template. There is a sorta local quilt show next weekend. I need new gadgets like a whole in the head but I'll keep my eyes open :)

  7. MTM here :) What a great time I had at my first ever AQS Show ever~so inspiring and tempting all in one! I don't know if I was a good or bad influence on Julie in the shopping area, but we sure had a fun day together from beginning to end! I speak from being Julie's mail lady how hard she has been working sending out all those orders everyday so she needed a day off! I especially enjoyed the looks on all the faces who got to meet "the jewelry lady" ... IN PERSON...for the first time~that was priceless!! Although I love the look of appliqué, I've never really enjoy hand sewing too much~my mom is great at it!! I still have it, so we will see...... Julie may persuade me yet into giving it another try~she keeps telling me it's much easier with the wool fabric~yeah right Julie!!!! :) Oh, and.... I got to see & pet all the kitties too~they are a hoot!

  8. It sounds like a lovely day to get to know Marty on a more personal level!!
    Your kitty is so cute, no wonder the quilt is still a WIP!

  9. Lovely blocks! It is so hard to get true color in photos. But they look great! Sounds like you had a blast at the quilt show and saw lots of friends. That always makes it special. And please don't disturb the cat, She will move eventually, right?

  10. Looks like you and MTM have formed a great kindship, Julie! Sounds like you two had loads of fun at the show! I admire your restraint, but I know first hand what overflowing stash is like! Love your WIP and so kind of you to let Callie keep it warm ;>) I just noticed the little cream with black pumpkin fabric and stars in Punky and the charm - too cute!

  11. Ahh...I needed you to restrain me at the memphis bead show!!! Glad you had such fun together....I have been called honey,sweetheart, sugar ...this last week of southern travel. Will be glad to see the fur babies...yous making me homesick!

  12. Ahh...I needed you to restrain me at the memphis bead show!!! Glad you had such fun together....I have been called honey,sweetheart, sugar ...this last week of southern travel. Will be glad to see the fur babies...yous making me homesick!

  13. Sounds like AQS was a fun time! I agree - don't wake sleeping kitties for quilting ;-)
    I have one of those that I HOPE to finish quilting this winter - but no cat to hold it down - so no excuse!

    Love the pumpkins!

  14. Love your jewelry! So cute! I saw you were a new follower of my blog and had to check things out over here at your blog. Nice Layout! LOL Looks familiar! Anyway, thanks for following and I'm a new follower of yours also! Wish I knew you were in Des Moines...that's where I am and the show was awesome! It would have been great to meet you!