Me & My Stitches

Me & My Stitches
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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Fun with Wool

Good morning!  Do you take things to Goodwill?  There is a similar business in Burlington, Iowa, called Hopefully Yours which is run by residents of Hope Haven - here's a little blurb from their website...

"Hope Haven nurtures independence through a broad range of services for children, adults, and families with unique challenges.  Committed staff value and equip individuals according to their strengths and abilities.  Services are provided in Iowa and Southwest Minnesota."

I usually keep an ongoing box of items that I no longer need/want and when the box gets full, I take it to them.  They resell everything in their store.  They take absolutely everything - clothes, furniture, dishes, decorative items - anything you don't want - they will resell. I've heard of some people finding some real treasures in this store - fabric, crocks, etc., but normally when I drop things off, I do not wander around the store - because there is nothing that I need!  But, the last time I was there, I decided to check out the clothing section and see if I could find any wool treasures that I could re-purpose.  Sure glad that I did because I found several jackets and a couple of skirts.  I don't have them all torn apart yet, but here are the few that I have worked on...
I really like the jacket parts on the left - I think this would make a good background for blocks.  The red on the right is a really nice red, I was thrilled to find it (since red is my favorite color!).  The peach-ish in the center is my least favorite - it was a skirt and was only a dollar or two, so I thought it was worth it.  It will work for something.  The other skirt is a black and white herringbone that is kind of cool.  My dad gave me a couple of his old suits that he decided he would never wear again, and those are also in the pile that needs to be taken apart.

Do you treasure hunt for wool?  I can't wait to start putting some of this to good use!

I have to share some kitty pictures (of course!).  Here is Ozzie - minding his own business (but not so much minding his manners!).
 And along comes Miss Callie, who just can't stand it that he was chilling out!
And now for the takedown...he always wins - you would think she would stop coming back for more!
They are so entertaining - look at those ears!

And just so you don't think that all I do is watch the cats all day...I have been working too -since Valentine's Day is just around the corner, I had to take some pictures of hearts...

 And because so many people are tired of winter and ready for spring - I thought I would share some pieces that remind me of spring - a little lighter and brighter than my usual fabrics.
 And just a few odds and ends...
I put a bunch of new items on the website this morning, so be sure to take a look there.

In December, I shared this picture of the charm that all of my Charming 2 customers received...

One of my customers, Teresa from Australia, made her matching 6" block and sent me a picture to prove it!

I love the fabrics that she chose - and you can see the size difference between her block and her little 3/4" charm.  Cute! So glad that she shared this with me!

Back to work!  Hope you have a great day!


  1. Absolutely, I treasure hunt for wool! Isn't it fun?
    That is a luscious red--and that peach would be great after a bit of dulling down by over-dying with Kool-Aid.
    Love all of the charms. The pineapples are my favorites--no surprise there, right? : )
    I pulled fabrics for your pineapples today. Hope to get them made tomorrow!

  2. I haven't picked up any wool for some time. The Goodwill in my area seems to have fairly high prices and the work to take the piece apart makes it not worth it.
    You have been busy! Wow!!

  3. I just got my charm and again it is gorgeous. How anyone can work that small is so far beyond me I cannot see even the taillights !~! many thanks, it's my third charm for my bracelet and soon I will wear it out in public. Maybe after number four...

  4. Oh yes I do! I have two huge tubs full of jackets and skirts, etc., that I use to cut up when I am working with wool. Who can afford to buy it in fabric shops? Not me!!!

  5. We don't find a lot of wool clothing in the thrift stores here in Florida. But I have purchased some. Men's and lady's wool jackets and skirts mostly. I think they come from people who used to live further north and have moved to Florida. You just don't see people wearing wool clothing here.

  6. I think you and Missie are official "woolie queens!" You did pick up some treasures... and I like Janet's idea of over dying the peach with Kool-Aid. Think of the possibilities!
    Your charms are so precious...

  7. wow your heart charms are so cute! I have friend who works in wool and gets most of it at Good Will - great way to repurpose old clothes.

  8. Wow - that's a real find, Julie! Around here our Goodwill is scoured by woolies the minute the merchandise arrives, so if you snooze, you lose, and I usually do! Callie and Ozzie are so much like Sasha and Gracie May - never a dull moment and lots of laughs! Beautiful hearts, Julie! You've been hard at work!

  9. But watching the cats all day can be very entertaining - especially since they keep coming back for more! I don't seem to use wool (yet?!) but I know my grandmother used to haunt Goodwill for her rug hooking supplies. Can you send me your address - I've got a box of scraps almost full to send you :)