Me & My Stitches

Me & My Stitches
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Thursday, August 21, 2014

More fun mail

I wanted to share more of the fun mail that I've had over the last couple of months.  I won a blog giveaway from Diane at Butterfly Threads.  The giveaway was for this magazine...

But look at all of these treasures that were in with the magazine!

The patterns are all designed by Diane (and available on her Etsy shop!).  And she also gifted me with some fabrics that she knew would be perfect for my jewelry.  Love those tiny flowers and stars!  Thanks so much Diane - it was a really great mail day!

And of course, you remember that I caved and signed up for Primitive Gatherings, Summer block of the week program - which means that Marty the Mail Lady delivers a fun package once a week!  I am still keeping up with the prep work, but am far behind on the stitching.  I love sunflowers and still have no regrets about caving in for this one!
I wish I was keeping up more on the stitching, but I'm just not always as productive as I would like to be.'s not always all my fault!  I've been working on the "bling" for Charming 3.  Now this involves lots of tiny beads and spacers and all kinds of fun stuff.  Oh...and surprise, surprise...look who wants to help...
Little Miss Callie!  She is so grabby!  She actually did steal one of the little bead sets that I had just finished.  I had to chase her through the house and pry it away from her!  

And speaking of non-productivity - I haven't hand quilted forever!  And I'm going to blame this one on Ozzie!
Do you think that hoop makes his butt look big? 

Another thing that I'm not keeping up with is the garden!  We had a lot of green beans
and I just can't keep up with them!  I really only want enough to eat - don't really want to take the time to can them.  But - there's too many to eat!  So, they are going to waste right now.  

Yes...there are a ton of things that are not getting done around here - but we are accomplishing something!  Here's some jewelry that we recently finished...

Now that you have seen all of the things that aren't getting done, guess I better get off of this computer and get busy!

Hope you have a great day!


  1. Freezing your beans is easy and fast. I wash them then toss them into a pot of boiling water for about 5 minutes. Strain them out, and toss them into iced water for a quick cool down. Take one meals worth and put into a zip plastic bag, then put them into the freezer. Fresh from the garden is always better than canned. I never can.

  2. I have the opposite problem with my beans - I DO want to can them and I'm only getting enough from each picking to fill 2-4 pint jars - hardly worth my while! Sigh. So I save them for several days and then do up a batch. Think I'm finally done and will just pick them to eat now - might pull up a few of the bushes..... GREAT mail day for you - lots of goodies in there. And your new jewelry is just wonderful - I love the flying geese!

  3. That was a great win!
    I've been in my sewing room cutting wool for a different LB pattern--and I need to get part 3 of the Anniversary SAL done, too. The SBOW is wonderful, as usual, but I knew I wouldn't keep up (and I couldn't afford it, anyway). Kudos to you for keeping up with the prep work. To me that is the hardest part.
    That photo of Ozzie is too funny. : )
    Beautiful beans--I can't ever seem to get those to grow, but the corn is definitely exceeding our ability to eat it all. I think I'll be freezing it. Less work. Do I sound lazy? There is a good reason--I am!

  4. Yes, that hoop makes your but look big! lol So funny! We have had a ton of green beans too..... trying hard to be creative.

  5. Wow - I'd say you have your work cut out for you - literally, Julie! Callie and Ozzie crack me up, too! How about some pickled green beans?!

  6. wow you really hit the jackpot with that win! love the pictures of the kitties, Ozzie in the hoop just made me LOL! so funny.
    love your new pieces…always always impresses me how small you work and still capture quilt blocks beautifully.

  7. Hahaha!!! Tell Ozzie I hate to say it, but Yes, I think that hoop makes his butt look big LOL!!! Such fun crafting companions :) I know exactly how you feel about getting behind on stitching down your projects - I've got quite a few BOM projects that are all prepped but not yet stitched. At least they are not still in a bag, right? LOL!!! Love all the jewelry you are cranking out, especially those bright ones! Can't wait for Charming 3 to start!