Me & My Stitches

Me & My Stitches
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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Ready for February

I was ready for February at the beginning of January!  February is my birthday month, and since my tree has been decorated, maybe I should have celebrated the entire month of January too!  Here is my adorable Valentine Annie, made by Nicole of Raggedy Old Annies.  Isn't she just the cutest thing ever?

 And here is the whole tree (sorry, it's hard to get a decent picture).  Hopefully you can enlarge it enough to see some of the ornaments and the garland that I made (with the help of Ozzie and Callie, of course).  My DH had the brilliant idea to put the tree in the bucket...I like it!

Even though my tree says Valentine's Day, my stitching still says Christmas!  I am still stitching on my Merry Christmas quilt from Heart to Hand.  This is block #4.  It didn't take too long, but I sure was tempted to add some red to it somewhere.  I still might - it just looks kind of blah. But the block next to it will be Santa with lots of red, so we will see how I like them together.  

I don't get to make nearly as many quilts as I would like (do any of us??) there just isn't enough time.  But...I am designing a new quilt!  I've just barely gotten started, and it will be awhile before it's finished - partly because I'm busy with jewelry and other things, and partly because I have so much help!!  Here is Ozzie, being his usual helpful self - he could easily lose a tail!  
 And Callie has decided that she would like to help in the fabric selection process...

One project that has been hiding in the closet for a long time are these bow tie blocks.  They were a leader/ender suggestion from Bonnie Hunter a few years back.  I have always done leaders/enders, but usually just use the blocks of the project that I'm working on.  But for some reason I decided to jump on the bow tie band wagon.  Not sure why, because I really don't love bow tie blocks!  But, I made a bazillion of them.  My friend, Yvette and I were Skype-sewing and I needed something to work on, and decided it was time to do something with these.  I sewed them all into fours...and then put them back in the closet!  

Have you ever Skype-sewed with a long distance friend?  It is so fun - almost as good as actually being together.  My friend, Nancy and I are working on Kim Diehl's What Nots 2 together, by Skype.  We make sure to have our cutting all done ahead of time, then we sew "together".  I paired my fabrics together before I started sewing (because I'm anal that way!).

 And here it is...all pieced...
 And it only takes a second, and this happens!
Ozzie approved!

And now it's time to get back to work!  I'm sending tons of jewelry to Lisa Bongean for her new shop (Primitive Gatherings) in California.  They open on Monday - sure would be fun to be there in person!  Here are some of the pieces I sent to them...
So now I have to get busy and re-stock!  

Have a great day!


  1. Very cute Valentine tree!
    You have such thoughtful helpers. I especially love the one of Callie in the stash. : )
    Love that Kim Diehl quilt--my friend made one for the LQS where she works and it ALMOST tempted me to join the club.
    Love the heap of jewelry you sent Lisa--I see lots of her fabrics in them, including the new Lakeside Gatherings. Beautiful stuff, Julie!

  2. I love your Valentine's Tree idea! And Valentine Annie is adorable - almost as adorable as Callie :) Sure do wish I could be closer to where all those yummy charms are going to be - but then again maybe not. I don't think my bank account could handle it!!!!

  3. Your tree is LOVE-ly! You are one busy gal; it's a good thing that you have such terrific assistants! :)

  4. The V-tree is a fantastic idea and I love your tree topper :-)
    You have 2 very dedicated helpers! I'll take Callies job if she needs a break...

  5. Your Valentine's tree is wonderful. Love the topper!

    You have a February birthday and we have a February anniversary. :-)

  6. Love your Valentine tree...Skype (FaceTime) sewing is the best...

  7. Cute tree! It's always such a great feeling when our projects are cat approved! ;) Cheers!

  8. Nice! Lisa will be excited to receive those. Can't wait to see her shop when I am next in California. Your little dolly is adorable!

  9. Your bow Tie blocks are so cute! How could you not like them? Kim Diehl's projects are all wonderful and your cat seems to approve. Have a Happy Birthday!

  10. Happy Birthday month! My hope,you celebrate all month! The tree is so cute.
    Keeping busy keeps us out of trouble. That's a joke 😀

  11. The shop is wonderful - went there yesterday for the opening day. Hope your jewelry arrives soon.

    Happy Birthday!

  12. your helpers are of the best kind! keep sewing woman!

  13. Gotta love those cats! Seriously, I found my bow-tie blocks last night that I started that same summer. Going to make a mini quilt.
    Love your projects.

  14. Happy Days, through out the year,
    I love the Hexi pendent.