Me & My Stitches

Me & My Stitches
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Friday, April 19, 2013

Here Kitty, Kitty!

Sarah from Sarah Did It blog reminded me that it is Feline Friday, and we know I always have cat pictures to share!

First, the ultimate in cuteness...

That is Callie, when she was itty bitty.

And reality at my house...
Yes, it looks like all is well, but do you believe it?
 And yes, it looks like Callie is a sweet kitty and is giving Ozzie a little bath.
And even Ozzie is buying into the sweetness.

The real Callie...

 I will stop you with my mighty paw...
 And...the takedown...Ozzie always wins in the end...
 And this is just funny!
I think he's gonna get her!

And Miss CC - pretty kitty.  Still miss her lots.

Thought I would show something quilty too - it has been a looooong time since I posted any of my Civil War Love Letter blocks.  I haven't made any of these forever, but I did find a few that I hadn't posted yet.  I really do love these blocks and want to make some more!  Do you have all of Rosemary Youngs' books?  I love them all - and she's working on a new one!

And one last thing - if you haven't signed up for the classes in Omaha with The Crow Girls - go do it!  Find all of the info on my last blog post.  It's gonna be so much fun!!!  Let me know if you are going - and make sure that you are NOT a "no-reply blogger" so that I can reply to you!

Have a great weekend!


  1. Wow, action on the kitty front! : )
    Loving those CW Love Letter blocks!

  2. Your cats are so funny - like kids - start off nice and then WHAM! They're after each other. I love Rosemany Youngs books and have all of them, I think, but haven't made one block out of them. What's the best way to go about doing them since there are no directions to the things. Foundation piecing?

  3. Awwwww Your Miss CC looks just like my Cammy. Sorry she isn't with you. I posted today about my Cammy being sick :( Your babies are darling.

  4. Oh my goodness I didn't know it was Feline Friday. What a treat this is. Who can pass up Caalie kitty? Oh so sweetamous. Ozzie and Callie in these photos are incredibly fun. Thanks so so much for taking the time to put these together for us. Your blocks are beautiful as well. All in all, this is a Five-Star post!!!

  5. Gorgeous blocks!

    Aren't kitties fun? I have two, along with two dogs. Yes, I am a pet hoarder. LOL

  6. That reminds me of my cats, they start off licking each other before they start fighting!

  7. adorable kitty pictures had to go back and look at them again!
    oh I love your blocks and where oh where did you get that Abe fabric????
    never saw that.

  8. loved your kittie photos! WE have 2 also and they are so fun to watch interact.
    Your blocks look great!

  9. Callie was the most adorable kitten!!! The play by play of being friendly and then the take down was hilarious. Love that blue and orange block - will need to keep that color combo in mind.

  10. Thanks for the cute cat pictures - you can never have too many!

  11. Your Kit Kats made me laugh!! Too funny! What an interesting blue fabric in the first block. I don't think I've seen that one before...nice! Keep at those big blocks and you,ll have a quilt before you know it!!

  12. Funny feline pictures... best friends, yet sometimes so fickle! Love your latest CW blocks, especially the one in the middle!

  13. Ohhh...I didn't know about Feline Friday! I'd better get on it, Julie! Ozzie and Callie are so funny! It's nice to see they spend "quality" time together ;>) I totally understand about CC - we still miss Sophie terribly, too. Love your love letter blocks! I have one of Rosemary's books - need to find time to make some of these!

  14. Love to see kitty pics!!! Oh and girl...those star blocks are fantastic!

  15. Your cats have never gotten along have they?
    Lovely blocks!!

  16. I love seeing any cat pictures. My two cats don't cuddle but the do tolerate each other.

  17. Love your series of photos with your cats. Aren't they funny? Your blocks are darling. I was just looking at mine from the first book and love them. I haven't worked on them for ages. Will my life ever slow down? Probably not.