Me & My Stitches

Me & My Stitches
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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

And the winner is...

LISA BOYER!!  I've already been in contact with Lisa, and am happy that she is super excited about winning Diane's awesome new book.  If you didn't win, I urge you to add this book to your library when you can - it really is a good one!

And in other news - here is what is happening at my house.  The usual...getting ready to rumble...
Callie is very happy that her daddy saved these boxes for her to play in...
 Ozzie wants me to put down the hand quilting and let him be a lap kitty (what a face!)...
This is my new ironing station (I don't know what else to call it!) - bought this at a local antique shop and put my big board on the top - much prettier that my ugly old ironing board, and love having the extra storage.
 I worked on this a little bit in Dallas and finished it up at home.  I need to get the next block prepped.
 I ordered a bundle of the new Bee Creative fabric by Deb Strain.  Not sure what I will make with it, but since hubby raises bees, I think we need a bee quilt!
 I cut out a bunch of little star bursts last night and will be making LOTS of flag pendants today!
 While I am working my fingers to the bone, Ozzie will be next to me doing a little of this...

Back to flags!

Have a great day!


  1. Ohh - I love Ozzies little face - I just wanna give him a hug for looking so eager. If he's anything like my clouder - he won't want that! Ha! And Callie is quite proud of herself for claiming the box pile. Go girl!
    I like your new ironing station - I much prefer ironing on something more stable than a metal ironing board - what was the cabinet originally for?

  2. Check again--are you sure I didn't win the book? *LOL*
    Great kitty faces. : )
    LOVE the new ironing station. Wish I could do something like that, but unfortunately, my sewing room is too small, and I am constantly shuffling my ironing board around to get it out of the way.
    Beautiful wool block!
    I will be pulling out the patriotic pin and pendant very soon. Right now I'd like to join Ozzie.

  3. Great ironing station, I'm working on one now but a little smaller real close to the sewing machine for seams, fat quarters, just small stuff. I need to get up every once in awhile to keep from getting stiff. But the big one gets in the way. Such lovely kitties. I'm taking a guess here that Ozzie is the boss. But every tortoise shell I have ever had has been the one to call the shots. Only have one in the house now, I miss the rumbles of who boss, no one ever got too serious. Have a great day

  4. You have a Callie! We have a Callie Mae! Whew all those tiny tiny cuts of stars bursting

  5. Congrats to the winner of the giveaway! LOVE your new ironing station - I have one similar but it only has a shelf underneath that I've placed old oak drawer units on - so handy! You find the BEST fabrics for fussy cutting!

  6. Your new ironing station is fantastic, and I do hope Ozzie got some love after that pitiful face he made for the photo. Clearly, he's not spoiled at all. LOL